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  1. I'm not sure that counts as cynical at this point. I don't think the government are even trying to pretend it's anything else - they've made it very clear they're willing to risk lives in order to keep businesses on side. The only thing they're doing is trying to spin it to make us all think that their rich business mates earning their profits is in all of our best interests. But that sums up the Tory mantra in general, not just during this pandemic - "we'll help businesses make money, and that money will trickle down to all you poor people". The fact that it doesn't work, and never has, doesn't seem to stop people voting for them though.
  2. From a purely logical view, if you require masks in shops and not pubs, you’re still reducing transmission compared to not requiring masks in either. So I suspect the government are basically trying to do the absolute bare minimum that they can get away with so they can take the edge off the new variant without impacting the economy much. The problem with this approach is that it’s only sensible if it works. If it doesn’t make enough of a difference, you find yourself doing all the stricter measures you were trying to avoid in the first place, and you’ve lost a load of time that would have made the whole thing less severe. It’s a gamble. That’s been the governments tactic every time so far, and it’s often failed.
  3. You get no argument from me there. This government were told this could happen, told how bad it could be and told what to do to mitigate the effects... They ignored it, just like they ignore anything that costs money. They're so beholden to that vital group of Tory voters who hate the idea of funding anything that doesn't directly and instantly benefit them, that they can't bring themselves to pay for anything up front that might make this country a bit better in the future. But, this doesn't mean the death stats are deliberately misleading. They are what they are and they serve a purpose.
  4. And if you offer your opinion, people can disagree with it. You can disagree with mine. The infection rates didn’t go up when masks were introduced. They went up months later, due to the relaxing of other restrictions. Masks have been proven to provide a small amount of protection to others. The government do release the data. It’s on the ONS website and I remember it was part of the constant news reports during the worst spikes, when death rates were a focus. They even made a point of regularly explaining the difference between the two ways of calculating deaths due to covid. if this were to happen again in the future, unfortunately I think the government would be better off only giving out the delayed, accurate statistics because the general public have shown that they’re not capable of understanding why the ‘fast’ stats exist. It’s just fuelled a load of conspiracy theories, which is a shame, because the fast data is useful.
  5. A few things to unpack here... 1. If putting your hand over your mouth when you coughed or sneezed was the solution, then the government would have to make that mandatory instead. Do you think that's workable? Nor me, so a mask will have to do. 2. Masks do provide some protection for other people. This isn't a binary question, so if a mask makes other people in a room 20% less likely to catch covid off you then that's worth the minimal inconvenience it causes. I suspect though, that it's more than a 20% reduction. 3. Taking your mask off once seated.. Again, this isn't a binary question. If people wear masks when standing up, then take them off when they sit down, the chances of them passing on covid are reduced overall for the duration of their time there. It's about balancing convenience against risk. 4. If you get run over by a bus less than 28 days from a +ve covid test it's only a covid death for the governents daily stats. Your death certificate won't list covid and the ONS death statistics (the ones used for the proper total covid deaths) won't include you. The only reason the government use the 'within 28 days of a +ve test' statistics is because the more accurate death certificate data takes a long time to be generated. So, the less accurate data is used for fast comparisons with previous days/weeks, and the more accurate death certificate data lags behind this. 5. Claiming you're exempt when you're not, just to get out of wearing a bit of cloth on your face will probably work absolutely fine, however you will then have to deal with the crushing humiliation of knowing that everyone else knuckled down and did their best, while you were a massive, whinging baby. Personally, I'd just put on my big-boy pants and wear the mask. 6. You don't need to trust the government. I certainly don't. But I do trust the scientists - not to be infallible, but to be sensible.
  6. Freedom comes with responsibility. The British public have shown time and again, throughout this pandemic, that they simply can’t be trusted to do the right thing. They will ignore advice on mask wearing. They ignore advice on social distancing. They panic buy toilet paper, pasta and petrol. They look for loopholes in the laws and try to get out of fines for doing things they should have the common sense not to do in the first place. Their first thought in every situation is how it affects them. So, when we show that we can’t act responsibly, the only option is to remove our freedom.
  7. Spandex

    How to seal a concrete block building?

    The moisture is too high to be run off from the neighbours shed, which makes me wonder about the guttering. It’s not clear from the photos, but it almost looks like the flat roof isn’t overhanging the guttering at the back, which would mean the run off is going straight down the wall. Do you have a side shot of the back of the roof, so we can see how the gutter works with the roof? <edit> Just some more thoughts on this. Although the advice on rendering is good, you need to find the root cause of the water first - there's no point slapping render on to protect the blocks if you don't fix the source of the water. The fact that the moisture is only on that back wall is a good sign that it's not caused by driving rain (it would affect all the walls to some extent, and that back wall appears to be one of the more sheltered walls so should be affected less, not more). As mentioned above, the fact that the moisture is high up the wall points to it not being due to run-off from the neighbouring shed. This only really leaves the run-off from your own roof as the source. Job one is to investigate the guttering. If the issue isn't obvious, pour a bucket of water onto the roof and watch where it ends up.
  8. Spandex

    Ideas for garage heating

    I’m just going to get my prediction in early and say that your aluminium flue will melt. But as long as you’re outside, it will just be amusing, rather than terrifying.
  9. Spandex

    Ideas for garage heating

    Jesus christ… Agreed.
  10. I would say for projector lenses the cut-off is sharp enough to not be an issue for other road users, but I'd be dubious of that with reflectors - reflector headlights tend to rely on a lack of brightness to make up for the fuzzy beam pattern. You can always tell who's fitted aftermarket HIDs in cheap or older headlights as they drive towards you, melting the back of your skull.
  11. Not sure whether you care about this or not, but the MOT inspection manual states:
  12. Spandex

    mini chain saw £20 battery operated

    I use one of those incinerators (outside) and there’s no way I’d light it indoors. They only burn cleanly when they’re up to temp and when the oxygen flow is just right… the rest of the time you’ll be getting loads of smoke trickling out around the lid . Not to mention the fact that you need to take the lid (and attached flue) off to put more fuel in… resulting in a loss of heat (and the resulting period of dirty burning) and a room full of smoke every time. FYI, when it’s up to temp the lid and handle get really hot. I use heavy duty welders gloves to open mine, but I can only do that on the handle - I have holes in the gloves from where I’ve accidentally caught the lid briefly.
  13. Spandex

    mini chain saw £20 battery operated

    If you already have Makita batteries, wouldn’t a Makita reciprocating saw be a better option for branches? At least you’d be buying a decent quality tool that has other uses - these mini chainsaws have limited uses and aren’t particularly good at any of them.
  14. Spandex

    School league table - background info?

    I can understand that sentiment, however I suspect there are too many parents out there who would think the opposite and providing this data would only encourage that behaviour. TBH, I think if you’re the sort of parent who would actually seek to put your child in a diverse school because you recognise the benefits of that, your child is probably going to turn out ok even if they end up in a less diverse school. The sort of parents who don’t want their kids in a diverse school are the ones whose children need as much help as possible to avoid them becoming like their parents.
  15. Spandex

    School league table - background info?

    Well I can understand why they would have stopped providing that information. At best, it’s irrelevant to any decision about where to send your child, and at worst it’s just going to encourage racism. What difference would this information make to a decision?