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  1. BriC

    Ball joint splitters

    Yep, I did actually ring Franklin just to check if they had any left in stock but they didn't!
  2. BriC

    Ball joint splitters

    Pretty sure I've done it in the past without lowering the shock, from memory I think the nut will just about make it off. I've slept since then though so I may be wrong
  3. BriC

    Ball joint splitters

    Pretty sure that type wouldn’t work on the V8 lower control arms. They are bolted the other way around with the thread/nut very close to the underside of the shock absorber, so I don’t see how you’d get that type in position with the shocker in situ. See photo.
  4. BriC

    Ball joint splitters

    I ended up ordering the genuine BMW tool (312240) from the dealership. Was about £151 inc. VAT so pretty pricey but cheaper than I thought it would be tbh. At least I know it will do the job and should be a good quality tool.
  5. BriC

    Ball joint splitters

    I did think about buying the one I linked and grinding it down to size, but not sure it would weaken it too much
  6. BriC

    Ball joint splitters

    I'd just like to re-boot this thread... Anyone found a reasonably priced ball joint splitter for the lower control arms on V8 E39s? The best I've seen so far is the one Clavurion linked above, but wondered if anyone had found anything more reasonably priced before I shell out £150. I've seen this, but think the top arm may be too thick to fit in the gap between the head of the balljoint and the underside of the shock absorber: 5tlg Ball Joint Puller Ball Joint abdrücker Ball Head Removal Tool Ball Heads | eBay
  7. BriC

    E36 part

    Hi, For reg P496 JMO I’m after an interior sill cover, part number: 51478151392. Thanks
  8. BriC

    BMW parts

    Just sent payment with my delivery address via PayPal. Please confirm receipt and let me know if you need any further details. Thanks
  9. BriC

    BMW parts

    Hi, after a quote for some parts for my E36 M3. Reg P496 JMO and parts numbers are: 11611401996 (Air intake boot/duct) x 1 No. 51161943152 (Plastic expanding nuts) x 2 No. Delivered to Wigan (WN2 post code) please. Many thanks
  10. I suppose it depends how much a restorer would want. Preston's not too far from me, I live in Wigan now (need to update my profile). Have you got this guys contact details? Cheers.
  11. My 540i has comfort seats in sand beige, but the driver's side has seen better days - particularly the base. There is a small tear in the leather on the base also. It has got me thinking, if I could find a standard SE seat in sandbeige to remove the cover, would this be the same as my comfort seat? I'm assuming the back would be different as being the comfort seat the upper is adjustable where the SE seat is fixed, but the bases look identical. Also, as mine are comfort seats and heated, if I find an SE seat of the same colour which isn't heated, will this be an issue? Is the heating element bonded to the leather or the foam/cushioning? See an example of an SE seat I've seen on eBay: This is my seat (an old, not very good photo):
  12. Been a while, but a bit of an update. On the whole it's been a trusty wagon, put to work for many tip runs whilst renovating a house, traveled many miles (bought at about 155,000 miles. currently at 192,600, hoping to get over 200,000!). I've had it off the road a couple of times in my ownership. It was parked up for a few months over the winter of 2017-18 as it needed a few jobs doing and I was toying with the idea of getting rid of it as I fancied something smaller, more fun and easier to maintain. I bought and ran an Abarth 500 for about 6 months whilst my 540i sat on the drive until I decided which car to keep. In the end I decided to get rid of the Abarth. It was great fun to drive, and I'd certainly consider another in the future, though not as a main car, It was too small and had it's own issues. I also missed my waft barge. I sorted some of the issues on my touring to get it through an MOT; mainly rear brake pipes, rear discs and pads, sorted the inactive self leveling suspension. I also did the valve cover gaskets and a few other small jobs once I'd got it back on the road. Roll on to earlier this year and I had another itch for something different. This time I went in the opposite direction and went bigger! I fancied a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. I wanted one running on LPG and there seemed to be a few popping up for sale every now and then, but I ended up buying the cheapest one on the market in need of the valve cover gaskets changing and a few other jobs. I figured if it was too much work to get back on the road I could break it for parts and still make a bit of profit. I sorted out the main jobs preventing it from being roadworthy, got it through an MOT and have been running that for the last few months, again keeping the touring parked up on the drive. I soon realised the grass wasn't greener and decided to switch back to the touring. I still have the Cayenne, want to do a couple of jobs to that before I sell it. The 540i needed the CCV system looking at as it was burning oil and had other symptoms, so I removed the inlet manifold to replace the CCV/PCV and lower sump to blow the gunked up cyclone valve clear. I also knew a few jobs would need doing to get it through an MOT so fitted new rear discs, handbrake shoes and febi bilstein lower/upper front control arms on both sides. It went in for an MOT last Friday and failed on cloudy headlights (they'd fogged up again although they weren't as bad as when I first bought the car) and rotten drivers side rear sill (within 30cm of the rear seat belt anchors). I did a 12 week evening course in welding at college last year as I knew it needed welding doing at some point in the future and fancied having a go at it myself. It's not the prettiest and to be honest I probably didn't cut out enough rotten steel as I didn't want to drop the tank. It was a bit of a quick repair as I'm off down south with the wife, mother-in-law and the dog next week and didn't want to go in the Cayenne. Given that I need to do more welding to the other rear jacking point and both rear arches have started bubbling in places, I can always drop the fuel tank and do a better job of this repair when I tackle the other jobs. It's going in for the re-test this afternoon, so should be good to go for our trip down south. Next jobs are a full suspension/bush refresh. I've bought Bilstein B4 shocks, and Febi Bilstein for all the other top mounts/control arms/bushes. I also plan to weld the other sill and patch the arches, then it'll be having a bit of bodywork to tidy it up. I think I'll have the M-Parallel's refurbed too as a couple of them have been damaged by sloppy tyre fitting. Anyway, I'm waffling. Here's a few pics: Abarth 500: Cayenne: Tackling rust:
  13. BriC

    E39 parts

    Hi, Please could I have as two separate quotes, each with delivery to a UK address: Quote 1: 51318159784 - windshield trim Quote 2: 51318159784 - windshield trim 51122494800 - rear bumper diffuser for car with tow bar 51122695499 - flap/cover for towbar diffuser Car reg. is RO51 NHM. Thanks.
  14. BriC

    E39 540i parts

    Just sent payment via PayPal. Delivery address is in the message sent with payment. Many thanks.
  15. BriC

    E39 540i parts

    Sorry, I was just about to send payment for this via paypal but realised I could probably do with a few other parts if you wouldn't mind adding these to the quote also? I need: 11151 7361 40 - o-ring 11131 4363 24 - lower oil pan/sump gasket 11427 5107 17 - oil filter