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  1. KingM535i

    Need to give someone a jump start...

    Don't jump a diesel from a petrol. Friend of mine tried that without asking me first. Blew the master fuse on his Civic Type-R (90 Amp!). I spent all day trying to find a new one as he needed the car. Cost him £30 just for the fuse in the end. Also; Electrickery manifests as a flow of electrons from negative to positive. Connect the negative first and you have a live positive end waving around. Don't do this! Do not lick. Not suitable for vegetarians. That's all the advice I can think of.
  2. KingM535i

    Stupid Wife Competition

    A few years ago a friend of mine tried to teach his missus to top up the oil on their Fiesta, which was using a bit. He got her to open the bonnet. Without pausing she then opened the oil bottle, pulled the dipstick out, looked at the neck of the bottle, looked back at the dipstick hole and then asked "How am I supposed to pour it down that little hole?" (hello all, I'm still alive by the way)
  3. KingM535i

    Custom map

    Take a peek at the bits these guys are doing. Shame they're in California and their prices are a bit daft. http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/E28-E24-parts.html
  4. KingM535i

    Fuel Economy

    Having done a lot of miles in my M535i, on engines of this age I think condition and how well it's running makes a big difference. Using Shell V-Power gets a marked improvement and even the type and grade of oil seems to affect mine. I calculate the average mpg every time I fill up. As a rough guide (for M30b34) I've had the following; Motorway: 27-31 Cross country: 21-25 City: 10-13! So I think a 520i should do better than that!
  5. KingM535i

    Heresy maybe considering 16s over 17s

    I've had it with my 17's. With the state of the roads for the last few years, even only doing a few thousand miles a year, my back doesn't like the lumpy ride, things developing rattles, shaking loose or cracking, knackered shocks, knackered bushes... I want a set of 16's but I just can't afford to change them
  6. KingM535i

    Damned Boot Lid Condensation

    My boot used to be terrible for moisture until I replaced the rear light seals. It doesn't seem to happen now, even in cold and wet weather. I don't think BMW would have made a car that 'moisturises' itself! Not even in the 80's. Water must be getting in somewhere.
  7. KingM535i

    Z3 Gear Lever and Power Steering Pump

    I want a Z3 gearstick. May I ask how much and where from? Was it just the stick or the whole stick/linkage to the top of the gearbox?
  8. KingM535i

    A pothole has broken my E28

    I'm currently liaising with someone for a pair of black leather ones. If that doesn't work then I'll be in touch.
  9. KingM535i

    A pothole has broken my E28

    Jeebus! After finally getting through to someone at Surrey council I got directed to a well hidden part of their website. Here's just the summary of what they want; the exact location of incident with reference to an adjacent building or landmark; a full description of the defect with measurements; the time, date and weather conditions; direction of travel, by foot or vehicle; sketch of incident location and photograph; detail of damage plus two independent estimates for repair (unless repair was required immediately, eg. broken windscreen).; why you believe the highway authority is responsible for the accident. proof of vehicle ownership; copy of current MOT and insurance certificate; date of last service; any other relevant factors. Other relevant factors = the police report ref and some other things. The car has no sump, how am I supposed to get two independent estimates for repair without racking up daft costs??? The link, if anyone's interested; http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/your-council/complaints-comments-and-compliments/insurance-claims-against-the-council/highways-insurance-claims
  10. KingM535i

    What a fugly car

    I respectfully disagree with anything blobby. Square is cool! Like it was generated on an 8-bit computer.
  11. KingM535i

    DAB - has anyone got it? What do you think?

    I've had a DAB head unit in my E28 pretty much since DAB came out, and it's been permanently set to Planet Rock. There's absolutely no noticeable difference in quality over FM in a noisy M535i with it's four tiny speakers. I've found lack of signal to be the biggest problem by far. There is still virtually no DAB signal straight south of London and it's taken 8 years to get DAB up most of the M1. As soon as you encounter a hill it gets patchy again. They need to get a shift on with this change over, I'm still listening to CD's for most journeys! Also, Halfrauds is a rip-off. You can probably get the same thing on Amazon for less.
  12. KingM535i

    Brake Upgrades

    Please read my upgrade trials and tribulations! The useful info starts at post #27. Mine is for M535i though, so ABS. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/30827-e28-m535i-brake-upgrade-anyone-done-this-before/
  13. KingM535i

    E28 mile stone

    You know when that light comes on you've only got one gallon left, regardless of which engine you have? That ain't much with M30b34 city driving at 10mpg and that's assuming the sensor works properly! I've owned my M535i for eight and a half years and I've only seen the fuel light twice. Once was when I bought it.
  14. KingM535i

    E28 model 1/43

    I've been trying to find an E28 M535i model in Arctic Blue for years. No luck as yet!
  15. KingM535i

    Wish I had left it in the garage - now its damaged

    Sorry about the car dude, I feel your pain! Speaking from experience, I wouldn't bother with insurance companies unless there's no practical alternative. Even if it's not your fault, they're not interested in giving you money. Simply making a claim or even reporting an accident will bump your insurance price up and it could take all kinds of grief over a very long time to get any money out of the buggers. Is the car driveable? I know it's a trek from you, but this is the guy I use for bodywork, his name's Clinton Green and he restores classic cars. The guy is a metal and paint genius and his prices are some of the most reasonable I've ever come across. Munich Legends once quoted me £1200 for some welding on the sills and a bit of paint. Clint did that work and replaced a rusted portion of the spare wheel well and made a new bracket for the rear bumper, all by hand, for £330. As I said, reasonable. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Classic+Perfections/@50.8249302,-0.6104407,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x41ffae576735805c