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  1. Jay_w

    Price for parts please.

    Hi, Could you tell me the prices for the following part numbers : Windscreen Cowling - 8159292 Windscreen Outer Cowling Cover Left N/S - 8193201 Windscreen Outer Cowling Cover Right O/S - 8193202 Many Thanks
  2. Jay_w

    Price on parts please

    Hi Joe, Don't worry about the Wiper blade set, could you just price up the rest of the part numbers please. Reg is W693 RPE.
  3. Jay_w

    Price on parts please

    Hi Cotswold, Could you please price up the part numbers as listed below. 1 x Windshield cowl side panel, left: 51718193201 1 x Windshield cowl side panel, right: 51718193202 8 x Windshield cowl grommets: 51718186501 8 x Windshield cowl rivets: 51218205295 1 x Windshield cowl cover plug: 51717020032 1 x Wiper arm, left: 61619449965 1 x Wiper arm, right: 61619449966 1 x Wiper arm cap, left: 61618161491 1 x Wiper arm nut, left: 07146971889 1 x Wiper arm compensating disk, left: 61618161493 1 x Wiper arm gasket, left: 61618169254 2 x Wiper arm cap, right: 61611383432 2 x Wiper arm nut, right: 07119905515 2 x Wiper arm washer, right: 07119904115 2 x Wiper arm gasket, right: 61618353813 1 x Wiper blade set: 03397001539 Many Thanks.
  4. Hi, Could you please price up for the following part numbers : 1 X - 51318159784 3 X - 51311925433 Thanks
  5. Reason for the original post was that i was buying some spare rocker covers to get painted / powder coated for when i was doing the gaskets and wanted to make sure i got the correct ones.
  6. Yep brought genuine BMW gaskets as people had said other versions start to leak again after a few years also brought new bolts while i was at it aswell.
  7. Jay_w

    E39 M5 touring build

    Absolutely superb.
  8. Well i'm slowly getting through my ''to do 'list'' and today was window tint day. For a good number of months i've being looking at the Touring and thinking that the tints i had applied not long after i brought the car were starting to look abit 'Eastern European Drug Dealer' and were starting to age the car badly due to how dark they were. Anyways today (23/06/21) the car was dropped off with my window tint guy who went about removing the tint film that was on there. He then applied a 70% tint film to windows from the B-pillar backwards and a 50% tint film to the Rear window / tailgate window (Percentage is how much light the film lets through) I wanted some sort of tint on the back windows : 1 - UV Protection, 2 - Keeps the car cooler not only for myself but also for when the dog is in there, 3 - Completely untinted would feel abit like being in a goldfish bowl. The drivers side and passenger side Front windows have zero tint film on them now (Now means i'll be applying leather conditioner to the Front seats way more often than i used to, to keep them from drying out in the Summer / hotter months) I'm now way happier how the car now looks and sort of wishing i'd gone with these percentages first time round.
  9. Loving those Front seats, Rest of the car is very nice also
  10. Jay_w

    E39 M5 rear ARB bushes

    Alright Dan, I went with PowerFlex 'purple' bushes when i fitted mine but if you've got the Black versions for the Front then i'd say go with the same on the Rear. I also went with Beast Power brackets that i got from a guy on here for a good price locally but i've read good things about the E36 Steel brackets aswell. Jay
  11. Hi All, Need some help finding the part number for the tailgate glass upper interior trim piece, I think i've circled the correct trim piece that i'm referring to in Red on the diagram but not 100% sure. Its the upper trim piece when you open the glass on the tailgate of a Touring that i'm after. Thanks Jay
  12. Well the Tourings finally had a wash in 2021, Haven't bothered with the car since late October / Early November so going on 5-6months but i'm now getting the car booked into the places to needs to go to (Paint Shop / Tint Shop / Detailer / Mechanic). Anyways these are after a snowfoam, 2 x bucket wash, snowfoam, rinse, then dried - Couldn't be bothered to use any tyre dressing or glass polish due to current sitting there with a flat / dead battery. The wire you can see poking out the Front is my trickle changer as i'm trying to get abit of charge in it so that i can open the boot then replace the current battery.
  13. Hi All, I'm looking at freshening up my interior and i was just wondering if the auto gear selector (gearknob) from a E90 generation 3-series would fit an E39, from looking at pictures of them both, it looks like the rods on the bottom of both the gear levers are the same but was wondering if anybody on here had fitted one. Thanks Jay
  14. @AdamB Yeah the BC's have been fine ever since fitting, it did take me a couple of months of driving on different road surfaces & playing with the damping adjustability to find the sweet spot for my liking. Would i fit them again well thats a Yes & No answer, Yes due to the adjustability they offer and the price of them, No due to having been in a Touring with the Bilstein B12 kit fitted & a good friends car been fitted with Bilstein B8s / KAW lowering springs, i'd say that both of them ride that little bit better than the BC's also i'd say your better off having the same branded dampers / shocks all round. I did / have thought about fitting the Front anti roll bar & steering box from the E39 M5 as the front anti roll bar is thicker than the one that comes on the 540i Sport & the E39 M5 Steering box is a quicker ratio meaning less turns lock to lock and from whats i've read it also makes the steering heavier, but for the type of driving i do i've decided its just not worth it in all honestly. Now onto my Rear setup : Bilstein B8 Rear Dampers (Re-Valved To Match The BC's On The Front), Arnott Rear Air Springs (Self Leveling Air Bags), E39 M5 Rear Anti Roll Bar (RARB), Beast Power RARB Brackets, Polyurethane RARB Bushes, Complete Refresh Of All The Suspension Arms & Linkages. New MeyleHD subframe bushes, Rear Self Leveling Height Adjusted Via AutoLogic Software Before i done the above the Rearend used to have this little wriggle going on over uneven road surfaces and just generally felt loose if that makes sense, which i think was down to the old bushes being worn / way past their best. However since i've fitted the parts listed above it feels like its planted to the road and is confidence inspiring when pushing on.
  15. 2021 Plans / Repairs / Upgrades : Remove window tints - Want the current film removed as its just to dark & ''ghetto gangster'' plus i think at times it makes the touring look like a van, however i will be replacing it with a clear UV protection film to stop any sun damage to the interior or heat building up inside the car (This is mainly a problem in the Summer months due to it being a Black car with a Black leather interior), Get Rear bumper repainted due to it having a scratch on the N/S lower half - I have absolutely no idea how it got scratched which is puzzling me, Get my OEM E39 M5 folding mirrors painted match to car & fitted / coded to fold / unfold when the car is locked or unlocked, Get window surrounds repainted due to paint peeling on them, Get roof rails / bars repainted due to the paint peeling on them - I have thought about doing the roof rail / bar delete but i'm not 100% sold on the looks of the Touring when once they have being removed, I've gotta source an interior trim to get painted - Current hydro dipped trim is past looking its best plus i feel its starting to make the interior feel / look its age. Might finally get round to sorting the stereo install - Being meaning to do this for ages but never seem to get round to doing it, Thinking of replacing the current exhaust setup with a proper muffler delete along with new exhaust tips - Thinking of doing this 1 - Want more V8 noises, 2 - When looking at the current Oval exhaust tip it doesn't quite fill out the opening on the diffuser how i want it to so either thinking of replacing it with a slightly larger oval tip or a twin exit tip. Thinking about replacing the current Front foglights which are tinted with either Clear or Yellow lens versions along with fitting LED bulbs but i have seen the full LED replacement units from Morimoto which has me undecided on which route to go with. Another light upgrade i'm thinking of doing its replacing my current HID setup with either complete OEM xenon headlight units or converting my current headlights to xenons using OEM ballasts, D2S xenon bulbs & H7 to D2S adapters, I have thought about fitting a Black '540i' badge to the Rear however i'm 50 / 50 on this as i like the cleanness of it being debadged but then again there has been times i'd like to let people know that it is a 540i as i have had in the past people ask whether its a 530D or a 530i (No disrespect to those owners) - Its something else to think about i guess. Looking into the IBUS App - Info about IBUS App can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtPla3xPwp4&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=I-BUSApp or here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3RyKFgqxTk&ab_channel=ZeroTo60 - Looks an interesting bit of kit as it adds some modern features to the E39 platform. Most of the above was ment to get sorted last year however i didn't bother due to the current world situation but once Winter has past i'm hoping i can crack on with the list of jobs and get to using the car more than i have done over the past 12-18months.