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  1. mobilejo

    A little change

    Your wrapping skills are a step up from mine - I tried to do mine myself and failed so I had them done by a pro when my roof got wrapped. I was able to do them on my F10 but only because you could remove the chrome strips on that car so it was much easier.
  2. mobilejo

    A little change

    He wrapped them with vinyl.
  3. mobilejo

    Does my car have swirl flaps ?

    Your 2018 car is totally fine. It was sound advice to remove them on much older models as they could (and often did) fall off into the engine and essentially destroy the thing. But BMW realised this (a little too late in the day for some people) and revised the engines. The advice to remove is valid for an old car, but definitely not for any G30. I don't know if the engines still have a re-designed flap, or none at all, but either way - no need to worry about taking bits out of your engine as the problems they caused no longer pose a risk. Besides, you still have 2 years+ of warranty to protect you against that sort of issue, and if you did remove the flaps (if there are any to remove) then your warranty could be affected adversely.
  4. mobilejo

    A little change

    I love the black touches - the only thing I am back and forth on is black wheels on the G30. I used to have black wheels on tons of previous cars so I'm not against them in general, I just haven't decided if I like them on the G30. Sometimes though, its just great to make a change, especially if you can reverse it any time. I actually wanted gloss black mirrors and very much like the look, but found some body coloured in the dark metallic grey colour on ebay and the grey matches the grey paint BMW use on the polished wheels so I went with those.
  5. mobilejo

    I wonder how much..

    The only G30 Alpina I've ever seen was black and had the full body decals. I thought it looked quite good in person, for the 30 seconds or so that it was in sight. I expected it to look OTT from the pics I have seen, but perhaps because the car was black, it was generally more subtle anyway. Maybe if I had been able to spend some time looking at it my opinion would be different.
  6. mobilejo

    Sunroof slide opening

    Are you talking about the glass, or the sun shade cover? The glass doesn't go all the way in. I realised that the responses above were referring to the sun shade cover - that WILL go all the way in with a second press of the button. I originally thought that referred to the glass but after trying it x1000 times I realised it does not.
  7. mobilejo

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    Good point! I know that most new technology is flawed and not fit for purpose, but for probably the first time I'm actually hoping for it. I guess you could always stick some tape over the KAFAS camera... I used to do that on the E46 light sensor to trick the auto lights so I would have the xenons on whenever the car was running.
  8. mobilejo

    This couldn't actually happen, could it?

    That pandemonium is what concerns me most - overtaking on suitable roads, and also every car on minor every road doing 30mph ALL the time. Surely there would be a mass slowdown. Many many 30mph roads move along at 40mph when its not rush hour. I don't have to overtake on minor roads because everyone is moving at 35+ - some old geezer in a Honda Jazz doing 27 is what usually causes the most frustration.
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carltonreid/2019/02/27/all-new-cars-to-have-speed-limiters-fitted-rules-european-parliament/amp/ Interesting. I'm not a proponent of irresponsible driving or excessive speed, but at the same time having every car physically limited at all times on all roads seems to the speed limit seems ludicrous. Most people would never see over 30mph on the majority of their journeys. I just cannot see how this will happen, as the idea seems bonkers to me. What do others think? Also, random thought: Would the last non-limited cars suddenly be worth a small fortune?
  10. mobilejo

    G31 540i and Winter Wheels/Tyres

    Be careful though - these cars all have different sized brakes The 530d with M Sport brakes has a 348mm front disk the F30 340i with M Sport brakes has a 370mm disk the 540i with M Sport brakes has a 374mm disk M Performance brakes are 395mm I don't know where the cut off is for 18's, but just warning that what fits on the 530d or 340i isn't guaranteed to fit on the 540i (Although there's a good chance as the 340i is only 4mm smaller).
  11. mobilejo

    530i, 540i or 530d

    You will only see the benefit of HK if you naturally tend towards having your music louder - at low volumes, inside a moving car, its hard to tell the difference between the base and HK obviously. As you increase volume, the HK will continue to give a clearer sound and be able to keep the bass & treble levels proportionate to the volume for longer. Turning up the base system, you get distortion earlier and you will notice the bass and treble seem to 'drop out' as the system struggles to cope earlier. I do listen to bass heavy music and its often fairly loud, so without HK I would be very unhappy. However someone listening to less bass heavy music or at lower volumes may not see the benefit. HK is certainly a better system but the question is whether you use it any way that you would often see the benefits of it being better...
  12. mobilejo

    Sunroof slide opening

    Learn something new everyday. I never knew it could go all the way. I know what I'm doing as soon as I get in the car today! Bravo!
  13. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    Yeah it's definitely not on your car then. I wonder what feature you need to get the emergency activation. Do you have 360 camera or just reverse? If the latter, maybe it's only with the 360 camera...
  14. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    I just checked, it's in the settings option (gear icon) on the left hand side of the screen which is only available when your reverse camera is on screen. The option in vehicle settings that you describe is for the forward collision systems only.
  15. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    Its called "Active PDC Emergency Intervention" in the menu. I can't remember its exact location - it maybe that you find it in the options when you are in the reverse camera screen. Or it may be in Vehicle Settings. I will check mine when I get back into the car and update.