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  1. stevecvo

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I changed the harness from the ECU to the injectors on my 525d after experiencing electrical problems on a couple of the injectors. One was a chafed wire which was easily fixed but the second seemed to stem from a failure in the plug which connected to the injector. I was a bit surprised that the part was still available and at €82 it did not seem worth continued fiddling with the current harness. A fairly easy job but I did waste about an hour trying to refit the holding connector to the rear of the engine. You have to do this blind with a short bolt while compressing the holder. After trying with a longer bolt which eventually disappeared down the back of the engine into the lost world of the underbody tray I cut the head off another bolt and made a stud. It was then easy to fit the connector to this and secure it with a nut.
  2. It is not a difficult job to replace the pump but you need to work out which plastic plugs and metal nuts that you need to remove in order to take off the plastic section which protects the pump It helps to get the car fairly high off the ground on the passenger side unless of course you are on a lift.
  3. The worry I would have is that the car has suffered from a lot of rust in the past and despite both sills having been said to have been repainted one is showing visible rust. It does not look much worse than the one Captain Beaky showed on his touring- and look what lay underneath that. To sell the car I would get the sill rust removed and the area repainted
  4. Don't worry about glow plugs. They are pretty much redundant in normal temperatures. I would see if you can get someone with INPA to have a look at the injector values and the fuel pressure readings.
  5. stevecvo

    Rear imbalance problem

    Here in Portugal the test does include driving the car on to plates which shake each wheel in turn but I have never had any problems with this aspect on any of the family cars.
  6. stevecvo

    Rear imbalance problem

    What exactly constitutes an imbalance at the rear end? This is a new one on me
  7. stevecvo

    Air Flow Meter E39

    The Creator will read gearbox codes and there will be an error code if the gearbox cog symbol is illuminated. I would see what the error code is and go from there.
  8. stevecvo

    Air Flow Meter E39

    I have got INPA plus DIS and ISTA but for general error codes and live data I use a Creator which lives in my glove compartment.Last week I encountered a heavy vibration while at a standstill in Drive and feared that at 240000 miles my gearbox had finally started to give up the ghost so I plugged in the trusty Creator and was much relieved to see error codes 0200 injector cylinder1 and 1613 smooth running controller. I removed the engine cover and found that one of the wires to injector 1 had chafed against the cover and broken the insulation. A bit of reinsulation and everything was fine again. If I need to analyse matters more deeply I firstly use INPA because it is relatively simple and does not draw much current in use. DIS and ISTA are great but I use them so seldom that it takes me ages to work out the processes and I believe with ISTA you are supposed to have something like a 20 amp charge while using it.
  9. stevecvo

    Annoying noise 530D Auto

    You definitely need to loosen the other mount otherwise as I know to my cost you can damage it lifting the engine. Do get some spare vacuum hose as you will probably find that yours has degraded and replacing it with everything in situ normally is nigh on impossible unless you have tiny fingers.
  10. I would suspect the heater valve which lives under the bonnet on the passenger side. If the solenoid (or solenoids in the case of automatic AC) fails then the valve will not operate properly and may restrict the flow of hot water to the heater matrix. When my thermostat failed the needle on the temperature gauge moved off cold but did not reach the normal mid way point. If I remember correctly you can use the hidden memory in the dash panel to check the coolant temperature if you don't have access to an OBD2 reader
  11. stevecvo

    530d or 535d?

    A pretty memorable registration number though to be fair. I remember the first notable number that I saw on a vehicle near me in Potters Bar in the 70s. It was JEVIC. Probable my favourite sightings was a Range Rover in Shropshire in the late 80s which was running the plate FAT6IT ,where the six had been made to look like a G. Is that true ego or a total lack of it?
  12. stevecvo

    530d or 535d?

    The Touring is not a bad looking estate car but it does lack the classic lines of the saloon and is a bit arse heavy - however a price worth paying if you need the extra load space.
  13. That slight noise could also be a bearing on anything driven by the auxiliary belt but i guess only someone familiar with the V8 engine could tell you if it sounded like a chain guide problem.
  14. stevecvo

    Wet drivers carpet!

    Check that the drain pipes under the bonnet down through the wings are actually clear. They tend to get blocked over the years with debris and the water can't get away.
  15. stevecvo

    E39 touring pulling under load

    For once Dan you and I share the same opinion.