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  1. Grand Dragon

    Brilliant reg number

    I seen a cracking plate on a R1 last night R1 4kof
  2. Grand Dragon

    Test drove a.....

    i3 today! well not me but the wife did. I was passenger and I’m impressed with it, the braking thing that it does when you let off the go pedal is a really good feature/characteristic! The interior isn’t the best but is functional and comfy. I'm still not sold on the idea of electric cars but can see what a fantastic job BMW have done with the i3, and IF they stay “free” to run (I say free but in reality mean very little) then yes it’s going to be a very quiet future we’re all heading towards, and as long as your not going any further than 60 miles it’s viable! However, I’ve got my heart set on the new E53 amg coupe but I bet she fucking wins...... Whats you lot thoughts on this subject? Well I’ll I know what they are but you know what I mean?
  3. Grand Dragon

    e91 318d reliability and worth

    Mileage? I had a e91 (57plate) 320d, bought it with 151k on the clock with full service history, ran it until it thought a valve would be better suited to being embedded in the bottom of an injector then where it’s normally located..... that was at approx 238k! the 87k done in my ownership was hard, it decided it liked running on 3 injectors and also the egr valve thought it was better without water in the engine for some reason? It cost (other than tyres) approx £450 in that time to keep on the rd. the turbo was solid (but that’s not to say it was about to fail?) it was also auto and again, no issues with that either! How much are you buying it for? As if you pay a grand for it you’ll still get a grand in a years time. Is it a sport or SE? Colour? Spec? If you’ve got the cash to buy it and you’re happy paying what he wants for it then just get it and keep it filled with oil
  4. Grand Dragon

    Advice required

    Has the brake warning activated? If so then yes you need to replace the sensor and yes it will rest the warning if it’s a E39/6x then you “could just cut the sensor off and join the cables together, then no more warning light ever again! don't know if it works on the newer cars?
  5. Grand Dragon

    Vibration 70mph+

    Yep, 100% with Jonny2400! It’s your balance, probably on the rears! When I stuck new rear tyres on the E91 it was fine up to 70mph then as soon as it went over the whole car started shaking like it had Parkinson’s and it didn’t disappear until well into the treble digits (the second number was a 2! ) so get them balanced correctly and it should be fine.
  6. Grand Dragon

    Rust to Rome Rally

    Is this the car can’t cost more than £500 type things? I was all set to do one next year myself, but things change and now I barely have time to fart, let alone do anything good! Good luck! Oh there’s other “local” type rallies you can do ie; around the lakes or Scotland or Wales or well you get the picture
  7. Grand Dragon

    New 2010 5 Series owner

    Greetings. Pics of your motor are a must! you are indeed in the wrong section, but I don’t know where would be best for you to ask it? Either the F10/11 section or maybe the detailing section? Anyway, welcome along
  8. Grand Dragon


    I bought the Mrs some crotchless knickers for Halloween, nothing kinky just to give her a better grip on her broomstick.
  9. Grand Dragon

    Just scuffed my wheel.

    Is it not something you could do yourself? Its very small, but I know how it will annoy you as it would annoy me just knowing it’s there!
  10. Grand Dragon

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Yes sir, yes I did! Thank god not everyone is an egiet.....
  11. Grand Dragon

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Sorry if it’s been discussed before but really..... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202728686809
  12. Grand Dragon

    Omega Watch Service

    Goldsmiths jewellers. They carry out their own works on site at most of their stores.
  13. Grand Dragon

    Bad smell & BMW response - help/advice?

    This! This is the only hope you have! And you can get a FULL refund! According to a certain Mr X (AKA Mr bullshit! )