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  1. stevecvo

    Ceramic Car Polish

    I don't think I would pay for the professional treatments but I did use a DIY kit on my wife's cossetted black E88 with great success. The one I used was CarPro Cquartz 3.0 UK 50ml Paint Protection Kit CQUK with 100ml reload. at a cost of about £55. The finish was really good and I have kept it topped up with the recommended Reload instant conditioning spray. After about a year the shine is still brilliant but the car does live in the garage. There was enough in the kit to do my E39 as well but I have never got round to doing it, although I do use the conditioning spray on it. I never put either car through a wash system with brushes but do use a jet wash.
  2. stevecvo

    ABS warning light on - no codes

    After all the hype for Carly it doesn't say much that it failed to pick up the lack of a signal from a wheel sensor.
  3. stevecvo

    E39 525d crankcase breather filter

    The glow plugs are only used for starting at very low temperatures. They will not affect the running of the engine once it has fired up. It would be useful to check for any fault codes and get some information about running data to try and help identify the cause of the poor performance at 1500 revs
  4. stevecvo

    What are you doing now?

    Just got back from a lunchtime session at an outdoor cafe just under the castle in nearby Silves. Live music from an excellent 5 piece band but probably the crappiest traditional Sunday lunch I have ever had. Serves me right for going for the English option.
  5. stevecvo

    e39 coding guru required

    That's good to hear. It sounds a great project but I would be interested to hear why you chose the 2.5 tds engine over the more modern M57 out of the 525d.
  6. stevecvo

    No heat from heater after changing hedgehog

    As far as I know the hedgehog only controls the fan. If there is no heat I would check the water valve in the engine compartment and make sure that you have not dislodged anything under the centre consol inside the car when changing the hedgehog. Also you could try bleeding the cooling system in case there is an air lock.
  7. stevecvo

    ABS module - repair or new replacement?

    When my ASC module I bought a new Bosch unit from the German company but they were a lot cheaper then. Given the price increase over the last 3 years or so the BBA Reman route makes a lot of sense.
  8. stevecvo


    One version of my INPA gives me some outputs in German. I run them through Google translate to find out what it means in English (as I did with your error messages)
  9. stevecvo


    Unfortunately the super-imposition of the on screen the keyboard masks some of the INPA readings but the fault codes indicate that your battery voltage is too low and that there is a problem with the rail pressure monitoring. I can't see the pre supply pressure figure in analog 1 but it should be at least 4. I imagine that the in line supply pump might struggle to deliver that with well under 12 volts. Clavurian knows his stuff and I would be guided by what he has said. The other possible source of the problem is the pressure sensor on the end of the common rail. When my 525d failed to start it was due to low rail pressure because that sensor was not getting a signal from the ECM. In my case it was a blown fuse to the ECM but a lot of effort was exhausted before this was diagnosed. I should have followed the correct procedure and measured the input to the sensor. There is a good YouTube video on this.
  10. stevecvo

    Rear centre brake light

    Usually the problem lies with a failure in the bulb holder. I would test to see if current is reaching the contacts. The bulb holder unplugs from its wiring so it is worth taking it off for a close inspection. I gave up having to fiddle with the bulb holder on my car and eventually bought a new one. They are cheap enough.
  11. stevecvo

    good code readers

    For my BMW I have got INPA, DIS and ISTA on various laptops but as I don't use them very often it takes me ages to get back into the swing with them. For simple reading and clearing of codes I keep a Creator C110 scanner in my glove compartment. It covers a range of BMW models and is very compact. It will read basic engine data too. From memory I paid about £35 for it.
  12. stevecvo

    E39 525d slow starter

    Is there a curse on 525ds_ There seems to have been a spate of problems reported lately.
  13. I visited the dealer today and I can get the part for the equivalent of £15.75 so I have ordered it from them for delivery on Friday.
  14. Thanks Marc_86. That is helpful. As I have to pay for onward shipping to Portugal I will check whether the part is still available through the dealer here and if so what they charge.
  15. stevecvo

    abnormal tick over on 525d

    Thanks for your advice Clavurian. I don't fancy removing the inlet manifold again at the moment so if I can't reach the sensor with the manifold in place I will live with the slightly irregular tick over for the time being.