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  1. stevecvo

    OBD reader

    I have a range of diagnostic tools but for convenience I find the Creator C110 OBD readerl designed for BMW models to be very useful for a quick read of error codes and running data. Prices seem to have risen a bit since I bought mine but you can get them for about £46.
  2. stevecvo

    No obd port

    Make sure you are looking in the right place. The socket as Ray says is in the roof of the storage tray to the right of the steering wheel.and is protected by a hinged drop down cover. You have to bend down to look into the tray and see the connector.
  3. stevecvo

    Faulty Third Brake Light

    You really don't need to go to an auto electrician. As far as I remember when I did the job the holder simply unplugs from the input cable and you plug the new one in.
  4. stevecvo

    Faulty Third Brake Light

    The connectors in the bulb holder corrode over time but a new bulb holder is cheap and an easy fix.
  5. The tenor of the original post seems to have changed a bit in the light of the initial replies- or is it my imagination?
  6. Here in Portugal people have to wear masks in shops, public offices and public transport and it is seen as no big deal. It is proven that mask wearing stops the spread of Covid. Vaccination helps avoid the worst effects of Covid but does not stop you getting infected and passing the virus on. In the UK government spokesmen perpetuate the myth that the UK leads the field in vaccination and rates of infection per 100000 people but even in Portugal we have higher percentage of people fully vaccinated and a lower infection rate. If I were back in the UK, given the uncertainty about the Omicrom variant I would not be waiting until Tuesday to wear a mask and I would wear one also in confined spaces not covered by the new requirements. You really have to be a bit of a pillock to question the need for mask wearing.
  7. I recently had to change the rear brake bads and the brake fluid on my son's Hyundai i20 and this gave me the opportunity to use a tool I purchased online some time ago on a bit of a whim. This is attached to the air lead from a compressor and draws the fluid into a container -see photo. I have a hand vacuum tool which does the same job but when I used this in the past I found it slow going. The air tool on the other hand is quick and very easy to use for emptying the fluid reservoir before refilling and then drawing fluid out via the bleed valves. The transparent lines and bottle make it easy to see when the flow of old fluid ceases and new stuff is being drawn through. A very useful tool for a one man job on the brakes.
  8. stevecvo

    Y2K 530D braking vibrations and frustrations

    When I had this problem it was resolved when I fitted new upper and lower front control arms and track rod ends. I used Meyle parts bought pre Brexit from Motormec and C3bmw at a total cost of £226 including full tie rods although I only used the ends. One control arm failed after about 3000 miles but the others have done well.
  9. stevecvo

    Tool, and Socket Box Carrier

    I still use a couple of Kamasa socket sets I bought 50 years ago although I replaced the half inch rachet with a Halford's job about 25 years ago.
  10. stevecvo

    530D power loss before 2500k

    Almost certainly a vacuum line problem or a faulty turbo actuator.
  11. stevecvo

    Is ebay quieter now?

    I used to get a lot of stuff off Ebay pre Brexit but duty and VAT to Portugal plus possible customs clearance delays make it a no go now. I search for EU located stuff only now and that gets delivered quickly without extra charges.
  12. stevecvo

    Sudden overheat

    The first time my E39 overheated I found a leak in the coolant connector that sits below the inlet manifold. It is made of some sort of composite material and can breakdown by the seal with age.It'is fairly well hidden from view and this makes it difficult to spot a leak there. The fact that you switched off the engine as soon as the temperature gauge warned of overheating should have prevented any damage. The loss of battery power seems coincidental.
  13. stevecvo

    Radiator repair

    Agreed. I inwardly groan when I read of cooling system or suspension "refresh". I have lost track of the parts I have replaced on my car over the 20 years I have owned it but I have only done this when parts have failed or show excessive wear. Things start to wear from day one and unnecessary replacement is a waste of money - and don't get me started on the "my car deserves a genuine BMW windscreen replacement" argument. As far as my radiator is concerned the crack opened up again but it was only a quick job while a replacement was ordered. I fitted a new unit today. The only problem I had was with the bottom hose which refused to separate from the radiator and I had to break the radiator pipe. It took a good hour with the hose in my vice to free up the broken bit of pipe from the hose without damaging the plastic collar on the hose. The top hose was no problem because I had previously replaced that. These click fitting hoses are great when reasoanbly new but stick like buggary after 20 years of use.
  14. stevecvo

    Radiator repair

    I replaced the expansion tank a few years ago because it developed a leak at the seam below the top and I have experience of a leak from the EGR thermostat bleed screw. In the old days I repaired radiators with solder and I simply wondered with all the magic that seems possible on the repair of plastic items these days there was any way of repairing a hairline split in the radiator plastic tank.
  15. stevecvo

    Radiator repair

    When I opened the bonnet of my 525d today to check fluids I noticed a small area of dried coolant staining at the front left hand side of the engine bay. I eventually traced a small split in the plastic header tank of the radiator. I drained the radiator, degreased the area and roughed it up with sandpaper before applying some expoxy resin to effect a temporary repair - which seems to have cured the leak . I have ordered a new radiator as the original is 20 years old but it set me wondering whether with a newer rad it would have been possible to do a long term repair to the plastic. Has anyone any experience of doing this?