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  1. carlito

    Ace cafe Bank Holiday Monday

    Hi mate..was good meeting you the other night (Jay black M5) Touring looks good in the flesh and rare being a manual!.. Might swing by later tonight in the E46 track car as the 5's hibernating for now. Catch you there maybe.
  2. carlito

    Wanted E39 M5 LSD Differential

    Thanks for the advice mate and I'd usually agree its best to rebuild but I'm fearing the diffs shot! It's gone from making a light whining/groaning sound on deceleration to a really harsh metallic grinding sound as soon as you let off the throttle. I have not driven the car since this started and it's been layed up for a couple of months. Checked underneath and there's side to side play at the input shaft end so suspecting the bearings shot. I had to get it to my guy who does all the work on it for me today about 25 miles away and krept it along at under 30mph most of the way. On part throttle load the noise is very faint but soon as you let off the throttle in gear it gets very loud and towards the end I felt it binding when coming to a halt but as soon as you move off and are in gear it's drivable so very cautiously made it to the garage. It's getting looked at over the next few days and I'll know the outcome and if its possible to rebuild or not depending on any internal damage that may have been caused. Hopefully it will be but I'm preparing for the worst incase it's not and trying to source another diff.
  3. carlito

    Wanted E39 M5 LSD Differential

    Mines given up the ghost so after replacement if anyone's got one for sale. Cash waiting and can collect. Cheers
  4. carlito

    Jeez, its possessed....

    Might not be this but I went to start mine the other day after a while and it turned over then everything died indicating a flat battery. Only thing was it was absolutely dead with no lights on the dash whatsoever. I proceeded to jump it with no luck as the starter just kept clicking..Went to check the battery and realised the bolt with the little clamp thing going through the earth terminal had been replaced with just a nut bolt thing and the terminal was loose hence cutting out the battery! It must have lost connection when the car shook a little under the starter cranking over and I'm glad it came up as I wouldn't have thought of checking it other wise. Replaced the clamp bolt and all's well now and apparently they snap really easily if overtightend as I think there made of a soft metal/lead? Maybe check yours if your getting intermediate cutout's?
  5. Hi all Need a couple a spare keys supplied/cut/programmed for 2 cars. 1996 E38 7 series with the older large 3 button key 2001 E39 5 series with the later diamond shaped 3 button key London area..anyone have any recommendations for who to go to apart from BM? Thanks in advance
  6. carlito

    Diff/Gearbox fluid recommendations please

    Cheers guy's Yes Part numbers would be helpful My local dealers a bit of a numpty!
  7. What is recommended from factory and what are you guy's generally using in the diff and box please. Cheers
  8. carlito

    New M5 owner..shortshift advice please

    Thanks for all your replies and advice chaps..much appriciated. Having thought about it I'm going to stick with the O/E setup but renew the bushings etc to get it factory crisp. I think the reason my first thought was to install a shortshift was one of my other car's I've just come out of after having it out for the summer has a very tight and short throw and is rifle like in it's precision and feel from the factory setup. Just got used to it and the M5 is the total opposite in terms of throw length but I can handle that as it's just the sloppiness of the gear changes thats bugging me so hopefully a refresf of the worn parts will bring it back to a nice tight feel when shifting through. Dennis: Hi mate!..how's things?..yes finally bit the bullet and got myself into one after almost 10 years of craving one and many other E39's filling the space in between!..540/530/528/530d..just a few then! Wasn't really out to buy one but been watching value's steadily creeping up over the last year or so and this one came up at a very good price and seems to be a good honest example that needs a little tlc in the right places to get her up to spec which hopefully funds pending I'll do over the years. No she definitely won't be getting anywhere near the kind of abuse the drifter gets.. this one's strictly for "measured" enjoyment and family trips ..plus the soundtrack from the glorious S62 V8 which I'm loving! Spec is Carbon Black with Caramel interior..2000 early facelift..standard apart from the muffler delete mod. Caramel interior has a fair amount of black too with the dash and centre console etc so breaks it up nicely and I quite like it..no satnav etc but for me that's not a biggie as it's just the engine that really interests me!..plus the fact that I now own one after so long which is the best thing. Catch you soon at Ace sometime Another horse in the stable so to speak
  9. Not been on here in a while as been out of E39 ownership after having quite a few over the years Recently purchased my M5 which has been a long time coming having gone through almost every other variant of the 5! Will stay relatively standard with only a few choice mods to enhance its driving experience..the gearlever has a fair amount of play in it and looking to improve the throw and making it shorter. I know the Z3M shifter is a common choice for an upgrade to the E36 but will it work on the E39 M5 and has anyone used it? Not looking for an extremely short throw..just to improve it a little from what it is as standard. Wanted to avoid using the cheaper ebay jobbies as a friend has one fitted and its extremely stiff..more than it should be from a proper shortshift upgrade. UUC or alike would be great but way too expensive really. Any opinions please..cheers Dennis if you read this it is me
  10. carlito

    Just bought this M5..anyone know it? L90UDD

    Guy's the plate's probably gonna be up for sale pretty soon if anyone's interested I'll pass on your details to the owner..offers invited.
  11. carlito

    Just bought this M5..anyone know it? L90UDD

    Cheers for the replies guys..Dennis it's been bought by a Greek friend of ours ..definitely a "proper" enthusiast as you know..might catch you at BM night tomorrow at Ace.
  12. Good friend of mine has just bought this M5..the numberplate is L90UUD. The previous owner says the car has been on the forums in his ownership and with previous owners..does anyone know it or any history on it? Seems like a decent example with much money spent on it's upkeep and the major issues addessed like a new clutch/flywheel and Vanos seals replaced. Also has a lovely rumble from the Eisenmann back boxes. Couple of things that need doing are the left driverside bank of the engine seems to have had a leak maybe from the camcover area and is quite wet with build up on the undertray etc. Rear wheels have been fitted with 285 width tyres and look naff and are also mismatched so a new set of boots will be fitted all round. Bonnet has some crazing in the paint which I've heard is common? The steering feels a little unsure and and feels like it's wafting..I know the drop links up front are knackered and need replacing..also the wheels move back a little in the arches under braking so maybe the lower arm rear thrust bushings? Slight brake judder on the pedal so a new set of discs and pads will be fitted probably. Other than that the car seems like a well looked after example and the plan is the bring it back to standard cosmentically and remove the dodgy carbon effect bits and refurb the wheels..with a little tlc it should hopefully make a good car. Any advice and does anyone know the car? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201411018657333/sort/default/make/bmw/radius/50/page/1/model/m5/price-to/7000/usedcars/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/postcode/ha29re?logcode=p
  13. carlito

    Creaking Brake pedal 528ise

    Hi all Noticed that theres a strange creaking sound coming from both the brake pedal area and also from the underneath rear of the car when pressing the brake pedal. Noticed also that when pressing the pedal hard it seems to travel down quite a bit?..Only had the car a short time so not sure if thats normal or should it feel hard at a certain point? The car is a 99 528ise..any thoughts of what it could be? It happens both when the car's coming to a stop and also when it's stationary too
  14. Had the rear drivers side wheel bearing replaced last friday on my 530d Sport saloon and noticed the other day that it makes a faint grinding sound when the car is put into reverse gear and the steering wheel is on full lock. The sound definitly sounded like it was coming from the same wheel the bearing was replaced on and sure enough when I had a closer look today and saw this: Am I right in assuming something has become trapped between the pad and disc maybe a small piece of metal when the garage might have had to butcher out the old bearing as they said it was a hard job?? I'm assuming this is the slight grinding sound being made but it's strange it only happpens when reversing slowly ?? Any opinions people??!! The car's going back in tomorrow for them to check it but want to try and be sure of what it might be before they try and fob it off as not there fault!? The disks and pads have only been changed last year and are still in very good condition so it's not like they are that old!!
  15. Thanks for the replies so far fella's...yes I have the later 3 spoke M-Sport wheel which has the spring clips and not the screw..I've tried my best to pop the spring clips by inserting a flat blade screwdriver through the slots at the back of the wheel but it's impossible to locate the clips!! There is obviously a knack to doing this and would be a lot easier to practice it on a wheel thats been removed to get the right technique but that's not possible!! Has anyone done this job and can let me know the right technique?? I'm done with just poking the screwdriver in an jiggling it about as it feels like I might break something so don't want to risk it without doing it the right way. All help appriciated.