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  1. rewast

    hids are confusing

    I've bought the same kit as yours and where yours has two cables loose, mine has a two pin plug. I'm so confused as to whether they sent me the right one... I don't under stand where you're meant to plug the power in
  2. rewast

    hids are confusing

    Hey all, I bought a hid kit from hids4u and i'm totally baffled! The kit itself makes sense up to a point where the plug on the kit doesnt match the power plug on the back of the light unit. I thought that they may of sent me the wrong one. But after sending a photo of the two plugs, one from the kit and one on the car. The help person said that i have to leave the power plug in situ and take the cables out from the part that actually goes into the h1 bulb itself. This doesn't seem plug and play and i'm not sure it's right. Has anyone else done this and can confirm this is the approach. Surely if I have to by the kit specifically for my car, it would make more sense for the to use the same bmw plug and let me jjust plug it straight in???
  3. rewast

    remote central locking module

    Thanks for that... OK so i think that i've got an unplugged GR40 module... i don't know whether that would handle the remote central locking functionality also. But it looks like the fobs are nigh impossible to get hold of. Does anyone know if all these alarm versions are interchangable? For example could i get a 3G mk2 box and fob and it swap out with the gr40, all the plugs etc?
  4. rewast

    rear seat folding to standard retrofit

    Thank you sir! I think i'll get them retrimmed, just need to find someone reputable
  5. Hey guys So my car didn't come with a key fob, but as i'm investigating the car i'm detecting certain things that leads me to believe it should have remote central locking. There's an IR receiver built into the roof There's a red led mounted next to the fog light switch I found a disconnected box under the back seat and when I searched the part number 82119418403 Control unit alarm system There's a siren under the bonnet and I think it may be a 3g mk1 based on searching around Now, i'm thinking the needs to be a remote control module? If I can find that, hopefully I can figure out what kind of key i need to get as a replacement Thanks guys
  6. Hi guys, so I bought a leather interior for my e34, and as I got round to fitting it. It turns out that my original seats are folding ones. I really want to put this leather interior in, but ive done a lot of research. Mostly, it's people wanting to fit folding seats into their standard car. Trying to understand, if I got hold of the seat belt reels, would they mount up, and do I need to get the intenal partition. I'm starting to wonder, would it be easier to get the back seats retrimmed in leather then all this faff.
  7. rewast

    central locking / rear doors don't lock

    Hey there, both the door pins lock and unlock... they just dont change when i lock the car, both the front doors do though! I was wondering if there was just one actuator that controlled both. I'll watch that video now...
  8. Hey guys, so this new e34 i've purchased.. the front doors lock / unlock centrally - but the back doors don't. What could this be? THanks
  9. rewast

    Headlamps very poor

    Who's running HIDs? I'm told these do wonders for e34s as they have the projector style head light unit, they really mesh well with the upgrade. Considering it myself at the moment.
  10. rewast

    Instrument cluster upgrade

    Hey guys So i'm working through the new e34 i've purchased, getting a list of things to do to it over winter... I previously owned a 92 535i sport, and this new model is 90 535i sport... it's amazing the little changes/differences between them, only now i'm noticing! Anyway, getting to the point of this post. I have learned that my car has a 'gen 1' instrument cluster, and there are newer gens. Mine's got a white back, and there is a newer one with a blue back. I believe I can swap it over and swap an eprom chip with it... Has anyone down this, was it fairly straight forward? Many thanks!
  11. Hi guys, So on the e34 i've just picked up, the heater doesn't seem to work properly. If I open the screen vents up, irrigardless of the temperture setting, it will blow hot. And the front facing vents blow cold no matter what, and the feet facing vents blow hot no matter what. Any ideas?
  12. rewast

    Dampness in a freshly purchased e34

    Thank you, i've not seen any corrosion, but I'll investigate the other things you mentioned.
  13. Hi guys, i've just purchased an e34 535i and there's a lingering dampness inside it. Not sure why, as it has been in a lock up for the best part of 5 years. Any way, got any tips to get it dry inside? or step by step to fix? I was thinking I could get those silicon gel beads and fill it up with a few boxes of those?
  14. Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right place to ask. But I'm on a bit of a mission. Just purchased my second e34, taken 10 years to find the right one and I want to fulfil my dream of turbocharging the M30. I need to find a specialist that would undertake the work and I know the exact specification. But I can't find anyone goigling in the UK that offers the services... Any leads greatly appreciated!
  15. rewast

    Getting rare!

    Hehe cheers Maca! I'm definitely after a darker coloured manual 535i sport. Its mad how rare these beauties are getting - i'm killing myself for selling mine last Christmas. There's a nice 525i sport on ebay at the moment - but i'm not sure i'd really find the smaller engine as satisfying. The last M30 I had, just sounded epic, and just seemed more 'classic'