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  1. minio

    BWM key holder

    Received today. Thanks
  2. minio

    Cat C cars

    As these seem to be the same wheels and tyres that the OP bought after buying the car I would presume this has been the second time this has been damaged. This in its own right is not a massive problem but if you add everything up... it just doesn't add up. Two shunts, 11 owners and too high of a price for Cat C. Walk away.
  3. minio

    BWM key holder

    Money has been sent. Thank you.
  4. minio

    BWM key holder

    Just so there is no ambiguity please see the file attached. The one in green is my preferred option blue are secondary choices if green is not available for any reason. Thanks Greg
  5. minio

    BWM key holder

    Hi there Can you quote for the key holder please? Part number: 82292219914. I looked this up and different colours come up. The colour I need is: black and silver (the car is Mineral Silver). If this is not available all black (82292219911) would also work. I am not interested in brown holder. I would like to get it this week if possible? I also have other question - I will send you a PM about it. Thanks Greg
  6. minio

    Cat C cars

    The last four cars I bought for my Mrs were write offs. Three were Cat Cs under three years of age and one, the latest one is a Cat N (used to be Cat D) but is six years old. All of these were under 40k miles and some as low as 1k miles. None of them had any other structural damage than a bent front bumper support. They needed wing or two, bonnets, head lights, some needed rads. One needed just a wing and a headlamp (obv the Cat N). I kept all of them for two or more years. Depending on the car I did between 10 and 30k miles in that time. I had them tracked after each repair, they came up perfectly straight, no unusual tyre wear etc. Always got close to 100% of my money back what I see as a great result. Yes 8/10 people will turn their noses on these but if you have a good add, good maintenance history and if you have kept it for long enough after the repair - it will sell. I normally list my cars at -20% price level of a non Cat vehicle. Sites like Copart can be a good source but here you are on your own. Good sellers on ebay with good feedback will give you a little more peace of mind but prices will/may be higher. When we (we ;-) bought our first salvage, my Mrs, she was more than a little apprehensive. Negative or scarred would be more adequate words to describe how she felt about it. Now days she sends me pictures /links of salvaged cars with assessment of parts that would be needed to repair them. This is how much the situation changed. This does not mean you should not be careful when buying a salvage. If you are careful you can get a good car at a good price (maybe a great car at a great price). To me its all about having a reliable new-ish car that will not cost anything stupid (£'000) a month and will not depreciate like crazy. In this case as Duncan mentioned "£3250 doesn't seem cheap enough when a quick ebay search shows £3500 gets a non - cat C". Up to Sub 3k would seem the right spot for me. 3k if the condition/mileage was exceptional.
  7. minio

    Rear number plate lights

    Payment for Titan Silver Handle of £190.09 has been made. Thanks Greg
  8. minio

    Rear number plate lights

    Have you got colour coded handles in stock? I need both fittings and if these only come with the entire handle this is what I need. If so how much would it be? Thanks Greg
  9. minio

    Rear number plate lights

    Can you quote for next day delivery too please?
  10. minio

    Rear number plate lights

    Hi, I need the light fittings/lenses I should be fine for bulbs but if these come as sets I could go for that too. I will need a couple. Thanks
  11. minio

    Rear number plate lights

    Can you provide a quote for a couple of those for (PL52XFW) e53 plus shipping please? Thanks Greg
  12. minio

    Alpina B10 V8 n. 755

    This would be a perfect daily if the money was no object. V8 e39 with an auto box. She is a stunner. I hope you will change your mind as she deserves an attentive owner. Greg
  13. minio

    2001 BMW e39 525d manual £1250 - SOLD

    Thank you. Yes she proved herself and with 45mpg and over on motorway runs I cannot imagine a cruiser that would offer better quality for money! Greg Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk