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  1. stevecvo

    C110 scanners

    They really are good little scanners. Mine lives in the glove compartment. My Delphi, Ancel FX4000 , MaxiScan and the laptop with DIS, INPA and ISTA live in the garage!
  2. stevecvo

    C110 scanners

    The last time I used mine to trace a misfire it gave a code plus the explanation that there was a problem to the wiring at injector 3. I found a worn wire in the injector loom a where it joined injector 3 and fixed the problem. I can't remember any other faults I have traced but the reader certainly does not give just a simple fault code which you then have to look up. For most simple fault reading the C110 is much less hastle than having to dig out the old laptop and run INPA, DIS or ISTA.
  3. stevecvo

    E39 530d died

    This could be a lack of fuel pressure at the common rail. Try a shot of brake cleaner in the air intake to see if it will start. The only time my 525d ever stopped dead on me was because the fuse to. the ecu had blown and prevented the correct signal being sent to the sensor at the end of the rail. Obviously though the immediate answer is to get the codes read rather than guessing what could be wrong.
  4. stevecvo

    engine oil

    When I used to run Triumph 6 cylinder saloons in the 70s and 80s oil on these engines would drain back to the sump from the oil filter and on starting the oil pump needed to fill the filter before oil pressure to the bearings built up again. We used to fit a conversion which allowed the use of filter with a non return valve to overcome the problem but modern engines don't suffer from the same problem.
  5. stevecvo

    engine oil

    I would not use semi-synthetic in an E39. Go for fully synthetic 5w-30 or with higher mileage 5w-40 meeting .BMW longlife 01 specification. The replacement filter elements do not incorporate a non-return valve
  6. stevecvo

    Airbag recall

    I pursued BMW for a replacement airbag because I knew the regn number of the UK car that the wheel came from and had a photo of the vehicle but because the plate was on retention I could not identify the actual model or VIN. BMW UK were their usual pleasant but unhelpful selves so rather than waste more time applying to DVLA I bought a second hand air bag for £20 and had the top section of leather on the wheel restitched. I finally got round to fitting the wheel but sad to say after all the effort actually I am not over the moon with the result. In terms of appearance it is great but functionally I am disappointed. The thicker rim and smaller diameter of the wheel make the actual turning operation less satisfactory than with the SE wheel and also the Sports wheel obstructs the speedo even with the steering column set to its highest. The SE wheel may feel a bit bus like after driving cars with smaller steering wheels but it serves its purpose well.
  7. stevecvo

    Mitivac for oil change?

    I was tempted by this method for the our 2 BMWs but the other 2 family cars that I have to service have spin off oil filters and so it is necessary to jack them up to remove the filter and catch the oil which spills when the filters are undone so I decided to stick to the old fashoned method. I have to say that some of the vacuum pumps look pretty expensive for what they are.
  8. Could also be a fault in .the GM3 module.
  9. stevecvo

    This weekend's job

    Just finished replacing a leaking hydro massage shower cabin with a more modern job- see picture. As the only shower tray I could get from stock was much lower than the one it replaced I had to excavate the concrete floor to fit a low height waste and drain. The shower enclosure was a real pig to fit together and was certainly nothing I could have done on my own without growing a second pair of arms. Luckily I had the help of my son so eventually all was well. Feeling tired now but fairly happy.
  10. stevecvo

    Brown Cars

    Each to his own. I am not a fan of brown cars but sadly in many people's eyes I do quite still like silver!
  11. stevecvo

    Vacuum Hoses

    The lines to the engine mounts are a pig to replace. You need very small hands or accept that you are going to have to lift the engine and remove the mounts. I decided that it was a job I could leave for another day on my car and simply used garden irrigation line connectors to let in a couple of new pieces of line to replace perished sections
  12. stevecvo

    Cheapest diagnostic reader

    Busterbvi was replying to simufly not the OP. +1 for Jimmy's system. Great online support if you need help installing it
  13. stevecvo

    Airbag recall

    Thanks Clavurian. That is what I was looking for. Unfortunately the wheel I have has that number on the airbag so it will be interesting to see what happens when I turn up at the dealer with just a wheel.
  14. stevecvo

    Airbag recall

    BMW confirmed that airbag on my 525d SE did not need replacement under the recall but I have purchased a sport wheel and want to check that the airbag on this is OK before I fit it. I seem to remember someone posting a picture of the label on the airbags which neede to be replaced but I can't find this. Does anyone know where this can be found, please? .
  15. No personal experience on this but it might be worth sounding out these people to see if there is a workaround http://www.exhaustafix.co.uk/exhaust-repairs/flexi-pipe-repairs/