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  1. jut 535i

    E28 Blaupunkt

    Does anyone have any old Blaupunkt equipment kicking about, namely amps and associated cables? It's actually for a mate with a Porsche but a lot of this stuff was available in Porsche, BMW, Merc etc back in the day.
  2. jut 535i

    Truck platooning

    How often do 3 loads go to the same destination at the same time?
  3. My car is fitted with the 13 button obc which works fine but the illumination has gone out and still won't work despite changing the light bar so wasn't sure if it's the computer itself or wireing? If its the latter it will probably have to stay not working for now lol!
  4. Do you have an e28/30 obc?
  5. jut 535i

    Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    It was a good day and good to meet another forum member, your e28 doesnt look too bad at all, nothing that can't be sorted.
  6. jut 535i

    Steering re-trim

    Another +1 for Royal Steering wheels, they did my e28 one last year and did a cracking job
  7. jut 535i

    530i replacement

    They're still a decent car and yours looks a good example, we've had one in the family for the last 12 years (saloon,coupe and touring) and apart from a bit of rust, the odd broken rear spring and worn out front suspension bushes we've never had much trouble with any of them.
  8. jut 535i

    Gaydon 2017 - 13th August

    5.lee e46 m3
  9. jut 535i

    Rear drivers side footwell soaking

    Sounds like rear door membrane, had same thing with mine
  10. jut 535i

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Oil and coolant change plus new radiator, exhaust brackets and fritz manifold, it's been an expensive week!
  11. Will try to make it along to this, please add me to the list.
  12. jut 535i

    Exhaust mod

    If its purely noise you're after mine has straight pipes front to back with one rear silencer and is extremely loud!
  13. jut 535i


    Not sure if they are all the same or not but my rears are quite concave and you don't see so many these days. I imagine they are quite an old wheel now? Mine are stamped Ronal on the rear
  14. jut 535i


    Yes type 3 were available in 19, I have a genuine staggered set on my e60
  15. jut 535i

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Omg Sam, just saw the pics, glad you are ok.