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  1. e34525iMsport

    Where have all the E34 M5's gone?

    I think its a trend now with all the best E34's and not just the M5. Try finding a decent sport for the money you could get one for a couple of years back, its a shame for the buyers but very good if your the owner. Crazy looking at e34 M5's now its hard to think you can easily get an e39 M5 for the same money
  2. e34525iMsport

    E34 converting from auto to manual....

    Cheers for the help guys im popping into moseley motorsport this week and will ask what their best price would be if i supplied everything, if i can get this done the 535i will not be getting sold as the autobox is the only reason i want out
  3. e34525iMsport

    E34 converting from auto to manual....

    I bet its harder to convert a manual over but im guessing! I would be able to flog the autobox on i guess as its a corker with low miles, must be wrth something to someone
  4. Hi guys im been taunted by a manual gearbox on a e34 535i in a breakers around here which im getting tempted to buy to replace the auto box in my 535i sport Now how hard is this to do and how long would it take to complete? Is there anyone that could undertake this for me over a weekend if i gathered all the parts? cheers
  5. e34525iMsport

    BMW 535i Sport

    Forget that one and buy mine Its an auto 535i sport mind with lpg and 80k less miles and going fairly cheap if you want to know more contact me
  6. e34525iMsport

    I wonder if any of these actualy sell?

    Yeah i remember that episode each to there own i guess just a bit baffled at the price of them, dread to think how much they were new
  7. Just having a random browse and stumbled across this pair http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2206763.htm Never bothered to look at the prices of these before as i never liked them and dont like the cheesy james bond link...but come on that is a LOT of money for a car that was considered a huge failure I wonder if they ever sell for that money? think what else you could have for them prices
  8. e34525iMsport

    How good is the E38 tiptronic gearbox?

    cheers for the info guys and the nice little bit of info on it by retset I totaly forgot they were called steptronic (shows my knowledge of autoboxes). I think ive had my answer here and like what im hearing so a 740i will be next up when im done with the 5, might be a while yet thow,probably winter now as ive just had the lpg properly setup on the 535i and am picking up some throwing stars over the weekend so am quite happy with it as we speak..
  9. e34525iMsport

    How good is the E38 tiptronic gearbox?

    Yeah i was reading about the padle shifters, sounds interesting. As long as its half like a manual il have one just cant be doing with another full automatic car like the current beast, saying that thow the manual mode is okay-ish on the e34 535i but only 3 gears can be selected.
  10. e34525iMsport

    How good is the E38 tiptronic gearbox?

    so nobody on here has ever owned an e38?
  11. Hi there im curious to know if the tiptronic gearbox found in the e38 7 series and e39 are any good? Ive been saying i want a proper manual again next after the 535i auto ive got at the minute but cant deny i do realy fancy a e38 740i How good are the gearchanges with the tiptronic? and will it let me drive it as a proper full manual without interfering i.e will i be able to take it were i want in the rev range and change down/up when i want etc? Im not realy to familiar with these tiptronic gearboxes but did once drive an e36 m3 smg which i quite liked, if its like that then im sold on the idea. Would also like to hear of someone whos had an e38 740i what kind of fuel consumption they managed
  12. e34525iMsport

    quick e34 spoiler question

    Thanks FIVE-OH thats a great help mate Was hoping it was bonded on tbh as my sport is zinnober red and its proving tricky finding e34 panels in that shade of red I would love to take it off as i think they ruin the lines of the 34 but its looking doubtfull unless i decide to keep it longer, having doubts at the moment.
  13. e34525iMsport

    quick e34 spoiler question

    thats what i thought but its odd i cant find the mountings!! Unless it was retro fitted and bonded at some point but it is genuine bmw
  14. e34525iMsport

    quick e34 spoiler question

    Just a quickie, how is the mtech rear spoiler fitted on the early e34 is it bonded on or fixed on? The reason i ask is because i want to take it of my sport and have looked all around the boot lid and cant find the fixings for it?
  15. e34525iMsport

    Shortlisted 2 E36 m3's....

    The 3.0 coupe gets my vote would be even better if it had motorsport cloth but thats my preference