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  1. Grand Dragon

    Used car sale question

    Dan's advice is quite correct! The only thing I would say on top of this is, make sure any communications from yourself is in a email and or text message form. When some one one tried to get a non refundable deposit back from myself, I reminded them that was what they had agreed to and that it didn’t matter how many threats of their family member taking me to court (as they where a judge apparently) it didn’t matter as we had a contract of sale in the form of text and they had agreed to how the deposit system worked! ( if I remember rightly they said something like “yeah I understand how a deposit works, I’m not stupid!” ). I once again asked them are you sure you want to send me £££’s as a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT? To which they said yes! That at was a couple of years ago now, it was left with them sending me a barrage of txts saying they would see me in court! Im still awaiting for the letter from their family member......
  2. Grand Dragon

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    I’m starting to think there might be other things to do other than drinking...... Jesus, please can I go back to work, my liver begs you.....
  3. Grand Dragon

    E39, M5's in the Northwest.

    Was that pic taken on rotten row by any chance?
  4. Grand Dragon

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    What am I doing during lock down? Drinking! That is all!
  5. Grand Dragon


    Update on my daughter bestie! Its happy news! She was struggling to breathe after having a cough and cold, but thankfully the wonderful NHS staff at Alder Hey worked their magic and she’s now home and recovering! Stay safe out there peeps
  6. Grand Dragon


    My daughters class mate is in alder hey hospital with suspected Covid-19. she was admitted on the 8/4 and her parents where not allowed in to the ward! Thats sad in itself, but today the 9/4 is her 5th birthday! My daughter sent her a happy birthday and get well soon video today, it made me cry! I just hope she’s ok as my daughter will be devastated! It’s her super best friend, you know how kids friends are all their best friend, well these two consider themselves cousins... ( ) God bless to everyone in this time!
  7. Grand Dragon

    Errrr, hhmmmm......

    Just had a quick look at E39’s on the evil of bay as I’ve a few weeks off and thought I’d maybe get one and, well you know polish it and admire it, as all I’m doing at the minute is buying 2 weeks worth of beer and drinking it within 2days! so anyway, I thought £5/6/700 will get me a sort of ok 525i and up? Ohhhhh no! £1500 for a 528i auto with 193k sport on the clock! Err no thanks! Jesus, did I give up mine at the wrong time.... Oh well that’s another thing to throw at her in the divorce!
  8. Grand Dragon

    Lotus Carlton.

    I don’t suppose you dipped your hand into your pocket on this did you? also back in the day (listen to me I sound almost old! ) couldn’t you have a Carlton that could be tuned to the same as a lotus Carlton? Or am I making that up?
  9. Grand Dragon


    Southport is full of loonies! most of them are also inbreed.... anyway, my also made up conspiracy about this naturally occurring virus is that it was made up by humans employed by government’s to stop people using cash money! Think about it, control the money control the people...... I'll just leave that on the table, people! “I WANT TO BELIEVE” Just for the record, I know longer reside in Southport as I was laughed at every time I walked into the pub as I only had 5 finger’s on each hand....
  10. Grand Dragon

    Well the super charged-ness has gone and the....

    Well it’s off, for now! So no supercharged-ness or electrocharged-ness this virus has a lot to answer for*..... house- off (7build days away from moving in!) car- off (not that bad a thing...) pubs- off (it’s my birthday next week so that’s a shitter!) work- off (could be seen as a good thing but not really) being stuck in the house- on (it’s driving me in-fucking-sane!) Stay safe all *these are for me personally and I don’t intend to take away from the losses people are experiencing at this time!
  11. Grand Dragon

    Well the super charged-ness has gone and the....

    @Mr mad nope a new one! Also, no Re the charging point... @Mr Duncan it’s not about looks in this new fandangled age I’m afraid! At least I can be happy in the knowledge that the i3 has caused more harm to the planet than the new M5.....
  12. Grand Dragon

    Well the super charged-ness has gone and the....

    Mini cooperS vert gone and an i3 on they way! I think there might be a phat V8 coming into our possession in the not to distant future, as long as the virus thing fucks off soon.....
  13. Electrocharged-ness is on its way
  14. Grand Dragon


    That looks fucking gopping! I’m not to keen on the colour of the car either if I’m honest, I don’t think the continental GT is that bad of a car TBH, they where ruined by footballers and their significant others, but there’s something about them
  15. Well at least it made you laugh I’ve got to pay some monies to them people that seem to do fuck all (solicitors) and then they will give me my keys to my new house! That’s supposed to be happening in the next 3 weeks but what with everything that’s going on I can see it being put back again!