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  1. mobilejo

    Collection advice

    Its the cosmetic stuff that would be on my priority list - check it didn't get damaged in transit. Its hard to prove you didn't damage it yourself if you take it home and bring it back later. Faults are not too much of an issue - they're covered under warranty. Whether you spot them on collection or a week later, you're in the same boat. Honestly, I wouldn't want to leave my brand new car at the dealer on collection day to fix a minor issue. I'm too impatient, I'd rather take it home and book it in for a week later.
  2. mobilejo


    Thanks for the tip - ordered a set from Amazon for £18 If I needed them today I would have - they do the same Bosch set for £28. Amazon will deliver next day for £18 all in and I'm not going anywhere today so can wait.
  3. mobilejo


    Has anyone replaced their wipers recently? Mine are dead (lasted 19 months from new which I thought was good), and just wondering where to get good replacements. Or is the consensus that the BMW ones work best and just get them from the dealer?
  4. mobilejo

    First Service

    Thats a good price for oil and microfilters. The BMW service website quotes £220 for just the oil on mine (540i). I wonder if its cheaper for a 520d? Which dealer did you use?
  5. mobilejo

    First Service

    No, std M Sport suspension. Still, you never know with these cars when the computer needs to be told about something new. It did have a new steering rack and with EPS, maybe the car has to be coded to the new rack or something...
  6. mobilejo

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Same. Very few features become absolute must haves for me - xenons or above was the last one many many years ago, HUD is the latest one for me.
  7. mobilejo

    First Service

    My service indicator lit up saying "oil service" - 13,000 miles and 1.5 yrs old. I called and booked it in for an oil service, and asked for a fixed price for "an oil service". The girl said that that would include microfilters, I told her no - I will change those myself. JUST do an oil service. Is yours requesting an oil service, or a vehicle inspection? My vehicle inspection is not due until 3 yrs old according my OBC - I won't own the car at that point but that's the one where I would expect them to tell me what is required once they've looked at it.
  8. mobilejo

    First Service

    BMW updated mine twice in 6 months!! First one was after coding my new keys post theft; I can understand that one. But the second one was 6 months later after going in for a suspension clunk under warranty. I have no idea why they did that one but I neither wanted nor asked for it.
  9. mobilejo

    Insurance after MPPSK

    They were very easy going about mods. I declare everything and each time, they were fine with it and the cost was low. You can ask them for a quote for mods that you are planning to do - they will tell you the price without changing the policy, then you can decide if you want to do the mods and call them back to get it added to the policy if you decide to do it.
  10. mobilejo

    Insurance after MPPSK

    It was after i already had the cover for a few months.
  11. mobilejo

    Insurance after MPPSK

    Try Directline. I declared my JB+ - and stated 15% BHP increase - My premium went up by around 5%.
  12. mobilejo

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    That's how it works on my car now when I have activated the speed limiter. Its actually not that bad, its essentially just activating the kickdown.
  13. mobilejo

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    Yep, two details which seems to buried int he stories and likely to be missed by most people are (1) the system will be switchable by the driver, so like auto stop/start, you could just turn it off every-time you start the car if so inclined and (2) when activated, you can still exceed the limit by pressing down hard on the accelerator - much like the speed limit feature in our cars now. So it seems more a case of "it will be mandatory to fit a speed limiting system in all cars but it won't be mandatory for drivers to use it"; that's just not as catchy a headline though is it.
  14. mobilejo

    A little change

    Your wrapping skills are a step up from mine - I tried to do mine myself and failed so I had them done by a pro when my roof got wrapped. I was able to do them on my F10 but only because you could remove the chrome strips on that car so it was much easier.
  15. mobilejo

    A little change

    He wrapped them with vinyl.