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  1. stevecvo

    Is ebay quieter now?

    I used to get a lot of stuff off Ebay pre Brexit but duty and VAT to Portugal plus possible customs clearance delays make it a no go now. I search for EU located stuff only now and that gets delivered quickly without extra charges.
  2. stevecvo

    Sudden overheat

    The first time my E39 overheated I found a leak in the coolant connector that sits below the inlet manifold. It is made of some sort of composite material and can breakdown by the seal with age.It'is fairly well hidden from view and this makes it difficult to spot a leak there. The fact that you switched off the engine as soon as the temperature gauge warned of overheating should have prevented any damage. The loss of battery power seems coincidental.
  3. stevecvo

    Radiator repair

    Agreed. I inwardly groan when I read of cooling system or suspension "refresh". I have lost track of the parts I have replaced on my car over the 20 years I have owned it but I have only done this when parts have failed or show excessive wear. Things start to wear from day one and unnecessary replacement is a waste of money - and don't get me started on the "my car deserves a genuine BMW windscreen replacement" argument. As far as my radiator is concerned the crack opened up again but it was only a quick job while a replacement was ordered. I fitted a new unit today. The only problem I had was with the bottom hose which refused to separate from the radiator and I had to break the radiator pipe. It took a good hour with the hose in my vice to free up the broken bit of pipe from the hose without damaging the plastic collar on the hose. The top hose was no problem because I had previously replaced that. These click fitting hoses are great when reasoanbly new but stick like buggary after 20 years of use.
  4. stevecvo

    Radiator repair

    I replaced the expansion tank a few years ago because it developed a leak at the seam below the top and I have experience of a leak from the EGR thermostat bleed screw. In the old days I repaired radiators with solder and I simply wondered with all the magic that seems possible on the repair of plastic items these days there was any way of repairing a hairline split in the radiator plastic tank.
  5. stevecvo

    Radiator repair

    When I opened the bonnet of my 525d today to check fluids I noticed a small area of dried coolant staining at the front left hand side of the engine bay. I eventually traced a small split in the plastic header tank of the radiator. I drained the radiator, degreased the area and roughed it up with sandpaper before applying some expoxy resin to effect a temporary repair - which seems to have cured the leak . I have ordered a new radiator as the original is 20 years old but it set me wondering whether with a newer rad it would have been possible to do a long term repair to the plastic. Has anyone any experience of doing this?
  6. stevecvo

    No compression in cylinder 6

    I think that it is unlikely to be the rings. That amount of compression loss would point me to a valve being stuck open.
  7. A sad death but a certain degree of karma..... https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/man-crushed-death-trying-steal-21450559
  8. stevecvo

    BMW E30 316i

    I started to get quite interested in this myself since my first BMW was an E30 316 so I checked the costs for matriculating it into Portugal using the only CO2 figure I could find (212). If the car had been from another EU country the cost would have been €2351 but since the UK is now regarded as 3rd country post Brexit the cost was €14462. At that point my interest died!
  9. stevecvo

    BMW E30 316i

    The seller has replied to say that the car has English paperwork but does not have a Portuguese inspection although he could arrange this. He has given a mobile number of +351 913310409 but I do not know if he speaks English.
  10. stevecvo

    BMW E30 316i

    It has probably been used here illegally for some years possibly with an annual Portuguese inspection (IPO) as some people used to do but things are getting tighter post Brexit and there is a greater risk of foreign cars that have been here over 6 months being confiscated. I will message the seller to ask whether the car still has English paperwork and has been through a Portuguese inpection.
  11. stevecvo

    BMW E30 316i

    The same thing LHD and Portuguese registered! Much more expensive. Unfortunately Portugal makes it very costly to matriculate a foreign registered vehicle.
  12. stevecvo

    Aircon musty smell

    An electric ozone generator avaialble for under £50 will get rid of the smell and kill surface bacteria but probably won't reach the evaporator tray. Make sure you leave the doors open for a while after the machine has switched off though. You don't want to breath in ozone.
  13. For sale near me in Portugal at €1800 ono. UK registered and 157000 miles. At that price it wuld probably be worth having transported back to the UK if you did not fancy the drive. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/316394666946711/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Afa3f9728-f1a8-460b-8c03-e70bb5fda000
  14. stevecvo

    M539 restorations

    I have spent many hours this week watching M539 Retoration videos which I discovered on Youtube. I am sure that many on here will know of these but for those who don't I recommend viewing some of them. Although there is a lot of stuff involving 7 and 8 series with the 12 cylinder engine some of the non engine work translates well to E39s. The photography of the processes is excellent and supported by a good commentary. I particularly like the fact that the work is undertaken in a normal sized lock up and (with the exception of a 4 post hoist) using the sort of tools that a good DIY mechanic would have -
  15. stevecvo

    Auto gearbox, neutral override?

    One lesson learned is that you need to find a new garage as the advice from yours would make me avoid them like the plague. l