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  1. mobilejo

    Winter wheels/tyres

    Agreed. He has a G30 530d xDrive so definitely wants 112.
  2. mobilejo

    Things I hate about my 5 series

    If its not working for you, get rid of the car and get something else. How a seat feels to you is subjective - there are no facts other than the fact that you are not comfortable. Other people are comfortable in those same seats, meaning the car just ain't for you. Life is too short to be in pain. I had to sell an A7 after 6 weeks because the seats didn't suit me. I lost a couple of grand but I had to suck it up and admit I bought the wrong car for me. What else can you do.
  3. thats what I thought you'd say. Still waiting to see one myself.
  4. What did you think?
  5. Although... If the LCI were to get some huge grilles, would you still want one?
  6. Ha ha, totally understand what you mean. Some of the technical info is useful so I stick with it, but half of the threads are irrelevant to us and then there are the stereotypical American pompous windbags that post sometimes... Its amusing at times actually, annoying at others.
  7. That *should* be the LCI - MY2021 will be built around July 2020. If you're ordering in August, the LCI *should* have been announced and the ordering system fully updated by then. No guarantees, but thats the 'normal' timelines.
  8. Edit - It was the newer idrive that the F10 got as an interim update. I remember looking at F10's in 2015 and not being able to stretch to an LCI but making sure I got a late 2012, pre-LCI model for the newer idrive system.
  9. A BMW client adviser (salesman?) in the states has just posted the following regarding the US market: -With MY2020, every 5 series model now comes with the new Live Cockpit Professional with a 12.3" Digitial Instrument Cluster and 10.25" Center Display. This Live Cockpit will come with the same BMW iDrive 7.0 Operating System that launched on the G05 X5. -With the upgraded head unit, each car will now have updated Sport Displays in the center display and updated steering wheel buttons. -In the center console, a USB-C port has replaced the USB-A port to allow for faster charging times (3A current). The USB port near the cup holders remains as a USB-A port. -The 530e battery has been increased by ~25% from 9.2 to 12 kWh. -The M550i xDrive receives an upgraded N63 engine, increasing its power to 523 hp (+67 hp vs MY19) leading to a 0-60 mph of 3.6 seconds (-0.3 sec)! Helping to control all this power, it also receives a standard limited slip differential. -In terms of equipment, on the 530i/530e/540i models, the following options have been made standard. Comfort Access (322) -On the M550xi, the following options have been made standard Heated Front Seats (494) M Sport Differential (2T4) -For the MY20 5 Series, the premium contenting package structure has been slightly modified. Higher tier packages now include the content and price of the lower tiers. For example, Executive Package includes the content and price from Premium Package and Convenience Package and the packages are not combinableience. Overall, pricing remains unchanged. Package changes include: As Comfort Access has been made standard, Convienence Package (ZCV) includes Automatic Tailgate (316), Heated Front Seats (494), and Satellite Radio with 1 year subscription (655). Pricing is $850. M Sport (ZMP) and Luxury Package (ZPL) now include SensaTec Dashboard (4AW) As the digital instrument cluster is now standard, 6WB is no longer offered in Executive Package. MY2020 are cars being built from July 2019. This is not an LCI, just an interim update. I assumed they would hold off on ID7 and the new dials until the LCI, but there is no reason why they have to - the LCI is a cosmetic facelift (maybe bigger grilles? who knows) but BMW can update other features on an interim basis. The F10 got the optional LCD clocks as an interim update...
  10. mobilejo

    Collection advice

    Its the cosmetic stuff that would be on my priority list - check it didn't get damaged in transit. Its hard to prove you didn't damage it yourself if you take it home and bring it back later. Faults are not too much of an issue - they're covered under warranty. Whether you spot them on collection or a week later, you're in the same boat. Honestly, I wouldn't want to leave my brand new car at the dealer on collection day to fix a minor issue. I'm too impatient, I'd rather take it home and book it in for a week later.
  11. mobilejo


    Thanks for the tip - ordered a set from Amazon for £18 If I needed them today I would have - they do the same Bosch set for £28. Amazon will deliver next day for £18 all in and I'm not going anywhere today so can wait.
  12. mobilejo


    Has anyone replaced their wipers recently? Mine are dead (lasted 19 months from new which I thought was good), and just wondering where to get good replacements. Or is the consensus that the BMW ones work best and just get them from the dealer?
  13. mobilejo

    First Service

    Thats a good price for oil and microfilters. The BMW service website quotes £220 for just the oil on mine (540i). I wonder if its cheaper for a 520d? Which dealer did you use?
  14. mobilejo

    First Service

    No, std M Sport suspension. Still, you never know with these cars when the computer needs to be told about something new. It did have a new steering rack and with EPS, maybe the car has to be coded to the new rack or something...
  15. mobilejo

    Annoying Sat Nav in the display

    Same. Very few features become absolute must haves for me - xenons or above was the last one many many years ago, HUD is the latest one for me.