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    Ticket from Smart Parking?

    Since the taking control of goods 2013 ammendment bailiff companies are struggling very bad,as the purpose of the ammendment was to minimise the use of bailiff,so to top up their work they BUYING private debt,companies like Marstons Holdings and capita are the biggest and they have High court authorised officers so getting a ccj on these debts and sending it to a high court writ. this mainly happen if the registered keeper is a director as per company house or the car is worth something ,bearing in mind a ccj can only be transfered to a high court writ if the debt is over 600£. We were in the past told by transport deptt to ignore these parking charge notices but now they are asking us to pay it and in most cases very strict about it if its from company called parking eye. But than scotland is a diffrent jurisdiction .....
  2. hardy

    RIP Donut

    RIP Donut,shocking news
  3. hardy

    BMS Surrey

    + 1 They are honest and straight forward ,i visited them last friday
  4. hardy

    Private parking charges

    Parking eye: Any letter/invoice which says Parking charge notice is not enforable and you can bin it but some companies are going through the Route of ccj now. Bailiff can not get involved as no writ of control from TEC and if debt is less than £500 the CCj can not get transfered to a high court writ But 6 apr 2014 the Taking control of goods regulation has been amended( applies to bailiffs & HCEO) As the initialy letter is now charged at £75 rather than £11.20 in the past,majority of local authorites have either gone in house or intend to do so as they keep the £75 per case(which totally up to a lot of money in a financial year). So most of the bailiff companies were short of work and approached the private parking firms and got the work of them,on a case paid in full the bailiff company get a certain sum. The problem was/is the bailiff companies couldnt legally enforce the tickets and they could only REQUEST people to pay it,many people paid but than the problem started. An anpr van driving on the road used to ping a registration number, a request note used to be left on the windscreen to pay,the local authorites didnt accept this practice as no warrant in place and it was just negative publicity for the local authority who were not gaining or losing anything of this and the people who had paid previously than started approaching the courts from where bailiffs had got their bailiff licences to make complaint that the bailiff had enforced or used his authoirty to enforce on a debt without a warrant from TEC.The final blow came when MET police issued a statment saying they wouldnt be inviting bailiffs over for ANPR operations.A lot of private tickets used to get cleared there as no one like the hassle of being stopped by police as one things gets to another. So currently After the third invoice(letter),if the vehicle in question is registerd to a large company ,parking eye intend to get a CCJ against the company. - if the vehicle in question is new,they ll do a search ,if the registred keeper is know(on google not police database) and a company director they will get a ccj against him. -if a vehicle is old and not worth the hassle they will just leave it as it is.
  5. hardy

    Bmw 530d e39 cutting out

    No idea,you need to wait for someone experienced to reply .
  6. hardy

    Bmw 530d e39 cutting out

    Long time ago i had this issue but it was 523i and got resolved by changing either the cam or crank sensor,cant remember which one was it.worth checking error codes.
  7. hardy

    Tax disc

    Registered disabled cars,patient transport ambulances and tax exempt vehicles will have sticker on widscreen ,same size as tax disc and will have same info which the badge currently hold.at the same time a new APP is being developed ,through which parking wardens can automatically check if a disabled badge advertised on dashboard is fake,stolen or genuine by typing in the number.
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    Whats the best place to buy a heavy duty van battery ? Cheers Hardy
  9. hardy


    ^^^ thanks mate, just ordered from them
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  11. hardy

    Sunglasses Holder

    Dont you have it in black?
  12. hardy

    Headlight adjusters

    Hi folks where can i have them replaced as mine are broken ??? E39 525 2001
  13. hardy

    Headlight adjusters

    So you can do mine in 15 min tops than.lol
  14. hardy

    Headlight adjusters

    Was fitting an easy job?
  15. hardy

    Abs unit part number

    Hi all, Can anyone help,need part number for my abs unit Bmw 525 2001 Last 7 vin...bf59530 Thanks Hardy
  16. hardy

    Parking eye fine - Parking Fine

    ^^^^^ you are right but companies will do anything to make people pay.. - Police open up Debtor comes down : where is police Debt collector: i never said police,i said please open up....
  17. hardy

    Parking eye fine - Parking Fine

    As per my contract:- " you are responsible to pay for any outstanding PCNs,this can either be paid directly or deducted of your weekly invoice,congestion charge is paid for by the company and any PCN issued during the hours of actively enforcing a warrant will be paid for by the company.PCN issued is refered to a notice issued by the local authority,TFL and police authority and not private parking companies"
  18. hardy

    Parking eye fine - Parking Fine

    If its private car park and not council,throw it in a bin and forget about it. You will get three letters,legaly them letters are classed as invoices so dont bother about it.
  19. hardy

    Breaking 2001 525i

    Anyone breaking a 2001 525i,i need a ABS unit !!! Cheers Hardy
  20. hardy

    Yes OR no

    Will a 6 speed gearbox of 530i fit a 525i currently running on a 5 speed box. Fit as in straight bolt on and no need for codding etc !!!
  21. hardy

    Yes OR no

    So if i get a 330d box and the rest of the stuff you mentioned while it be a staright swap bearing in mind the prop shaft?
  22. hardy

    Yes OR no

    So if i need a clutch,flywheel amd selector of a 330d why not get the whole box of a 330d???
  23. hardy

    Yes OR no

    My breaker has a e39 530 with 6 speed box
  24. hardy

    Yes OR no

    So in other words not a simple and straight forward swap!!
  25. hardy

    Yes OR no

    Both cars 2001 One is 530 and the other is 525 530 has 6 speed manual box and 525 has 5 speed manual box