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  1. Carl-e34

    Fed up with rubbish roads

    Most likely some local Councillor lives there ...
  2. Carl-e34

    Jerky steering while Manoeuvering

    Did ML change the steering fluid ?
  3. Carl-e34

    E39 525i tourer - Jap import

    That is lovely !
  4. Carl-e34

    E34 530 manual Touring

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-530i-V8-Touring-Requiring-Some-Restoration/163849778806?hash=item2626353676:g:H34AAOSw2bhdSWU1 For sale ...
  5. Carl-e34

    E39 530i SE manual

    £2,750 - 3k It does look lovely.
  6. Carl-e34


    Fit the M50b25 as Marc rightly put There are plenty still around, So finding an healthy one should be easy.
  7. Carl-e34

    Suspension question

    It's due to Engine size (weight) and the spec of the E34 ... Standard or M-Tec / Sports suspension. But be careful because depending on the production year, The front top mounts might be different,. That's excluding the M-Tec Suspension. So just order the struts that match the year and engine size and you should be fine
  8. Carl-e34

    E34 power problems

    I would first check the intake gaiter hose to the air flow meter It might be worth checking the rubber gaiter off the car for splits etc. When the air flow meter is failing the signs can be low down power loss/stumbling at low revs . You will not tell by just unplugging the wiring loom unless the air meter has totally failed. Because the car's ECU will run the engine on safe/get me home mode. If the car would not start and you unpluged the MAF and the engine fires up ... It's the MAF sensor.
  9. Carl-e34

    E34 N/S inner and outer sills

    We purchased our last set of sills around 2 months ago So still available from Euro's We normally go in store and order.
  10. Carl-e34

    E34 N/S inner and outer sills

    Hi Euro Car Parts sell the outer sills and are fine with a good thickness of steel and have used them myself. The inner sills are only available from BMW. Well the passenger-side is still available, But the drivers is N/A and were around £130 each. The ECP outer sills are around £50 each.
  11. Carl-e34

    Good/best E39 brake brands

    Mtec use Mintex brake disc blanks and do work/ last well We have used them for years and never had an issue. Our friend uses his 540/6 on track days and again has never had issues, and believe me does use those brakes hard.
  12. Carl-e34

    Taking on an E34 1991 520

    Mine stay outside over winter with no cover ... Cheap covers can cause many issues
  13. Hi Jay, We are still waiting for the welder to work his magic But is very much in demand at the moment ... But have been collecting suspension items. But on the more positive note ... TBL is hopefully ending her holiday soon I doubt, we will be attending Gaydon this year ... But will view the reports and hopefully attend next years event
  14. Carl-e34

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Plus 1