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  1. Shipping to Estonia is £24.95 Yes happy to offer on same terms
  2. Yes, that's just the job James
  3. If the egr valve opens at any point during the rpm range when it should not the pressure in the exhaust manifold drops causing the boost pressure to drop... naturally the turbo spools on pressure between cylinder head and turbo exhaust wheel.. if egr which is bolted to the exhaust manifold opens boost immeditately dies. It can open due to an old pressure converter allowing rogue vacuum supply to the valve or it may be opening at the right time but sticking open which would render the turbo useless.
  4. Hi James, When you unplug the maf the engine management also closes the EGR valve permanently until it is replugged... Try removing the Vac hose from the egr valve and see if your issue persists. If it is resolved then we can simply arrange a tweak to your software so you have no EGR related EML... You're better off without it anyway Best wishes, Stan
  5. stant1man

    DPF questions

    DPF OFF software is £399 the pipes are £369 and installation of the pipework is £99. The complete postal kit which is being covered in Total BMW magazine this month costs £865 but you need someone to fit the pipework. We don't offer the gut out service on BMW's they don't behave as they should when compared to other brands such as VAG, Merc, Porsche etc... Best wishes Stan
  6. stant1man

    DPF questions

    You're questions are very relevant and those we hear constantly... it's all about the closed loop injection system.. the engine management system puts the polish on the tune, not the tuner in this application. Our pipes are manufactured to an exacting standard so we have a constant to work with, hence the geometry settings can be the same on multiple applications. I covered this here also - http://forum.bmw5.co...oop#entry682950
  7. stant1man

    DPF questions

    I didn't say that and would prefer not to comment on what others are doing What I can assure is that our kit has addressed all of these problems and it was physically impossible to reliably match the VNT to a knocked out or emptied DPF as the backpressure levels are inconsistant with each job... it's the standards we work to. Others may have been getting away with it but we just won't take the risk as it's not our risk to take.... It would take 10-15 hours minimum to get close to a good result on a decent dyno for a one off job assuming the tuner is aware of the location of the correct maps and the factors to ensure his changes are relative... the rest of the time is spent knocking off the rough edges.
  8. stant1man

    DPF questions

    Only DPF models are affected as these cars are set up to run a pressurised exhaust system, the likes of a decat on an E39 530d is really no major issue as the difference in backpressure is minimal in comparison to that of a DPF installed car. We spent a lot of time finding the most cost effective solution and our kit is what we came up with. We do offer discounts on group buys starting at 15% for 5 buyers increasing by 1% for every additional buyer to a maximum of 20% therefore if there are few interested we are delighted to give the forum members a financial break
  9. stant1man

    DPF questions

    Brilliant Baus! That made me laugh out loud... Nearly woke the kids up
  10. stant1man

    DPF questions

    Hi folks, hope you don't mind me jumping in here but I was doing a little late night browsing and come accross this interesting thread. Removing the DPF on a BMW diesel most definately requires adjustments to the turbo duty cycle(VNT) maps, deviation maps and boost pressure linearization... not the boost request maps or limiters(unless tuning for performance)... Put a stock BMW with DPF knocked out on the rolling road and hold it at steady state full throttle 2500rpm and it's easy to see the problem. The duty cycle/VNT maps control the acceleration of the turbocharger and where not adjusted correctly the turbo virtually bounces off the limiter as the turbine acceleration is too aggressive. I have a long list of customers with blown turbochargers who have emptied the internals of the DPF without the correct adjustments. It is not possible to reliably set the turbo geometry to a knocked out exhaust which is why we do not offer it.. The empty cylinders create a plenum effect and we have to turn away those who wish this method of DPF removal on a BMW. We say no to this business for the sake of the customer and our reputation. The likes of ECUSafe is used by many, we do not recommend it as data is erased that should remain to protect the car. Our study was completed using Damos files in WinOLS which provide manufacturer level information on every aspect of the engine management system relative to the specific vehicle. Anything less is just not good enough to retail and more importantly, not in the customers best interest. Swiftec tuning software does a good job on the BMW EDC17 range such as the x20 177hp and x30 243hp by correctly locating the single bit switch but does nothing to correct the geometry, this must be done manually to match the modification under load. Below is a Duty Cycle (Geometry VNT) map as displayed in Swiftec which does a nice job of naming axises for ease of understanding... you can see here the compressor ramp rate relative to injected quantity at any given RPM. Correct adjustment here and other areas ensures the turbocharger behaves as the manufacturer (garrett/mitsubishi etc) intended and makes for a far more reliable car. This also improves the overall pumping efficiency of the engine... after all you only need a certain amount of air to maintain a certain air/fuel ratio... the closer you get to this ideal ratio the more energy efficient the engine becomes and cheaper the car is to run and happier the customer.
  11. stant1man

    hello from glasgow

    The houses in the background of the pic with the silver e39 looks very familiar Is that Burnhaven?
  12. stant1man

    Ecotune decat now whistling ? Help please !

    Hi Guys, You should hear a slight change in turbo noise as the primary cats do a great job of supressing the high frequency sounds. A constant whisle or woosh should not be present and could be the turbocharger gone out of balance or a small chip of one of the wheels. If the turbo has an issue it can easily be disguised by the cats acting like silencers and it could then be exposed by the decat. I would check the turbocharger bearings for play both lateral and forward to back. A very slight woosh when changing gears is normal as the VNT mech changes angle between gear changes as you come off throttle. Hope this helps Best wishes, Stan
  13. stant1man

    Ecotune Decat - GROUP BUY!

    Now now robsey, I did apologise and I'm sure you all know that we aim to please. We were terribly let down by the company who laser cut our flanges and to those affected by the delay I am sincerely sorry. All downpipes have been posted those who didn't receive theirs today will receive it Monday. I hope all are happy with their purchase and the discount. Very best wishes, Stan
  14. stant1man

    Ecotune Decat - GROUP BUY!

    They sure can, some already went! You will receive your parts over the next couple of days folks!
  15. stant1man

    Ecotune Decat - GROUP BUY!

    1. jimmy 2001 530d £200 ***PAID*** 2. trenchy24 (99 530d) £200 ***PAID*** 3. syncrofred £200 ***PAID*** 4. robsey29 (90%) sure £200 ***PAID*** 5. Duncan (2000 e46 330d 184bhp pls) £120 ***PAID*** 6. Chooobe_23 2001 525d 7. BigWill's530d (2001 e39 530d) £200 ***PAID*** 8. jmcc42uk (525d) £200 ***PAID*** 9. bigrigbri. (90%) certain £200 ***PAID*** 10.platty (2003 530d Sport) £200 ***PAID*** 11. pauliexjr (2001 530d Sport) £200 ***PAID*** 12. Chi (530d) OK folks, only need one more payment and we can start sending these out today!