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  1. Update: It was possible to reset once the mileage remaining went down to 25,000. It reset to 31,000.
  2. Yep, did a Vehicle Check. It’s previously worked OK on stuff like microfilters, etc. I actually only did a check a few thousand miles ago but with time on my hands currently wanted to get ahead on the service front...
  3. Thanks for the input Gents, this must be the only reason. I’ll try from time to time, to see what the parameters are. I can’t remember the mileage showing when I reset it.
  4. Still getting nowhere with this. I read somewhere that the doors must be closed, tried that and it doesn’t work. I had another go today and can easily get other service items to the ‘RESET?’ point but with the Vehicle Check it will only say ‘OK’. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must have some kind of limit, so if too many miles remain, the system won’t let it be reset. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  5. Hi, I’m having a problem resetting CBS for Vehicle Check. I’ve done this in the past using the odometer reset but this time I just get ‘OK’ not ‘RESET’. It has about 26000 miles to run, could that be the problem? I’m trying to reset too early? Any ideas?
  6. STAPO

    2006 530i n52. Which engine oil

    I’m using Smith Allan Long Life 5w-30 Fully Synthetic (ACEA C3 BMW LL-04, etc.) £18.99 for 5 litres on eBay currently. You can also buy it directly from them I think. For info, I reckon I’m using about 1 litre every 3000 miles on a 133k 530i but I’ll be keeping an eye on the consumption over the next year or so before changing grades if required at the next oil change.
  7. STAPO

    e60 530i Spark Plugs

    Thanks for this info. I’m planning on changing the plugs late this Summer and will be putting them in dry. I’ve a torque wrench, so will also get the right torque to use., I’ve done a bit of research and still can’t find out which plugs are best. The four electrode jobs look favourable. Looking back at the service history the plugs were changed at 61k and again at 108k. The car is now on 133k and the CBS indicates they have 38k remaining. So I reckon the life is 60k. I’ve seen some folk on YouTube resetting the CBS and it goes to 100k remaining straight away. Am I missing something?
  8. STAPO

    e60 530i Spark Plugs

    Thanks, mine is an N52 (2006) so it looks like the single electrode type is the type I should be using. Also, I found this info on greased, vs ungreased torque settings, as I read BMW recommend fitting plugs ungreased.
  9. STAPO

    e60 530i Spark Plugs

    Just after a bit of info & recommendations re spark plugs for my 530i I see there are two types of NGK plugs folk are using: the conventional single electrode type and the type with four electrodes. The former are about a tenner each cheaper - any recommendations based on experience for these? If you have changed your plugs - when you reset the CBS indicator, what did it go up to as “distance remaining”?
  10. STAPO

    Rear Window Lower Seal, part no

    Thanks, sorted, they came back to me rapidly with a competitive price, so I have one on the way.
  11. I need one of these (the lower seal) for my 2006 e60 saloon. I found two part numbers though... 51317115413 51317115412 Which one would be correct for my car? Any suggestions gratefully received. I have SunProtection Glazing - does that make a difference? 
  12. STAPO

    Anyone replaced their rear window trim/seal

    I need one of these (the lower seal) for my 2006 e60 saloon. I found two part numbers though... 51317115413 51317115412 Which one would be correct for my car? Any suggestions gratefully received. I have Sun Protection Glazing - does that make a difference?
  13. STAPO

    Various queries 530i M Sport

    The trunk issue is now sorted. It was broken wires in the hinge area. Too the car to an auto-electrician who traced the fault and replaced those sections of wire. Phone cradle removed and I’ve just taped over the wires separately and tucked away.
  14. STAPO

    Various queries 530i M Sport

    Thanks Liam. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. The wires are definitely live, when I cut them I got a few sparks. I’m going to tape them off tomorrow when I can see better. I found a reference to fuse 44 somewhere else on the web but there is no 44 fitted. I just noticed with the trunk that both trunk lights get brighter as the buzzing sound goes away and get dimmer when it buzzes. There’s definitely something odd there. I’ll do some more troubleshooting and report back. I wonder if the latch is somehow powered and constantly trying to unlock and that’s what the noise is.