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  1. stevecvo

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I pass the eyesight test for driving. We are tested every two years here in Portugal over age 70 but I need specs for reading and this obviously affects my ability to see the small stuff on the dashboard.
  2. stevecvo

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Went out this evening to sort out the problem with my outside temperature system because the dash has shown 34.4 whatever time I have looked at it over the last week or so. With my reading specs on I noticed the Initials mph alongside the reading. A couple of presses later on the left hand stalk button and I moved the setting to degrees and saw an acceptable figure of 30. The joys of getting old!
  3. stevecvo


    You can buy an SD micro card with a full size card holder and a USB card holder pretty cheaply- I paid €7.99- as a way of downloading a new set of maps to test your unit. I have heard back from the Xtrons helpline to say that there might be a problem with the card reader in my unit but that since it is out of warranty they are not able to offer a repair service so that looks like the end of its GPS service for me. It is not the end of the world because I have only used it seriously a couple of times and I still have a Garmin unit which plugs into the cigar lighter if I need to navigate. I am tempted to see if I can pull the unit apart to have a look at the card reader but while I have a lot of mechanical experience I have not had much luck with electronics. If anyone has any tips i would be interested to hear them. I don't think that Xtrons would be much help but I contacted them by email on ticket-external-1ztncf53@xsell.co which was the address I had from an earlier enquiry
  4. stevecvo


    I forgot to say that if you go to general settings and scroll down to Auto enter GPS you can choose "off" which will stop the default to Sat Nav when you turn the unit on
  5. stevecvo


    My Xtrons unit has started to have problems with the SAt Nav after about 3 years use. I get a message to say that I need to insert a maps card despite the fact that there is one in the GPS card slot. I have tried another card with a different map set but there is no change and when I go into Navigation settings the path for the different map set is not shown but the path for the first map set is shown. My conclusion is that the unit is not reading the SD card containing the maps but I do not know whether there is a fix for this. I have asked the Xtrons helpline people who have been helpful in the past and I am awaiting a reply. If you have managed to find out anything useful I would be interested to hear from you. You could try downloading an IGO set of maps from this source https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjrY0uqbW_kBgw69L5Ee4hCXwERm : After inserting the card you would need to set up the file path in the Navigation settings. This may address your problem if there is a fault with your current SD map card
  6. It is not a difficult job but you need to get the passenger side of the car high enough off the ground to get underneath and see which clips and nuts you have to remove to drop the plastic under panel which covers the fuel pump location.
  7. stevecvo

    Free PDF Bentley Manual for BMW E39

    I have a paper edition and it has as many pages as Part 1. It lists all the electrical components and shows their location on the vehicle. This is followed by a sections on wipers and washers, switches, instruments, lights and heating and air conditioning. The final and much the largest section is a series of all the wiring diagrams
  8. Time to review your relationship with the guys at BMW I would have said. The symptoms certainly seem to point to low rail pressure.
  9. stevecvo

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I changed the harness from the ECU to the injectors on my 525d after experiencing electrical problems on a couple of the injectors. One was a chafed wire which was easily fixed but the second seemed to stem from a failure in the plug which connected to the injector. I was a bit surprised that the part was still available and at €82 it did not seem worth continued fiddling with the current harness. A fairly easy job but I did waste about an hour trying to refit the holding connector to the rear of the engine. You have to do this blind with a short bolt while compressing the holder. After trying with a longer bolt which eventually disappeared down the back of the engine into the lost world of the underbody tray I cut the head off another bolt and made a stud. It was then easy to fit the connector to this and secure it with a nut.
  10. It is not a difficult job to replace the pump but you need to work out which plastic plugs and metal nuts that you need to remove in order to take off the plastic section which protects the pump It helps to get the car fairly high off the ground on the passenger side unless of course you are on a lift.
  11. The worry I would have is that the car has suffered from a lot of rust in the past and despite both sills having been said to have been repainted one is showing visible rust. It does not look much worse than the one Captain Beaky showed on his touring- and look what lay underneath that. To sell the car I would get the sill rust removed and the area repainted
  12. Don't worry about glow plugs. They are pretty much redundant in normal temperatures. I would see if you can get someone with INPA to have a look at the injector values and the fuel pressure readings.
  13. stevecvo

    Rear imbalance problem

    Here in Portugal the test does include driving the car on to plates which shake each wheel in turn but I have never had any problems with this aspect on any of the family cars.
  14. stevecvo

    Rear imbalance problem

    What exactly constitutes an imbalance at the rear end? This is a new one on me
  15. stevecvo

    Air Flow Meter E39

    The Creator will read gearbox codes and there will be an error code if the gearbox cog symbol is illuminated. I would see what the error code is and go from there.