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  1. 530Msport

    siren from under dash?

    hi guys i need some help i opened my car yesterday to find a continuous tonal sound coming from under my dash, i think it is a siren for PDC but need help to confirm this. i tried to find the part on the bmw parts catalog but cannot find it. its located on the drivers side under the dash. i managed to disconnect it as it stayed on whilst driving. i tried turning the car off, locking then unlocking but the problem persisted so in the end i decided to unplug it. it had 3 connectors from memory connected to it. i just need to know what this is so i can change it. any help would be appreciated. btw car id right hand drive although i dont think this makes a difference.
  2. 530Msport

    This is why I like Imola............

    they are really nice wheels; found here; http://www.alloywheels.com/product.asp?numPageStartPosition=1&P_ID=2086&strPageHistory=cat&strKeywords=&strSearchCriteria=&PT_ID=156
  3. 530Msport

    Apologies for the noob question...

    just had a quick read about this, but what benefits are there for the nav upgrades, i havenot yet checked to see which version i have, but what benefits does the later software have over the earlier apart from suspected accururate mapping is the nav system in general easier to operate. post code searching would be a dream as i cannot do this with mine, unless BMW never made a post code software system?
  4. 530Msport

    e39 Sound system upgrade

    i have a question for you as i have the same standard set up i assume you would have had, did you take your Amp feeds from the original tuner converting to RCA or high level inputs? second question is when amping the focal upgrades you have done did you amp through original wiring again from the original tuners speaker output? iv been trying to work out the best way for me to tap into the system to modify. my plan was to do a custom front door build with a three way component set, replace rear shelf speakers with a coaxial and then install 2 x 12 inch subs or 1 x 15, i listen to alot of Reggae and RNB so the lower frequencies are desired and the clarity but want to maintain original tuner/screen as its a novelty and discreet to those looking through the windows. any suggestions?
  5. 530Msport

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi Guys, recently turned a corner in my young twenties and purchased my e39 530sport which i love. it has full BMW history up to its current mileage. last owner managed to clock up 30k in two years motorway mileage which isnt a problem for me, had all the senior techs at Coopers check it out for me and was told i would be stupid to let it go! so i bought it, its fully loaded with the tv tuner and sat nav 16:9 screen, heated black leather seats. have already changed the grills to black ones as i prefer the black look and with the carbon fibre badges look well. it wears a nice pair of shoes being the 18" M Parallels which i will get refurbed in a slightly darker shade to contrast against the silver paintwork. overall i love the car its great to drive. my other BMW is my 325i which i also cherish as its a legendary e30, have spent a fair wad on restoring this but still a way to go since some 18 yr old twat rear ended it damaging the rear valance. im on the e30 zone too as Mikeyboy. the only other toy i own is a 2008 Suzuki GSXR 600 which is a toy to use when the cars are resting. Nice to be hear!!!

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