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  1. e28 Hartge

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Thank you very much. It tends to rub people up the wrong way! Why? Because I managed to build it when other said it could not be done.
  2. e28 Hartge

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Been four years since I posted on here! Some of you may remember me? Well...Got the old girl out for the first time in four & a half years. Gave it a quick clean & it was off too the MOT station. Passed! No advisories!! Owned her now for twenty two years!! Time to show some love & finish off a few jobs. Love driving it.
  3. e28 Hartge

    Had the M5 sorted by Bespoke Leather

    Looks great.
  4. e28 Hartge


    Had a Powerflow exhaust on my 28 since Dec 2001! As my car is in bits getting rebuilt for the (Lost count!) time I decided to see what it would clean up like. It was covered in over a decade's worth of road salt & rubbish. A few hours with a fibre pad had it shining again & me a state of shock! I'm presently polishing it up so I can see my face in it! The stainless they use is very good based on the fact that my car was used all year round for 8 years before I got a bit precious with it. They should ask you what sort of sound you want before they build it. Pay close attention to the hangers & make sure that it's straight. Other than that I would say go for it. Also have the middle box placed underneath the rear passenger seat area. You get more torque & the cabin is much quieter. You will get a life time warranty card. You have to then pop into a Powerflow dealer once a year to have it inspected & the card stamped.
  5. e28 Hartge

    S38B36 engine in LHD E28

    I'm still working on mine. Been a lot of problems to over come but have just about cracked it. I class myself as a expert on this conversion seeing as I have done it! Hope you have deep pockets! 20k should JUST about scrap you through. That is borderline though. Good luck. Best way to learn is to do it yourself like I had too. The advice you will get from people how have not done it will be wrong but that is all part of the learning process. Once again good luck.
  6. e28 Hartge

    S38B36 engine in LHD E28

  7. e28 Hartge

    1981 Hartge E28 H5s

    Your a VERY lucky man! Do it justice.
  8. e28 Hartge

    Front end rebuild

    if your going to keep the car forever have the new panels & wings e coated. will never rust again.
  9. e28 Hartge

    German S38B36 engine into a UK E28?

    Good luck! Seems easy but it's not. If I could start over again I would have fitted an S54 instead of the s38b36. It's all done now though. You are going to end up spending a lot of money. There is no point in fitting the engine until you have renewed every gasket. Front & rear oil seals, sump gasket...the list goes on. Did you get the sensor wire that goes from the ignition wire to the crank sensor? Four years ago that cost me £127 on it's own. God only knows how much it is now! The type of braking system you have also dictates if the engine fits or not. What radiator are you going to use? Where are you going to put the ECU? How are you going to stop the manifold from fouling the power steering pipes? Been there done it & have nearly 40k in bills to prove it. As I said before...If I'd have known how much trouble it was going to be I would have fitted a S54. It's cheaper. S50b30 from the e36 M3 is a good engine in a e28 & with VAC shells will spin to 8k all day long without going bang. 300bhp Before you go any further. Sit down with a pen & pad & work every pound out that you will have to spend. I didn't do that. I just steamed into it & some four years later I'm just about returning to the normal guy I was before! You have been warned! Also I have the Fritz manifold fitted. It does not fit. You have to raise the engine by a min of 3mm for it to clear the steering box. That means that you will not be able to rap the manifold which will transfer heat into the steering box. Also it fouls the steering knuckle. The manifolds has to be fitted to the engine with it outside the car. If you need to remove it (And you will!!!!!) the engine has to come out!! I have done it nine times now. I've got it down to 5 hours. It will take you & a mate 7 hours! You will also have to remove a lot of brackets & make new ones up to hold other parts. You will have to modify the standard parts so you can get access to them without taking the engine out! What power steering pump are you going to use? The e28 M5 one is the only one that will take the revs. You will blow the seals out of the rest of them. Price up a e28 M5 power steering pump! What engine mounts are you going to use? Remember that this engine weighs a lot more that the M30 & will rock......which will mean that your manifold will hit the steering box & will come lose which means you have to remove the engine to fix it!! No one told me about the above. I found out the hard way. Make a list. Price it up & then times it by four, then double it. The oil return pipe cannot be reused. Three years ago one cost me £80 from BMW with a discount. It was fitted to the engine & snapped. I bought another one. Fitted it to the engine & it snapped! What I'm trying to say is there is a specific way of fitting parts to this engine which is different from others. For example the sump gasket has to be fitted & left for eight hours before you add oil. I could go on & on. Also check to see if parts you may need are still available from BMW. A number of pars are now NLA. Really you should rebuild the engine before fitting it. Depending on how you see you're going to spend 8 to 12 thousand pounds. Once again good luck. If you don't want to follow the advice I have stated above that's up to you. Remember one thing though.....I have a running car with that engine fitted!!!!
  10. e28 Hartge

    BMW E12 M535i

    Nice work. Have you removed the rear axle yet? You might find some more tin worm lurking underneath. Just speaking from experience.
  11. e28 Hartge

    BMW E12 M535i

  12. e28 Hartge

    Intermittent problem

    Also check fuel pressure.
  13. e28 Hartge

    Terraclean anybody had it done?

    I want Edd to do mine personally!
  14. e28 Hartge

    BMW E12 M535i

    Excellent. Love threads like this