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  1. Jay_w

    My 2002 E39 525i Sport Saloon in Titanium Silver

    She's looking good on the 37's Max Like you said tyres comes down to personal preference but i've also had the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti's on my 540i Touring and they where fine, currently have the Hankook S1 Ventus Evo 3's and they seem to be fine aswell.
  2. @Piper - I did like the Style 5 reps on yours, very OEM+ look & hows the E60 BTW? @DennisCooper - Good to hear that you & family are staying safe mate , Yeah my old Front plate is currently sat in the same place of as yours (Front screen) due to the reasons you mentioned reguarding the Static Plate. Your Touring is looking great in that picture you posted, What mods / upgrades you being doing to yours then? I see you've gone to the double slat grills, hows the fitment on those ones as i've looking to get some for mine? Mine was due to go into the detailers for a 2 stage polish & coating at the end of May, ready for the BMW Show at Santa Pod but COVID-19 happened so thats not likely to be happening anytime soon. All the best
  3. Just a couple more pictures from the photoshoot me & my mate did on Friday (24/04/20)
  4. @Piper - Wheel specs are : F - 8.5J X 19 ET18 - 245/35/19 - Fronts do have a 15mm spacer on them to bring them more flush with the arches. R - 10J X 19 ET20 - 275/30/19, @d_a_n1979 - Thanks pal
  5. Thanks @740mick - Its a never ending project / labor of love but its what makes me happy. @DennisCooper - Yeah my mate knowing what he's doing with a camera and editing them hence the much better photo's, way better than the ones i normally post as i'm more of a 'point & click' type photographer. Now running a Front plate from Static Plates - To be honest if i was using it everyday i'd have left the Front plate holder & number plate alone but considering it mainly sits on the drive and only really gets used on the nicer days we have or to attend shows etc plus its something i've wanted to do for a while just to 'clean' the Front end up. If someone made the towing eye plate holders that you see the guys in the USA use, that fitted UK / Euro sized number plates i'd have probably gone for one of those over the Static Plate in all honestly.The Static Plate is great and all but i'm just wary of it coming off. Yeah hopefully once this situation blows over we'll be able to meet up for a good chat once again. Hows your Touring coming along? Hope you & the family are ok & staying safe during these times. Cheers, Jay & Pete
  6. Well seeing as the weather has been lovely over the past couple of days i decided to give the old Touring a wash then go meet my mate to take some photo's of it all while social distancing etc. Photo credit goes to Blackbird Faraz, Photo location - Digbeth, Birmingham
  7. Good to see another E39 getting some love - Your a brummie aswell i see looking at your bins, I'm from the Hodge Hill / Castle Bromwich area. Got the Bilstein & M5 RARB on my Touring and I've gotta say its a worth while upgrade to do. Picking up that spare Rear subframe its a good idea as changing some of the bushes with it in place can be a nightmare, Join a few of the E39 Facebook groups if you haven't already as you'll find plenty of info about retrofits / breakers / parts on there - Aaron Smith is breaking E39s & is a local too - so might be worth sending him a PM if your after any parts to see if he has them.
  8. Jay_w

    OK. Its a Z4 (Ruby Black)

    Looking great @AnilS , Do have a soft spot for a Z4 Coupe on CSL's, there's just something cool about them & rare to see, Your a braver man than me having two Black cars, How you getting on with your VW Arteon by the way? Anyways hope your well mate. P.S. - You moved house?
  9. Jay_w

    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    Well the Lexus has now been SOLD (20/03/20) - Going to miss it but onwards & upwards.
  10. Jay_w

    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    Yeah sure that will be the case but as i said above its just not getting the use it deserves.Both the Lexus's i've owned have been nothing but great experiences. @Vlady - Personally i think that with the way things are going with the whole ULEZ thing i wouldn't go from a Hybrid to a Diesel as i feel that would be a backward step in my opinion. G30 530e might be the better option to go for if you want back into a BMW. How you getting on with your GS450H by the way?
  11. Jay_w

    Project Lexus LS460 - SOLD

    Well seeing as the weather has been nicer today (26/02/20) i thought i'd give the Lexus a much need wash & go take some pictures of it before i put it up for sale. Its being a great faultless car but seeing as i'm mainly using when doing short journeys its just not getting the type of use it deserves which in my opinion is cruising up and down the motorway or crossing continents in utter comfort which is what it was made for, I'm sure i'm going to miss it once its gone.
  12. Jay_w

    e39 Parts - Job Lot

    @AlexGSi2000 Send a message to Aaron Smith or Simon Garland on Facebook, They both break E39s & Other BMW's so might be interested in taking these parts off your hands. Hope this helps.
  13. Jay_w

    E39 anti roll bar swap?

    I've fitted an E39 M5 Rear anti roll bar onto my 540i Touring along with fitting Beast Power brackets & Powerflex poly bushes. I'm not 100% if its down to fitting the M5 RARB or the fact that i refreshed most of the Rear at the same time of fitting it. Here are some of the benefits i've noticed since fitting : The Rear now feels way less floaty & their is less body roll / weight transfer when cornering. The Rear doesn't seem to fidget around as much as it used to going down uneven roads I.E seems more planted to the road The car feels more stable when pressing on / at higher (motorway) speeds. All in all i'd say its worth the upgrade to the E39 M5 one/s & would i do it again : YES. Would i spend the £300-400 on the Eibach anti roll bars : I'm 50 / 50 on that one.
  14. UPDATE - 07/11/2019 : Cars due its MOT (Expired on the 29th October 2019) - Haven't had it MOT'd sooner due to waiting for parts to arrive so the work as stated below can take place whilst its in for its MOT. Going to drop (take off) the sump to check for any plastic debris from the chain guides, think their all ok & engine isn't making any odd noises or anything like that but going to do it for piece of mind & its really the only way to properly check them. Whilst the above is taking place i'm replacing the sump gasket due to a very very slight oil leak underneath the car. I done the valve / rocket cover gaskets when i had the covers powder coated earlier in the year so i know their all good & leak free but i'm still getting a slight oil leak from somewhere so hoping that the sump gasket is past its best & thats the source of where the oil is coming from. If not atleast its another job i can cross off the list. Fresh oil & filter. The drivers side Rear window has stopped working (Not got a clue when this packed up as i rarely / never use the Rear windows) so going to investigate why thats stopped working & replace any parts that need replacing to get the window operational again. Future plans for the Touring are : Source a wood trim & get that painted in a nice gloss Black finish - Think the hydro-dripped carbon effect has been done to death & i also think it ages the interior more than a nice gloss Black trim would. Try and source some E39 M5 Front brakes or a used big brake kit - Depends if i can get them for the right money, as i don't wanna spend loads on them as i'll never do track work & do very few miles per year. Truth be told just want some for the looks. Now that i'm finished (well for the time been atleast) getting paint work done to the exterior it could really do with having a professional detailer show it some love & attention - i try my best to keep it looking good but theirs only so much i can do . Still need to sort the audio side of the build but everytime i think about going ahead with it something else always needs doing - I'm sure i'll get it done eventually. On another note : My Lexus LS460 hasn't missed a beat since i've owned it, i just use it, service it & MOT it.
  15. As D_a_n1979 said i'm after the Torque spec for the bolts that hold sump pan to the engine.