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  1. @d_a_n1979 - That sits so nice mate, Whats the ride like on Eibach & Sachs setup? Arch Attack or Arch Enemy would be who recommend to get the Rear arches rolled / pulled.
  2. So i finally got my other set of BBS CK Air II's Fitted today.
  3. Jay_w

    New Alpine e60 Facelift daily and project

    Rare colour & looks clean but i'd hate to think how much time i'd spend washing in come Winter time. You might wanna start a project thread for it in the ' Projects section'. Keep us updated on the mods you do. I'd list some other information in your post such : Engine / Options / Interior / etc.
  4. @Carl-e34 : Yeah saw that you've been collecting parts etc for the Nugget while you wait for the Welder to get some free time. Good to hear that your close to getting the TBL back after what 2 years, I take it you got messed about bodyshop / painter wise after what was said in the latest Butler HQ Video. Hows the progress on Boudica coming along? Have you sold the Orient Express or kept her?
  5. @d_a_n1979 : Sent you a PM with details to where i brought it from. Yep designed for the M-Tech / M-Sport bumpers, As for the fit & finish its pretty much like OEM, has all the fixing points in the correct places etc. Took at few days to come but as you can see it was packaged well & arrived without any damage. @Carl-e34 : Thanks mate, Being after one for ages but was struggling to find a single exit one as most of them are made for E39s with quad exhaust setups, very happy pleased with how it looks & feel it modernizes the Rear end. Hows the E34 coming along? You gonna be at Gaydon?
  6. Well thats the new Rear diffuser fitted. Thinking an exhaust change might be on the cards - Muffler Delete or fit an Eisenmann Race Rearbox with either 76mm or 83mm tips
  7. Will post pictures once its fitted.
  8. Well another part has arrived. Will post more pictures once fitted.
  9. My E39 540i Touring - BX98177 Well just thought i'd put down an updated spec list for anyone wondering whats been done to my Touring. Date Of Production : 19th May 2000 Date Of Registration : 14th February 2001 (W) Exterior Colour : COSMOSSCHWARZ METALLIC (303) Interior Colour : STANDARDLEDERSCHWARZ (N6SW) ENGINE : AFE USA Intake System, Custom Straight Through Rear Box & Oval Exhaust Tip By Torqueflow Birmingham, BMW F01 740D Thermostat Mod - BEHR TI 32 88, Valve Covers Powder Coated Black, Valve Cover Gaskets & Hardware Replaced For Genuine New Items From BMW, EXTERIOR : E90 M3 Power Dome With Vent Delete For The Bonnet, E39 Sport Front & Rear Bumpers - Done Using All Genuine BMW Parts, Genuine BMW Rear Hatch Spoiler, Genuine BMW E39 M5 Lower Mesh Grill For Front Bumper, Slimmbones Front Splitter, Slimmbones Front Fog Surrounds, Finned Rear Diffuser E39 M5 Style Side Mirrors, BMW Motorsport International Side Badges, Gloss Black Shadow Line Trim, Gloss Black Roof Bars, Gloss Black Front Grills, Gloss Black Side & Bumper Moldings, 35W 6K HIDS4U HID Kit, Smoked Front Fog Lights, Smoked Side Repeaters, Red / Smoked Full LED Rear Lights, LED Number Plate Bulbs, Phillips Silver Vision Bulbs Used All Round, All Windows Tinted, INTERIOR : BMW E38 7 Series Contour Front Seats, BMW E65/66 7 Series Front Headrests, BMW E39 M5 Doorcards, BMW E39 M5 Center Console, BMW E38 Illuminated Interior Door Handles, BMW E38 Chrome Line Door Speaker Grills, BMW E39 Facelift Steering Wheel & Airbag - Retrimmed By Jack @ Royal Steering Wheels, Hydro-Dipped Carbon Interior Trim, Chrome Dial Surrounds, Genuine BMW Rubber Floor Mats, Factory Fitted Rear Door Blinds, LED Interior Lighting, SUSPENSION : FRONT : BC Racing RM Series Coilovers, Polyurethane Bushes Fitted Into The Front Arms, 15mm Bimecc Engineering Front Spacers With Extended Wheel Bolts & Locking Nuts. REAR : Bilstein B8 Rear Dampers (Custom Re-Valving To Match The BC's On The Front), Arnott Rear Air Springs (Self Leveling Air Bags), E39 M5 Rear Anti Roll Bar (RARB), Beast Power RARB Brackets, Polyurethane RARB Bushes, Complete Refresh Of All The Suspension Arms & Linkages, Rear Self Leveling Height Adjusted Via Software, Rear Arches Were Rolled & Pulled By Arch Enemy, WHEELS & TYRES : Set 1 : Genuine BBS CK Air II's, Faces - Speedwells Supra Silver / Barrels - Gloss Black / Lips - Polished Stainless Steel / Hardware - Polished, Vredestein Ultrac Vorti, Set 2 : Genuine BBS CK Air II's, Faces - BBS Motorsport Gold / Barrels - Gloss Black / Lips - Polished Stainless Steel / Hardware - Polished, Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 SIZES : F - 8.5J X 19 ET18 - 245/35/19 - Wheels Are Now ET03 Due To The 15mm Spacers As Listed Above, R - 10J X 19 ET20 - 275/30/19
  10. I've gotten the normal comments from so called interested buyers : ''Nice car mate'' ''Thats clean'' ''How old is it'' ''Are those real'' (Asking about my wheels) ''If you ever wanna sell yet me know'' - Then when you do let them know is normally followed by '' Oh i brought such & such last week'' ''What engine is in it'' - Which is usually followed by ''V8 Wow bet that drinks'' ''You've spent abit on this haven't you'' Only real genuine interest i've had was : One day some guy put a piece of paper through my letterbox with his name & number on saying to phone him if i was ever thinking about selling up - Only trouble was he didn't put down which car he was interested in, i had my Lexus GS300 & E39 Touring on the drive at the time. The once i was driving home after finishing work in the early hours of the morning, only to get some random guy with his friends in the car pull up next to me at some traffic lights asking if my car was listed for sale on a well known car sales site (PH) & that he would phone me the next day to arrange a viewing, I was driving a Black 2003 VW Golf R32 (MK4 Shape) at the time, To my surprise he did call and came to view the car the next day & the car was sold. This was probably the strangest yet most straight forward car selling experiences i've had as when he pulled up at the side of me at the traffic lights i thought i was about to get carjacked as this happened when alot of Golf's where getting stolen but the guy turned out to be a genuinely interested buyer. Great thread & enjoying reading every bodies stories / comments.
  11. UPDATE - 26/07/20019 Bodyshop has completed all the work that i listed in above post - Titled ''TO DO LIST AS OF - 17 / 07 / 2019'' Static Plate has arrived, Gaydon BMW Show tickets have arrived - Will be on the E39 CLUB UK Stand so come say hello if your attending, New Rear diffuser panel has been ordered but sadly it won't arrive in time for the Gaydon BMW Show but i'll make sure that i post my thoughts on how well it fits & the quality of it in this thread along with pictures. Still need a source an interior trim to have painted - Doubt this will be done in time Gaydon either, Still waiting for some detailing products to arrive, Gotta fit the second set of BBS's.
  12. Well Thats The Wheels All Done, Stainless Lips & New GENUINE BBS Center Caps Fitted. Wheels Protected Via 2 X Coats Of Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour & 2 X Pyramid Car Care Wheel Armour Aswell. Fitting Them Will Have To Wait Until The Touring Comes Back From Getting The Bodywork Done.
  13. Well thats 4 x Front & 4 x Rear stainless lips all polished, Just waiting for my wheel coating to arrive, then one set be fitted to my recently refurbished BBS CK Air II's along with fitting the new center caps & the other ones fitted to the BBS's currently on the car & they'll then be put in storage.
  14. TO DO LIST AS OF - 17 / 07 / 2019. PAINTWORK (Hoping to get all of the below done before Gaydon 2019) : Bonnet - Respray due to stonechipping, Front Bumper - Respray due to having the Front number plate & plate holder removed in favor of running a removal / peel off number plate from Static Plates, Front Wing - Respray due to scratches on top of drivers Front wing, Tailgate - Respray due to rust bubbling on the edge of tailgate (God i hate rust), Inside Fuel Cap - Respray due rust appearing (Yep more rust ) Window Surrounds - Respray due to paint peeling off. Rear Bumper - Respray due to having scratches on it (I haven't got the faintest how these got there or how it happened) INTERIOR : Looking at replacing my hydro-dipped carbon effect interior trim for one that i'll either get colour matched to car (Cosmos Black 303) or painted in another colour. Jay.
  15. The Gold looks darker in these pictures due to poor lighting - Its not that dark in person. FRONTS : REARS :