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  1. mobilejo

    Keyless access break in

    This. Rreports of 'keyless car thefts' refer to cars where you don't have to touch your key/press a button to open the car. They won't say "comfort access" because not all manufacturers use that name. Keyless entry seems to be the more widely used term. If you have a BMW, without comfort access, they can't get in without force - breaking a window for instance. Once in, they could boost the signal to start the car but I haven't seen any cases of that. Seems a bit counter productive to have to physically break windows when the aim of the keyless thief is to get in and out in silence and without disturbance. If you have a key made after April 2018, it turns off the signal once sitting still after a few minutes. For a real deterrent, get something physical and visible like a Stoplock, disklock or whatever you prefer. I stopped using mine on my G30 as it was 2 years old and if it got stolen my GAP insurance would have seen me quids in. I recently traded that in for a new X6 and am back to using the stoplock on the X6 now.
  2. mobilejo

    Phone signal strength

    That always helped in my other cars (I live in a poor signal area) - having the phone on an airvent clip and with the aerial pointing up I could sometimes get an extra bar on the phone. You've got nothing to lose by trying it. As sjak92 said, the wireless charging tray includes an inductive connection to the car's aerial. I can get a solid 2/3 bars in places where I would get zero without putting the phone in there. I am a bit obsessed with phone signal as the roads surrounding my house are all crap for signal and when I jump in the car I can often be unable to make calls unless the phone is in the charging tray.
  3. mobilejo

    Speaker upgrade (Basic --> Harman Kardon)

    In my opinion, the single biggest advantage of HK is that it is already in the car and is good enough to stop me going through the hassle of upgrading the system later. It is not so good that I would put it in my car if I didn't already have it - I would definitely go aftermarket if I already have to go through the trouble of taking the car apart, and it would be probably be easier than a full HK retrofit. That being said, HK is a major leap over the base audio system, and the fact that it was just 'there' in my car with no effort required on my part, I am happy with it. Good luck with your mission in any event!
  4. The motoring press said the m550 was coming last year but it never materialised. Hopefully this time they're right. They have quoted the power figures of the 2017/18 m550i engine. The newer ones in the rest of the world now have the 530bhp engine from the m850i, I wonder if we do ever see the m550i which engine it would have...
  5. Interesting - I assume this is only because its a low co2 car? I thought they had withdrawn that, as I remember my brother looking at buying an i8 via his business years ago, as it had 100% FYA but there was a cut off period IIRC after which the 100% FYA would not be possible.
  6. Except 1 of my points was blatantly wrong - its not 2019 anymore, its 2020! It'll probably be June before I catch on!
  7. For my usage, even a 50 mile range would mean that 95% of my journeys would be on electric. I am seriously considering an X5 45e next, using my limited company to purchase/lease the car and me paying the BIK. Its almost a no brainer, except (1) the loss of personal mileage which I currently pay myself from my company and can add up to quite a lot of tax free cash and (2) I still really love my car.
  8. Its 2019. Everything has a blower now! And there is V8 G30 but even that has turbos (2 of them). Unlikely. The higher output B58 seems to only be used in the M-lite cars. The 740i LCI and new X5 40i both have the lower output B58. Can't see why they would put the higher output in the 540i when its not an 'M540i'. It wouldn't be the range topping 5 series, because the M550i exists. The fact that WE don't get it here doesn't change that. BMW is a global brand - as far as they're concerned, the range ends with the M550i. They're not sitting there thinking "we need to create a special 'UK' version 540i so that it tops the 545e because we do not sell the M550i there". If they wanted to give us a faster 5 series, they could sell the M550i here. They don't for one reason or another. Aside from that, the weight of the battery means that the performance is unlikely to be much different to the 540i; If you look at the X5 40i v 45e, there is a 54bhp power difference yet 0-60 is 1/10th slower in the hybrid. If the 545e is only getting 35bhp more than the 540i, but I imagine a lighter battery package, then it may be a similar result. I certainly wouldn't expect it to be massively different. The true benefit of the hybrid is the economy and BIK for company buyers.
  9. mobilejo

    Real World mpg 530d v 540i

    2 year average in my 540i is 21.5mpg - almost all short trips. For comparison, I saw 26.5mpg in my F10 535d for the same usage.
  10. mobilejo

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    Its both mechanical & capacitive - it needs a capacitive touch but it has to be pushed past the mechanical click. German over-engineering for you. I guess its a double protection so it doesn't get pressed by accident by a light finger brushing past the button unintentionally, and also isn't activated by a heavy object sitting on the button.
  11. mobilejo

    Adaptive Icon Light - switching on

    Its capacitive - it has physical movement (I assume to give feedback to the driver), but it is 'touch' sensitive and does not work through all gloves. Like CFD, I have tried with various objects and gloves. I have some 'smart phone' gloves that allow me to use my phone and the button works with those, but not with other gloves or any other object. This. I first found this out 2 years ago when I first got my car in winter and my experience hasn't changed since.
  12. mobilejo

    Reflection From Ambient Lighting

    I have mine on full brightness at all times, but never use the white. Not noticed a problem with reflections in the dark. I guess its also possible that your seating position may put you in a position where you see the reflections whereas mine does not.
  13. Check the American G30 forums - lots of people have; there are a number of options - Eibach, AC Schnitzer and some other brands I can't remember. My G30 is on passive M Sport suspension but my previous F10 had adaptive suspension which I lowered on AC Schnitzer springs. Looked x100 better, handled better and was still comfortable thanks to the variable damping. Why do you think that?
  14. mobilejo

    V-Power for 540i?

    I have noticed improvements with V Power in previous petrol cars, but they were all remapped. On those cars, the remap actively attempts to advance timing so the higher RON was actually recommended. But on my 540i, even with a JB+ installed, I don't see any improvements personally. Perhaps with the car being new (had it from 0 - 15,000 miles) and everything working at close to 100% still, there is less benefit to be seen. Or perhaps as standard (and even with the JB+ which doesn't actively alter timing but may do so as a byproduct of increased boost, I don't know) the car just doesn't stand to benefit as much as my previous ones and I am just not noticing it as the improvement is not as marked.
  15. mobilejo

    Bricked head unit due to Carplay?

    phew. I feel relieved and its not even my HU. But its good to know it can be fixed - I've DIY coded mine numerous times and I've always worried about bricking it.