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  1. RumRunner

    Home lift

    Carl I was just pointing out that the council can give out grants for such works indeed they installed my lift as I have mobility problems, they even installed a wet room. I admit it was done after assessment by social services. They do provide these grants both to council tenants and private owners. In the case of private owners if the property is sold within a certain time the owner has to pay the grant back
  2. RumRunner

    Home lift

    Approach your local council you may get a grant and they would do it all for you. This was the route I took and have been happy with it all
  3. RumRunner

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Wo don't not even want to think what I spent on the old girl, but at least she has a good home. It will always be my regret that I was unable to finish her. Still it's life my grandkids are upset Ithat she has gone as the two oldest have memories in her. Both the oldest ones first trip from the hospital was in her. Still I have the memories
  4. RumRunner

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    When I saw the photo of the old girl I have to admit a tear or two came up but she looks real good, Regrets but glad she has a good home . The memories in that old girl are numerous too many to ever forget her
  5. RumRunner


    no started to put the das back take a pic tomorrow and yes it runs
  6. RumRunner


    I am very sad but would like her to go to a good place,.ball park is hard as I know I never will get my money back,. But say 750 notes or best offer just hope to see her on the road again
  7. RumRunner


    I am in no position to finish the old girl so sadly iys time for her to go to a new home. due to disabilities its a k reg a great deal has been done to her but she needs to be finished irs a 525 has no mot but should not take much to get one no mot but should be little problem to get one open to offers
  8. RumRunner

    Free turtles with tank and filters

    anytime just give me a call you still have my number
  9. RumRunner

    Free turtles with tank and filters

    no problem . ..
  10. RumRunner

    Free turtles with tank and filters

    Steve the tank is 90 cm x 45 cm x 50 cm
  11. RumRunner

    Free turtles with tank and filters

    Steve I will take a photo for you and measure the tank . Loads of food thrown in
  12. Anyone want some turtles with a tank and all that goes with it. Four of them just need to pick them up from Hackney. Or know somewhere that will rehouse them nearby that will collect
  13. RumRunner

    A good clean

    Fraid not still working on that. It's hard when I have to stop after 10 to 15 mins, due to health. But will get there
  14. RumRunner

    A good clean

    Thanks she is fine been here for 3 months now,. It had been a while though.
  15. RumRunner

    A good clean

    Linda, known as Dixi on here carried on and cleaned the outside of the car to make her look loved again.