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  1. memyself

    Which Blumin PDC Sensor ?

    Thank for the responses. I managed to speak to a sensible part person who gave me the correct part number. Seems they are all different depending on model "SE" or "Msport". Mine is an M Sport in Le Mans blue so the this part number includes the color, but for anyone else stumbling across this thread...here is the BMW part number for a front PDC sensor for an E61 Msport front bumper 66207 964 083
  2. memyself

    Which Blumin PDC Sensor ?

    I've bough two different front PDC sensors off ebay to replace a faulty OEM one on the front bumper of my 2008 LCI 520D - both of them don't work !! The wiring is good because I've put a know good PDC sensor in and it works ! BMW won't supply the part number because "they don't give out part numbers" (sure that's illegal under EU law) Does anyone happen to know the part number ? Or a link to where I can buy one that works ? Otherwise I'm going to end up with a great collection of PDC sensors that don't work on my car ? Thanks for any support.
  3. A long shot this - but is there anyone in the Thames Valley with BMW diagnostic software that could offer to diagnose my broken PDC sensors for a token contribution to their beer fund ? I know I'm being tight and the software is only £45 but things are a bit tight at the moment and it's almost impossible to diagnose which of my PDC's are out on my E61 with the 'finger test'.
  4. memyself

    Cheap Fault Code Read

    Looking for a cheap way to read a fault code on my E61. My PDC sensors are working... then not working, and I need to find out which one(s) are faulty. I don't want to spend £35+ on Cable-Shack cable and software for just this one read and was looking for a cheaper way to read a fault code if there is one. Someone suggested that I buy a cheap bluetooth ODB adapter then download Carly as they offer one free fault code read !
  5. memyself

    Hit & Run Help !

    My wife was involved in a hit and run accident on Monday. Was wondering if anyone has any tips about how I could possibly trace the driver or the car. In short she was T-bonned by a guy in a Peugeot 106 /206 who stopped after the accident but as she approached the car he drove off, he was too far away to get the reg. There is only one road through our small town and this leads to a junctions on the M40, so I've asked the investigating police officer to check Highways Agency footage for any cars joining the motorway at this time with a wrecked front end. Her car isn't worth all that much but she's owned it from new, it's been well looked after and maintained and has very low mileage, with the damage to two doors, rear quarter panel and sill it'll probably be a write-off. Any suggestions about what might be the best course of action gratefully received.
  6. memyself

    Repair Key Fob

    The key to my 2008 E61 is buggered - just stopped working, wouldn't open the car or close it. Fortunately, I located the spare and after driving it for 30 mins it was charged enough to work, but I want to get the old key repaired. I saw this video on you tube about how to crack open the sealed key and replace the battery, with a bit of soldering involved. I've ordered a new key shell and rechargeable battery off ebay for a total of £10 and will try to fix the key soon (see links in video for where to buy case and battery). Has anyone here attempted this fix ? and if so any tip or tricks that I should keep in mind ?
  7. memyself

    Run Flat Tyres to Ordinary Tyres

    I think it's advisable to get XL tyres if it's an E61. if it's a saloon then non XL might be OK. I have zero evidence for any of this - just what a trusted tyre fitter told me !
  8. What's the recall for the fuel filter ? I have the same car and I didn't receive anything about fuel filter recall. Very interested what the recall was particularly if it's going to screw up the high pressure pump ?
  9. memyself

    Gear Shift Indicator Gone !

    Thanks for that... I ended up going into my local BMW dealership and they told me how to do it. I think it's what you said... -Press 'BC' button until the lower display is blank (no MPG / Range displayed etc) -Turn indicator on -Press and hold 'BC' button for 3 seconds while indicator is on and gear change display shows up in display -Cancel indicator, press 'BC' button again to cycle through MPG. Range, etc to set desired display.
  10. memyself

    Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    We have one of those and for an MPV its blumin quick. We always use it to transport large stuff and I never get tired of driving it.
  11. memyself

    Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    I've got an old Passat I use to transport my mountain bikes. It was £2.5k about three years ago, I've put nearly 80k on it, now at 160k and going strong. I'd definitely have another. It's no BMW but it's well put together and cheap to maintain. This website it worth a look. It's about a guy who used to buy expensive cars and bought a 2002 Rover 75 (with the BMW 2.0d engine) and it changed his whole perception of cars and their worth. He works a a film lighting technician and drives all over the country, he's up to 250k miles on the Rover 75 and still going strong !! A decent Rover 75 estate 2.0d can be had for £1,500. http://not2grand.co.uk/your-cars/rover-75/
  12. My car is a 2008 lci 2.0d with manual gearbox. The red display, in between the instruments, used to display the 'gear shift indication' Two little arrows with a gear number next to them to remind you shift up or down gears. I quite liked it, because I've been dumb enough to drive 100 motorway miles in 5th gear not 6th !!! so it acted as a nice reminder. Anyway, its gone from the display and I can't find out how to get it back. Does anyone know how to do this please ? The only thing that's changed is that my usual car key is kaput ! so I started using the spare one (once charged) and it coincided with the key change. I also lost all of my radio station presets - so I'm thinking, is this gear change indicator coded to the key ? Also, the gear shift indicator wasn't showing for about the first 2-3 years of ownership, then suddenly appeared one day ! I guess I must have pressed something to activate it, if only I could remember what that was. Separately, I'm in the process of dismantling the duff key, soldering a new battery to the circuit board and buying a blank key shell off Ebay to house the repaired circuit board / battery.
  13. memyself

    Carly or Software best for this... ?

    Thanks that's exactly what I wanted . .I wasn't aware of cable shack, and there are so many listings on eBay that it was difficult to know who to buy from and who to trust. Will definitely be buying from cable shack - thanks for taking the time to post and recommend.
  14. memyself

    Good indy in bucks

    If you can travel to Oxford there is 'Mark Purcell'. Can recommend him, but there can be a wait as he's always maxed-out with work. Also, there is TCS Autos in High Wycombe. I've used them once and others seem to find them good.
  15. memyself

    Carly or Software best for this... ?

    Hello I am a complete novice to coding, BMW fault finding software etc, could some of you guys with experience of this offer some guidance on the best option for my needs. My PDC sensors are acting up ! and I need to find out which one is faulty, They are detecting an obstacle when there are none. My car is a 2008 LCI 2.0d E61 M Sport Touring. From a quick search of the forum it looks like there are two options (1) Carly (about £100) (2) INPA sofware & cable. (£20-60, Ebay) Which one would be best to detect and clear the PDC sensor faults ? Cost is a factor. I've heard that Carly is good for the novice (me) whereas INPA can be a problem to install and use ? Any guidance would be really appreciated - thanks.