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  1. stevecvo

    Rear window opening problems

    I installed the new GM3 module today but it made no difference to the rear window situation but it did light up the door open lights on my dashboard and knock out the remote central locking from the key.Removing the module I discovered that the new unit that I had been holding for about 10 years as a spare that i might use one day is for a high OBC whereas my car has the low OBC! I put back the old unit and everything returned to normal except that the passenger rear window still does not open. When I operate either the rear passenger door switch or the driver's door master switch I hear a double click from within the door with the second click being louder than the first. Although the new GM3 module was not correct for the car while that was installed the windows opened exactly the same as with the correct GM3 ie all but the rear passenger window. Does this point to the fault not lying in the module?
  2. stevecvo

    E39 M5 stolen last night

    What currently happens in this type of theft? Are the cars broken down for parts, shipped quickly abroad or run under false plates? Or just joy riders?
  3. stevecvo

    Rear window opening problems

    So is the logical conclusion that there is a faulty connection to the GM3 or alternatively that the unit itself is faulty?. I think I actually have an unused GM3 module that I bought a few years ago so I could try a swap
  4. stevecvo

    Rear window opening problems

    Thanks for that Barge. I must confess that electrics are not my strong point and I am not sure I understand all that but my Bentley manual confirms that the rear door window switches are connected to the GM3 so when I can summon up the enthusiasm I will get behind the glove box to check that out. Unfortunately since the front windows are operating normally there is no great incentive to deal with this before next year's inspection.
  5. As a postscript to this topic it is not all bad news having a car in Spain or Portugal. I have just received the insurance renewal for my 2001 525d with 230000+ miles. The insured value which I have confirmed is the figure that the insurance company will pay out in the event of a total loss is 8500 euros. If Brexit really buggers things up for expats living in the EU and I had to come back to the UK, a quick fire would at least ensure that I had enough money to buy a good replacement!
  6. Thanks for letting us know what happened. Always good to hear of a happy ending. Hopefully this topic will help others in the future.
  7. stevecvo

    Rear window opening problems

    A few months ago I found that I could not open the passenger side rear window on my 525d saloon. After a couple of weeks the window could be opened but the driver's side rear window had stopped working. When I pressed the button on the panel in the driver's door I could hear a light clunk from within the rear door but no movement of the window. The fact that the problem moves from side to side and sometimes affects both windows at the same time points in my mind to a wiring problem rather than a problem with the motors or sensors. I thought that there might have been a problem within the master switch in the driver's door but having installed a replacement unit there is no difference. Has anyone experienced this problem or have suggestions as to where I should start looking to trace the fault?
  8. Although you hear horror stories my injectors came out easily for the first time at 220000+ miles.
  9. stevecvo

    Stripped Torx Head

    If you have a Dremel wih a flexible shaft you could try cutting a slot in the head of the screw and then use a flat bladed screwdriver on it.
  10. It does not need fixing. It is just the normal sound of a viscous fan which is operating when the air temperature is high and the viscous fluid has stiffened up. Here in the Algarve I hear this a lot on my car and I quite like the noise when the revs rise.
  11. When you remove the manifold make sure none of the cables snag on the dipstick holder otherwise you will pull out the tube from the block, deposit a couple of litres of engine oil on the floor and have to buy a new O ring to reseat the tube. You will probably lose a couple of the rubber washers with metal inserts but they usually finish up in the undertray or hidden behind the alternator. +1 for a check on the coolant connector which bolts to the block. They are made out of some sort of fibre material and can breakdown causing a coolant leak which is difficult to spot as it is obscured by the inlet manifold. BMW sell a new connector and gasket at a reasonable price.
  12. stevecvo

    E39 530i SE manual

    It is odd though that the seller adds 10 years to the age of the car despite listing it as a 2001 model by separately referring to it as a 91 and in the text as nearly 30 years old. Doesn't detract from the car. It is just strange
  13. stevecvo

    E39 Monthly cost

    An unusually heavy year for me as I needed to have the alternator overhauled, fit new front and rear suspension parts and a new timing cover oil seal and sort out a low rail pressure problem. It works out at about €175 a month.
  14. stevecvo

    E39 Monthly cost

    Define "keep it running". Are you including tax, insurance and fuel as well as servicing and any repairs?
  15. Do a search of the forum. This topic has been covered at least a couple of times earlier this year. You have correctly identified the primary causes of low rail pressure although you can also check the fuses and the relay in the box under the passenger side pollen filter housing in case the ECU is not sending a signal to the fuel rail sensor.