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  1. stevecvo

    Light of day, 1st time in 5 years

    The boot latch problem will probably just be a broken spring. Usually you can reshape the end to fit it back while you source a new one or just leave it as modified.
  2. stevecvo

    Where do you guys get parts from?

    BMW still produce an amazing number of parts for what are now old cars so given the discount you can get I would stick to the dealer in your position and buy OE parts. Not being so lucky I try and avoid buying stuff with BMW stamped on it and look instead for the equivalent OEM parts without the price increasing emblem.
  3. stevecvo

    E39 525d weird engine noise

    It is a bit difficult to tell from the videos but perhaps something loose in one of the catalytic convertors? I had a similar noise when the flange of the CAT unit split from the pipe.
  4. stevecvo

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    Motoring News Honest John News Tax, Insurance and Warranties 2021-03 Budget 2021: Road Tax rates for used cars in 2021/2022 Published 03 March 2021 These are 2021/2022 rates of Vehicle Excise Duty (also known as car tax or road tax) as announced in the Budget 2021. These VED bands and rates affect older cars registered on or after 1 March 2001 but before 1 April 2017. The higher rates take effect on 1 April 2021. Looking for VED rates for cars first registered on or after 1 April 2017? Click here CO2 emissions (g/km) Standard rate (2021-2022) Up to 100 £0 101-110 £20 111-120 £30 121-130 £130 131-140 £155 141-150 £170 151-165 £210 166-175 £250 176-185 £275 186-200 £315 201-225 £340 226-255 £585 Over 255 £600 VED bands and rates for cars/vans registered before 1 March 2001 Engine size Tax year 2021 to 2022 1549cc and below £170 Above 1549cc £280
  5. stevecvo

    Issues ??

    Could well be a fault in the GM3 module.
  6. stevecvo

    Thanks Brexit

    I brought my 2001 E39 525d out with me from the UK when I moved to Portugal in late 2002. For a number of years now I have kept it going by sourcing a mixture of new OEM parts and second hand OE parts in the UK to supplement the times that I could not avoid buying OE parts locally from BMW. I had things delivered to a transport company in Andover and brought over by road to their local depot near me for collection in person. A cheap and reliable service against the expensive and unreliable local couriers used by Royal Mail for deliveries from the UK. I used the same system for delivery of the many other purchases of things I bought on Ebay but as from 1 January everything has to be supported by an invoice or another declaration for used goods if you can get one from the seller. Parcels will no doubt attract local VAT of 23% plus a service charge from the carrier -I am waiting to find out what will happen for a package delivered to Andover on 5 January-so it looks like goodbye to purchases from the UK from now on. Thanks Boris. The other side of the coin is that there will be problems shipping stuff to the UK on a commercial scale in some areas because some EU hauliers are refusing to deliver because of the financial guarantees needed to cover UK VAT and potential customs charges. It may be time to consider purchasing a new eurobox!!
  7. stevecvo

    Front control arms - OEM or aftermarket

    I would normally swear by Meyle but I recently had to replace one of their front lower control arms after 12000 miles due to wear at the bush. My local factors only had a TRW arm in stock so I used that as a replacement. The original upper and lower control arms lasted 220000 miles.
  8. stevecvo

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    These seals are vital for the correct function of the pressure regulator and wear in tese areas is a common cause of low rail pressure. I had some difficulty getting the seals for my unit a couple of years ago and I used Mercedes parts which fitted.
  9. stevecvo

    Tyre sidewall damage - safe to drive?

    It looks as if you just sliced the sidewall rather than gave it a hard lateral whack - which would resulted in a bulge from the weakened wall. It will probably be OK but you would need to get the tyre off to check properly.As you have insurance why not claim?
  10. stevecvo

    Ball joint splitters

    Yes that is the one to have but for some reason Franklin stopped making them more's the pity. The top hat is a good idea which I might pinch but leaving the nut at the top of the thread also helps to get a bit more purchase with that type of breaker.
  11. stevecvo

    Airbag recall

    The recall letter I recived from my local dealer in Portugal opened with the statement that according to their records I was the owner of the vehicle and that in my car it was possible that the steering wheel fitted by the factory had been subject to a conversion to a sport wheel or an M Sport wheel equally authorised by the factory. It did not matter that the wheel on the car was the one originally fitted. I don't know what the leeter from BMW in the UK said but i assumed that it would have been similar
  12. stevecvo

    Ball joint splitters

    I think that most of the pivot units have to be set at such a steep angle to span the height of the ball joints on the E39 that they are prone to slipping off. A mechanic I know always uses the type that Duncan has but it all depends whether you can get the forked section properly into place on top of the ball. The unit I used with a bit of grinding was a slightly smaller version of the one found by Dbcrd so I guess that would work.
  13. stevecvo

    Ball joint splitters

    I have just changed a lower control arm on my 525d for the second time in 12000 miles using a cheap separator that I bought from Ebay because the trusty unit I have used for some 40 years did not open wide enough for the E39 ball joints.. I bought one with the widest gap and leaving the nut on the balljoint I broke the taper but with a struggle. I had to grind down the part of the unit which fitted between the joint and the hub unit to be able to hammer it in place. The unit you refer to looks interesting and I have not seen that arrangement with removabable arms. The gap it can extend to is cerainly enough to deal with the BMW joints but I doubt that the arm will fit over the top of the ball without having a bit ground off. The BMW tool is noticably thinner in this area.
  14. stevecvo

    Coolant can of worms.. Go!

    If the BMW product is a mixture of IAT and OATten adding a litre of either of these is not going to make any worthwhile difference and certainly no need to be panicked into to draining and refilling unless this is otherwise due.
  15. stevecvo

    530i traction control light

    A faulty ABS module also sometimes throws up a false wheel sensor error.