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  1. Jay_w

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Just saw via online newspapers that the F1 legend that is/was Niki Lauda has died aged 70. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/formula-1/breaking-niki-lauda-dead-f1-16175419 Thoughts & Prayers go out to his family and friends at this sad time.
  2. Welcome to the Touring club @d_a_n1979 , looks like you've got yourself a clean honest example there mate. I do like an Alcantara / Cloth interior as it has many benefits over Leather - Warm in Winter / Cool in Summer / Easy to keep clean / etc, also i'm not sure if its a placebo but most none Leather seats always seem to have more cushioning to them when compared to their Leather versions (Wish i could have got Alcantara E38 Contours). Interested to know what made you sell the 7-Series? Jay
  3. Jay_w

    E39 530i Sapphire Black (GBS Project)

    @GBS - Looking forward to seeing how your audio build progresses .
  4. This is a question for those who have fitted E38 7-Series Contours into their E39s which have electric seat belt adjustment - Where does the wire/cable go on the seat? Thanks
  5. Jay_w

    Parts Price Quote Please .

    Hi Cotswold, BMW E39 540I Touring : VIN - BX98177 Reg - W693 RPE Could you price up these part numbers please : 51488234412 51138214113 51138214114 Also could you price up any fitting hardware needed for part number 51488234412 Thanks
  6. Jay_w

    Parts Price Quote Please

    Hi could you give me prices for the following please, BMW E39 540I Touring : VIN - BX98177 Reg - W693 RPE Rocker Cover Gasket - 11120034105 Rocker Cover Gasket - 11120034104 Rocker Cover Screw Gaskets - 11121437395 Rocker Cover Gasket Ring - 61311459030 Rubber Seal - 11121437395 Rubber Seal - 11121721879 Gasket Ring - 61311459030 Gasket Ring - 32411128333, Suction House - 32411094277, Return Pipe - 32411094896, Return Pipe - 32411095515 Thanks
  7. Jay_w

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    I've also got my Lexus LS460 along side my E39 540I Touring.Had a 1999 Lexus GS300 Sport before trading up to the LS460. Had zero issues with either of them. Most Lexus dealers do a 24hr test drive experience so that might be worth doing. UK Owners Forum - https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/ USA Owners Forum - https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ (You'll find the US forums more active than the UK one)
  8. Hi all, Going to be getting the Valve Covers (Rocker Covers) powder coated soon and while i'm getting them done it makes sense to replace the gaskets etc. Just wondering if anybody has done and has a list of the parts i'll need, I've looked on REALOEM and so far have this list : Valve Cover Gaskets - 11120034104 & 11120034105, Valve Cover Screw Gaskets - 11121437395 (16), Valve Cover Gasket Ring - 61311459030 (4), Any help would be much appreciated Jay
  9. Jay_w

    Uprated ARBs - anyone done theirs?

    Fitted a E39 M5 Rear ARB to my 540i Touring also fitted Beast Power USA Rear ARB brackets along with polyurethane bushes & new droplinks, Can't say for certain due to replacing / renewing a lot of other parts at the same time as fitting the E39 M5 Rear ARB but the turn in response improved & the rear definitely feels more planted now.
  10. @Hairyarse - Thanks mate
  11. Hi all, Just wanting some info on whether the V8 engine mounts are all the same - Will M5s ones fit my 540I? Does anybody know if there are any difference between they - Are the M5 ones stiffer? Thanks Jay
  12. First wash of 2018 for the Touring. Tourings getting its first wash today (20/02/2018) since i attended the BMW E39 Club UK's (Facebook group) Midlands meet back in December 2017, And here is the reason i had to buy the Touring in the first place - Millie my Alaskan Malamute
  13. Jay_w

    E39 Road Presence

    Yep E39's do have a certain road presence especially when they have some wide Rear tyres on them, Dunno whether its because i own one but i always seem to notice them when out & about, same goes for the old Jaguar XJ's (Which i don't own but always notice).
  14. How to Polish Tail Lights - E39 M5 Restoration Detail - Part 4 :
  15. How to Polish B-Pillars - E39 M5 Restoration Detail - Part 3 :