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  1. Likewise. Does anyone know - is this EGR valve or EGR cooler, or both? Thanks!
  2. UltimateWarrior

    Automatic Transmission Misbehaving

    I’ve been quoted £380 + vat for the fluid change and flush. They call it a 100% change. Is that fair?
  3. UltimateWarrior

    Automatic Transmission Misbehaving

    Thanks Andrew! I did check the codes with BimmerLink, but nothing showing. Presumably low transmission fluid level in itself would not trigger anything? if only these boxes had a dipstick, like the good old days...!
  4. UltimateWarrior

    Automatic Transmission Misbehaving

    Thanks for the input. It does feel like it could be a software issue. I say that as the oft quoted ’throttle adaptation reset trick’ does seem to help initially. After a week it wears off. I intend to get it booked in for an ATF change and SW update / reset. I’m just curious to see whether others have had similar experiences. After hearing how amazing the ZF8 gearbox is supposed to be, I must admit I’ve been disappointed to date, but this is only based on a sample of one box, which could be due some TLC...
  5. I bought my 2015 F11 with about 90k miles on the clock a few months ago. Since then be added perhaps another 5k. It’s never had an ATF service, so my plan was to get that done ASAP. However, I’ve been putting it off as the transmission has been behaving a little odd of late, and I don’t want to drop £3-400 on a fluid change if sth more sinister is at play. Symptoms: First shift from 1 to 2 is very jerky. Doesn’t seem to be affected by throttle position. And it is only this first shift where it noticeably thumps between gears. The remainder of the journey will be thump free. It also seems very difficult to drive the car smoothly at low speed. Coasting to a stop you can often feel the car bucking ever so slightly as the box drops though the gears. This is at speeds < 20mph. Pick up the transmission after coming to a stop can also be a bit slow, which has been a bit dangerous on occasion, say when you’re trying to slit into moving traffic on a roundabout. Anyway, if anyone has experience with the ZF8 and can shed any light I the above, I’d be most grateful!
  6. UltimateWarrior

    Sat Nav / Map Update

    So would the above maps work for me, or do I need a bespoke map tailored to my car / Vin? Sorry for all the questions! I had assumed there was a single process for all F10/11 cars, but clearly not! thanks for your patience!
  7. UltimateWarrior

    Sat Nav / Map Update

    The above applies to me. Grizzle has kindly pointed me in the direction of the map files. Presumably I still need to acquire a lifetime FSC code? Do I need to specifically look for codes that apply to the “Route” maps? Or can I use this this one?
  8. UltimateWarrior

    Sat Nav / Map Update

    Thanks for confirming. I’ll attempt the eBay route.
  9. UltimateWarrior

    F11 rear air springs

    How long would you say to perform this on both sides?
  10. UltimateWarrior

    Sat Nav / Map Update

    So my head unit is NBT (small screen, so not PRO), which presumably means that this method won’t work for me?
  11. UltimateWarrior

    Sat Nav / Map Update

    Wonderful, thanks!
  12. UltimateWarrior

    Sat Nav / Map Update

    I understand the basic process for updating the maps on F10/F12, but just wanted to check a few details. See attached the current map version, which is 2015 year, so same age as the car. However, I was expecting the terms ‘NEXT’ or ‘PREMIUM’ in the file name to indicate which version of on board computer I have. I understand CIC and NBT are the generally the systems in the F11, depending on age. I attached a photo of the map view also, as this may help someone determine which system I’m on. Once I have determined the operating system, I believe I can get a lifetime FSC code from eBay (£10) and install the appropriate 2019 maps from a USB stick. Thanks for your patience!
  13. UltimateWarrior

    B47 2.0d Turbo Wastegate Actuator Rod Missing

    I should have posted an update to this topic earlier to close the matter. Bad forum etiquette on my part! So the garage that was looking at it had originally diagnosed a faulty EGR. On replacing this component, the fault (or at least some of the original faults) were still present. I mentioned the potentially missing link, and they found said link on the under-tray and replaced it. No more issues. In conclusion, I think the ‘missing’ link on RealOEM is a red herring, and perhaps all instances of this turbo should have a link. As to why the link fell off in the first place... I’m still not sure, but my theory is that the electronic actuator on the turbo was replaced at some point, and the link was not reinstalled properly. I can’t think of any other reason why both ends would become detached.
  14. UltimateWarrior

    Roof bars/racks

    Trailer instead of a roof box is a good shout. But are you not speed limited in the UK when towing?
  15. UltimateWarrior

    Fitting a tow bar

    This is exactly what I did (2015 F11). Westfalia 7pin kit from PF Jones, though perhaps specific for LCI? The instructions were provided on a CD (thanks!), but a quick google of the part number yielded a pdf copy. Instructions suggested looking above the battery (f11) for the twisted canbus wires, but failing that sent you to the front of the car in the passenger footwell. Fortunately I found the canbus feed in the boot, which made the whole thing very straightforward.