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    Is my engine shot!!

    Hi Guys Where to start Coming home from work 10 days ago my E39 M5 went into what I presume was limp home mode lost its power & would not go above 3000 rpm, I managed to get it to my friends garage where we hooked it up to Autocom & got fuel pump relay fault code, oxygen sensor code after deleting codes & restarting the car was fine again. Then this monday coming home the car came to a stop again & I really struggled to get it to start it was running terrible I turned off & restarted the car approx 6 times before it behaved enough to get home plugged in to Autocom & got these codes. 69-- VANOS inlet camshaft tight or jammed 18-- injection valve 4 67 -- VANOS inlet camshaft end position not reached 102 -- unknown code 99 -- unknown code A0 -- oxygen sensor voltage behind cat bank 2 min value 39 -- knock sensor 1 32 -- unknown code 67 -- VANOS inlet camshaft end position not reached I'm a bit clueless as to where or what to do CAN ANYONE HELP ME!! thanks Mark.
  2. mez

    Is my engine shot!!

    Ok Guys I'm not very good on these Forums I'm a member on Audi/Mercedes/Bmw and have to say they are nowhere near as helpful as they used to be!! Anyway I will recommend a couple of very helpful guys at BMmotorworks in Stockport for diagnosing my problems. As originally thought the fuel pump & relay were shot so now with both replaced car is running like a swiss watch. Alpinaman/Gary I would have given you the business but you never told me your phone no or address even when asked for it!! So all in all very disappointed with this Forum from what it used to be!! If you know anyone who wants a very sorted E39 M5 for the right money don't hesitate to get in touch.
  3. mez

    To advertise you need to be a gold member.

    How do you become a gold member? thanks
  4. mez

    Is my engine shot!!

    Gary i'll try & turn by hand in the morning, how far is your garage from buxton if I wanted to recover it to you? I do think its electrical coz I drove it last week & it was ok.
  5. mez

    Is my engine shot!!

    Ok Guys Went to try a S/Hand fuel pump relay but car would not unlock (flat battery) so checked battery (knackered) replaced battery with new one, central locking now back on. When I put either key in ignition and try to start all I get is clicking noises & no attempt to fire up, do I need to reset anything? I'm getting a bit stuck as to what to do as I can't even move it now!! Thanks. Mark.
  6. mez

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    WOW!! Richard You are a very lucky man, I had one of these amazing machines a few years back & have to say I still miss it now. I paid 2600 for mine at a car auction drove it for 4 years & sold it for exactly double 5200 to a guy from Frankfurt who flew over & drove it back!! Fantastic restoration so far and good luck with the rest. Mark.
  7. mez

    Is my engine shot!!

    Thanks guys I will check fuel pump & relay, it does feel like a fuel issue of some sort so we'll see.
  8. Hi Everyone A quick question does my M5 have a central locking relay? or does anyone know how to open a locked rear passenger side door? I've had my M5 approx. a year now but can't open the rear door anymore it's just stopped opening for some reason, I was wondering if there was a simple solution to this ie. disconnect the battery etc. Cheers Mark.
  9. mez

    E39 M5 Central locking relay?

    so I still don't know if the car has a C/Locking relay or if my back seat comes up with a yank
  10. mez

    E39 M5 Central locking relay?

    Thanks guys The button goes up & down when locking fob is pressed but can't get in, door handle feels just like the rest Clavurion can you elaborate please Does the rear seat come out with a simple yank upwards & then aren't there any screws holding the door card on? Ta Mark.
  11. Hi Do you still have this for sale ?
  12. MMMMM Sat outside the Ladybower inn for 45 mins no one showed went back home to check the venue shed a tear now off to watch the Mighty Reds C Ya Next time maybe.
  13. Im bringing missus,kids,might even bring grumpy dog yet!! Hope you going sharkfan might have something of interest to you
  14. Hi Ray Am definitely coming along Will be good to see you all my 5 might be a bit longer to park than most!!
  15. Hi Guys A really quick answer needed as i have sold the car!! I get a noise from under back seat when driving along but if i dip my clutch the noise disappears, as soon as i let clutch up noise returns it sounds just like a fax machine, it doesn't do it all the time but is rather frustrating & i don't want to sell it if its CRITICAL!! Please help as a guy from Germany arrives tomorrow!! Mez.
  16. Hi Guys I have a rather funny noise coming from under the back seat (i think) It sounds like continuous ticking or buzzing as though it is coming from a solenoid or relay it is only when car is moving i think & it might be clutch or fuel pump issue? Really not sure what it is i've had back seat out to try & hear it better, seems to be more on the move & when i depress clutch pedal it sometimes goes. Any ideas?
  17. Hi Guys I have a rather funny noise coming from under the back seat (i think) It sounds like continuous ticking or buzzing as though it is coming from a solenoid or relay it is only when car is moving i think & it might be clutch or fuel pump issue? Really not sure what it is i've had back seat out to try & hear it better, seems to be more on the move & when i depress clutch pedal it sometimes goes. Any ideas?
  18. mez

    Seat back twisted!

    Hi Guys Can anyone help me The other day i twisted round in the drivers seat of my M5 Touring & the seat back is now twisted out of true. Has anyone else had this kind of problem & is it an easy fix? (seat is electric) Does the seat have to come out? Mez
  19. Karl I usually go to this most years & will probably go this year. Tatton is a good venue for all the family. Hopefully see you there. P.S. If i knew how to put my name on your list or update my profile i would
  20. mez

    E34's built to pass mots.

    Just put 12 months on my M5 Touring passed first time! Only advisory was on my brake lines Would be interested in a set of new brake lines myself.
  21. Hi Ray thanks for the nudge last week. Hopefully will get to the meet depends on the petrol!! Mine tends to drink it like Olly Reed on Stella!!
  22. mez

    E34 M5 not starting!

    Hi All Not been on here for a while, & i am struggling to get my car going. Can anyone help please? SYMPTOMS Car has not been run much over winter, but has had a new battery fitted & was running ok 7 weeks ago!! I went out the other day & car ran for about 1 mile then broke down & wouldn't start again,after leaving for an hour or two it started again. I thought throttle linkage was sticking & flooding the engine (so cleaned all that ok now) I put fresh petrol in & took it for a run about 4 miles in engine gave up the ghost & i parked up 1/2 an hour later she fired up & i took it to my mechanics garage. He has since fitted a new crankshaft sensor but says car wont start now!! Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Mez.
  23. mez

    E34 M5 not starting!

    thanks for quick response guys there is not much petrol in so i'll do that & replace fuel filter. Think ignition side is ok as it's wanting to start.
  24. Great meet on Sunday have to say probably spent to much time eating i think!!Was realy good to chat to a few new faces. Some great pics on here as well,was good to see a new 5 touring in the flesh. Gary(Alpinaman) your new motor looks fantastic on those HUGE rims. Was great to see your motor from Buxton as well Andy, can't decide whether the M5 would look nice on a set of M paras. We'll all have to get our heads together for a summer meet at a different Boozer next time.
  25. mez

    Non Starter

    Hi All I'm having a terrible time with my M5 Touring, it's been laid up over the winter months with only the occasional run.I came to it the other day & the battery was flat,tried charging it but it was no good so i bought a new battery,all was OK. I took the car out for a drive & she ran lovely. when i came to it 2 weeks later could not get in with remote fob (having changed batteries in this) so opened car with other key. I got my other car to hook up jump leads but as soon as i hooked them up alarm & immobiliser kicked in!! I've tried reprogramming key as in manual, i've also tried fully charged up battery but cannot seem to de-activate the alarm & immobiliser. Can anyone out there help? Mez.