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  1. kevmo

    Lexus RX400h

    I didn't notice a lack of support but will feedback when I pick I up next week
  2. kevmo

    Lexus RX400h

    To be honest, I didn't chuck it about on the test drive. Its not really the sort of thing that lends itself to that, its more for wafting along quietly in comfort. Got me thinking now though.
  3. kevmo

    Lexus RX400h

    So, viewed on Sat and put down a deposit, pick it up next week. They are doing service, cam belt and water pump and a few other things.
  4. kevmo

    Lexus RX400h

    Thanks, will post pics when it arrives. It's a 55 plate. Coming from a lexus dealer with 1 yr warranty, so should be ok. Had a look and didn't seem to be much of an issue with the power pack, the battery for starting the engine is a different matter though, you have to be careful not to drain it as it's only just big enough. Colleague has had one for 2 yrs and says it's the best he's ever had. Need something high up with a back seats wide enough for 3 child seats.
  5. kevmo

    Lexus RX400h

    Hi, not posted for a while as not had a bmw for 3yrs but I still regularly have a look on here as it seems to be the best forum. Have a holding deposit on the above, 95K one owner, FLSH. Its in a Lexus dealer and they are going to do the timing belt as part of the deal. Anyone has one or give any advice on what to look for? Cheers Kev
  6. kevmo

    Anyone know about....

    Thanks for the replies, good point about the Skoda compared to the Golf. Will have to have a good look round. Whats wrong with the A class? Were they affected by the build quality issues Merc had? It may take some effort to talk the missus out of a Golf, Audi or A class. Luckily i am i no rush. (Got six months before the Baby is due)
  7. HI I need to get something with 4/5 doors for the missus to replace her 3 door Clio now that the little fella is getting bigger and theres another on the way. I've been looking at stuff up to about £3.5 - 4K and she likes Merc A class, Golfs and Audi A3's. The question is what to go for? The Merc's are cheapest of the 3 but i dont know a lot about any of them. Anyone got any info on common problems or engines to avoid, she doesn't do many miles but it needs to be in the same ballpark as the Clio with running costs.(had it from new and doesn't ever need anything - except another pair of doors) Cheers Kev
  8. kevmo

    intravee purchasing

    Looks like this is available if anyone is interested.
  9. kevmo

    intravee purchasing

    Maca has a mate interested and has first refusal. If Maca dont want it its £150 plus postage.
  10. kevmo

    intravee purchasing

    Hi If you are still looking for one my brother in law has an intravee 2 and alpine KCA-420 (you will need both units) he is looking to sell. If you are interested i'll find out how much he wants.
  11. kevmo

    Main dealer rant

    Try Euro car parts they are doing 30% off at the mo, Had pagid all round on my last E39 and they were good.
  12. kevmo

    What jobs do people do?

    Mechanical Technician in a paper mill. Basically I look after a rather large machine that makes the paper for the market leading bathroom tissue.
  13. kevmo

    Popping the big question..

    Crap typing. Got her ring there, found the wife on a different site
  14. kevmo

    Popping the big question..

    Have you thought about an online jeweller? I got my wife from 77diamonds.com Picked the diamond and styles of ring, all came with certificate. They also have a premises in London so you can go and have a look, they were very helpful on the phone too. Got it much cheaper than equivalent in a high st jeweller. She loves it and we slaying got her wedding ring there earlier this year.
  15. kevmo

    Whats it worth?

    He said that they are doing a deal on the Antara at £17K, they are usually £22K.