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  1. In the late 60's I had a 1200 Cortina Mk1. The crankshaft had only 3 bearings and I remember when I overhauled the engine I fitted a brace to the centre bearing cap to help reduce crankshaft whip. It was a reliable enough beast although I do remember some brake fade on some of the Lake District's steeper hills. After that I spent some years with six cylinder Triumphs and enjoyed a different class of motoring. In the 90's I bought a 2 litre version of the model that Oldjohnny had. I loved the high gearing and the ridiculous amount of space in the cabin but the auto gearboxes in those cars rarely lasted more than 100000 miles and I sold mine when I first noticed some slip.
  2. stevecvo

    This week's job finished

    The sun plays havoc with some of the clear coats out here in the Algarve so I filled in a parking dent and resprayed the Puma from the A posts back. Not perfect but looks good enough until you get right close up when you can see flaws in a couple of places. However it will do since the car is a fun run about and not a show car.
  3. stevecvo

    530d inline fuel pump

    Same experience with my Pierburg, although I don't remember any noise from the previous OE one that was on the car from new.
  4. stevecvo

    Devilbiss spray gun parts

    I am trying to refurbish a couple of Devilbiss GTI (not Pro) spray guns. One is gravity fed and the other is suction. Does anyone have any parts for these guns at a reasonable price?
  5. stevecvo

    My first EML in 12 years of owning E39's!

    I would recommend the Creator C110. It is compact and mine lives in the glove compartment. It does diagnostics on a range of BMW models and can display some live data too. They are available for around £38.
  6. stevecvo

    528i 1997 testing aux fan

    Taking the bumper off is pretty easy. It is putting it back that gave me problems as I found it difficult to line everything up to slot it back into place but it was simple when I got my son to lend a hand. A second pair of hands makes all the difference
  7. stevecvo

    530d stalling randomly

    From what you describe it sounds as if low rail pressure is causing the stalling. The high pressure pump can generate the required pressure but the monitoring and control system is not working properly. Possible culprits could be the sensor on the end of the rail or the regulator on the back of the high pressure pump.
  8. stevecvo

    What were you doing when Chernobyl blew up?

    I was 43 and had just been appointed head of the VAT office in Wolverhampton. A few years later my wife, daughter and granddaughter went out to the Ukraine for 10 days and were a bit horrified when the local family they were staying with offered my grandaughter sweets made from fruit picked at their dacha not far from Chernobyl. Apparently they saw nothing wrong with this.
  9. stevecvo

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    Sadly you are pretty lucky if the problem lies with a sensor. After many years of high under bonnet temperatures the wiring in the abs module breaks down and the only remedy is a repair or replacement. Unfortunately when this happens diagnostics sometimes shows up a sensor failure which can lead to time being spent before the real source of the problem is found.
  10. stevecvo

    E39 525D Touring Front suspension arms replacement

    Last November I bought A Meyle HD complete front axle track control arm set from Motormec for £157.99. Check that against the price for BMW OE parts!
  11. stevecvo

    520i Touring Suspension warning light

    Have a look at section 330-44 of the Bentley manual. This covers the Electronic Height Control (EHC) system on the estates. You can find the manual in pdf form on the internet for download and I sometimes print pages from this to avoid soiling my paperback copy.
  12. Some cheap ones here in Portugal but generally more expensive than Spain. https://www.olx.pt/carros-motos-e-barcos/carros/q-bmw-e34/ There is a nice 140000 miles manual 525tds here with electric windows and sunroof but at €4250 ONO. The ad says leather seats but the pictures show cloth. https://www.standvirtual.com/anuncio/bmw-525-tds-ID8Llt3Z.html#3c5d65b2da
  13. stevecvo

    Wiper blades?

    Bosch for me too
  14. stevecvo

    740i - Seems a lot of car for the money.

    Odd that at the MoT in June 2018 the only mention of rust was a couple of advisories on brake pipes but one year and 2600 miles later it is a serious rust bucket.
  15. stevecvo


    Although you occasionally hear horror stories about stuck injectors the only time I have had to remove mine they came out easily once the clamps were loosened and the engine was run up to temperature. Good luck.