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  1. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi Vlady Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will try to answer some of your concerns. Re the lighter steering, please note that it does have electric power steering, not the hydraulic power steering; secondly it is speed sensitive steering box, which I believe you know better than me, that's why you were feeling it light at lower speeds. Honda steering feel is also very soft and light. Re the fuel consumption, normally the average is coming under the graphs like in the attached photo. When I got my car, initially I was struggling to navigate my way around MFD system, but after spending 15 mins with it, it was as easy as any other familiar system. Normally there is a complete array of buttons hidden in the right hand side of steering, which control all these changes. I am talking from my experience from my car (mk3). I am assuming it's the same in this model (mk4) as well. Re the price of the car, I am sure you can find them a bit on lowered price if you search around, You can find it. I just had a quick look on eBay and there is a 2012 car with 95 k miles, and the seller is asking less than 15k. Though it has been there for some time which I think will give you a good negotiable hand. Before anyone jumps in to say I need to be a gold member for advertising, please bear in mind this is not my car and I am just reffering to the price as a guide. Re the car pulling to the left, I read about it and had it felt since I got it but I blame it on tracking. I believe my car may need a full 4 wheel tracking/ alignment. Re the squeaks, lexus has been criticized for a long time for not doing something to eliminate these squeaks in the cabin. But I put it down on individual car, as some cars do and some cars don't at all. I would suggest to look for any other lexus and drive it, so you can compare it. But if for any reason you get a squeak, there is always way to eliminate it. For example if you are having a squeak from passenger side, it might be the centre console coverings which are rubbing with main console and making noises, you can simply put some small bump stopper in between them to eliminate it. Hope I was able to help you.
  2. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    All the very best Vlady and have a excellent weekend. Manee
  3. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    As per my current experience, you will get 34-36 mpg in a city in summer, but as per reported it will drop to mid 20s in winter , depending on the temp. I have not experience this yet as I got my car in end of April. Recently on a 400 miles round trip, my tank average was 40 mpg .
  4. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi Vlady, yes I believe that you can take your car to any lexus dealer and ask them to do a stand alone hybrid system check. Mine is over 10 years old but it came with full lexus history, therefore I was not much worried; even though I purchased from a non lexus dealer. Apologies I was not much clear about the hybrid warranty, the standard mechanical warranty for hybrid cars; as per lexus official website is 60k or 5 years, which ever come first; but you can get extended warranty from lexus directly that should take you to the 10th year, this is the jest I observed after reading on lexus forum and on internet. Please correct me if I am wrong. As you mentioned earlier that the car you are looking at is 2012 model, so if I am not wrong the hybrid system should still be under warranty; being less than 10 years old. anyway I am attaching the link from lexus uk website, which can give you some idea about warranties. the link is https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/warranty/. The other thing I can think off, you can ask the selling dealer to get it serviced at lexus, the link to their service pricing is as under, please note that the if your vehicle is hybrid, the hybrid system check is included in that service. the link is https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/. Regarding the driving style, sorry I have no idea what it feels like to drive a Nissan Leaf; Sorry. But if we are talking about GS450h, no there is no difference in driving a hybrid compared to conventional car, other than it just moves effortlessly thanks to CVT gearbox. the only thing I can say about the gentle acceleration is, if you are super conscious about the fuel economy especially in the city, keep it under 30 and it will run mostly on the battery juice; but it will not last for ever so the engine has to kick in from time to time to top-up the battery. GS450h is a performance hybrid saloon, so it is quite loaded up with battery cell, iirc the normal Prius holds 20 battery cells, however GS has 40 battery cells, so it will empty the batteries pretty quick. When I am talking about the battery usage, please don't misunderstand when I say it will empty the battery means it will literary drain the hybrid battery. Every car is programmed to use battery in safe range, when it shows purplish bar (in a normal mode the bars are blue coloured), it means it is near to min ideal safe limit (say 80%); and the engine will kick in to recharge the battery; but as soon as it will be more than minimum safe limit and you are driving under 30, the hybrid system will kick in and turn off the engine without any judder. There is mostly a top bar space, that remains empty unless you drive on along downhill stretch of road, which help to turn the battery bars in green, but again it is still programmed not to over charge the battery. Same when you leave the accelerator or apply the breaks the system start to recharge the hybrid battery. in this way it will keep the battery happy. Regarding your experience about popping in a lexus dealer ship and having a feel about the new cars, I can totally understand where you are coming from. After getting my lexus, I had a chance to pop in my local lexus dealership, after looking at the cars there, I am of the view that lexus has totally changed the game, I went to a bmw dealership prior to going to lexus dealer ship, since then I am of the view that lexus has full potential to be a new market trend in coming future like once merc was, then it was bmw , then it was VAG group; and now mostly marques look the same and without character from distance. this is my personal view, every one has a right to disagree with it. So if you will end up with a GS 450 hybrid , I believe that you will not regret it, though you may need some time to get used to new car. I have been through this phase and believe me I am not looking back rather I look forward to a more refined and punchy car.
  5. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi NWJW As I said previously it is very underated car. It outperforms it's German rivals with such a comfort that can only be understood when u drive it for some time. I may be wrong but not everyone is ready to give it a fair chance either due to hybrid system perception and/or overshadowed by German marques. I appreciate that some people may say that ooh it sounds like a drone due to its gearbox, where revs stay constant and gear changes as per selected rev range, but to me that's the beauty of it as u don't have to wait or don't have to face any lag, just put Ur foot down and power is instantly there, infact it is there from stand still. U don't have to wait to reach certain revs to optimise the power output. Yes it is a proper sleeper, I can vouch for it, sometime I simply play by acting like a granny driver, but when no one is expecting then simply press a little bit of happy paddle n see others in my back view mirror.
  6. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi Vlady, By thoroughly checked over I meant all the usual checks plus checks for the shock absorber replacement, for instance in case of the model I have, ranges from 2006-2011, is known to eat shock absorber especially rear, due to the constant hybrid battery weight in that area. It's not a light battery by any means lol. Other than that I would also suggest to get the seller check the hybrid system by lexus, thought it is not expensive (under 100 on its own; iirc) but gives you a piece of mind as normally this check up comes with 1 year warranty for the system, depending the car is under 10 years old. Normally lexus cover the hybrid cars for upto 10 years, I am sure someone will correct it if I am wrong, but iirc it's a 10 years period. Other than these two additional checks every thing is like any other car. Re the hybrid battery, I had the dilema what I will do if anything goes wrong with battery, however since I got this car I figured out it's not as bad as it looks like. The batteries can be refurbished as well. So all in all what I understood from my experience is that it will not be more expensive to keep as compared to any BMW. Hope I was able to answer your question. Any other issues or questions, if you have I will be happy to assist. Regards
  7. manee

    I bought it - Lexus GS 450h! :)

    Hi Vlady, I recently moved from 5er to lexus and got a gs450h. Before getting it I had dilemma about these whether these will be as gd as a BMW but since a I got it, it has washed away all my dilemmas. So far I m very happy with my purchase, I can echo about the dealer experience. I appreciate that for some still it is not as good as a BMW but tbh it is massively underrated car and will perform if not better, equally to any German rival n leave them to dust with features that come with it as standard. If you decide to go for one, please ensure to get it thoroughly checked n where possible get a extended warranty from Lexus as well. Mine is 07 model but still has enough poke in it to put quite a few car to shame.... Re the fuel economy the best I had is 42mpg and mostly getting 35mpg in city driving. Bear in mind it's a 3.5 V6 engine accompanying the hybrid system. Combined with petrol n hybrid system we are looking for approx 349bhp, relying only on petrol will result in approx 292 bhp.
  8. As per title, I have a full set of headlights ring. These are rust free and in great shape, as can be seen in pictures. If you want more pictures, please do let me know and I can upload more. I am looking for £25 for the set including postage to mainland UK. If interested, please get in contact. Thanks.
  9. manee

    E34 Headlights Chrome Ring Frame

    Thanks for your input carl. Whenever I get chance I follow your build threads. How's your projects going on. Fair enough, i have a full set of 4 rings and they are doing nothing by sitting with me.
  10. Morning guys, I have a set of headlights chrome rings/frames from an e30/34. These are free from any rust and still in original condition. Any idea what's it's worth. Any one want them plz pm me, I have also a back headlights back plate lying around as well. Not sure which side it came from. I can send the pics if required. Thanks.
  11. manee

    I did it

    @ Vlady. Thanks. I know it's a risky decision to move from 5 but we only get life for once . Worth taking risks sometimes Yes definitely it's very comfortable and FASSTT for what it is. Will keep my fingers xed, hopefully it will be leaps more reliable than a 5er
  12. manee

    I did it

    Afternoon lads and ladies So after having some e39s and lurking for e60s, I finally talked myself into a Lexus and got one in hybrid flavour with SE-L trim level n full lexus history. I appreciate it may be a marmite for some but hey ho. First impressions, it's so much quieter at ready position and the power is there to propel in a proper way; from stand still. Looks (to me; at least) far expensive and sophisticated as compared to its rivals at time. It has a nice sound system (Mark Levinson), fully functional as well without any glitch; as standard unlike pricey options of logic7 or similar, in e60 or later versions. Radar cruise control works a treat especially on motorways and there is effortless acceleration at any speed. Heated and cooled seats work a charm and keep u cosy. The things I did not like is the sat nav is old enough , it's not showing local street and doesn't have the capacity to update for a live traffic info (it may have and it is possible that I don't know how to use, any help would be great). MFD does take some time for you to to understand your way around it, like any iDrive system, but when you are familiar with this, it's not a brainer. Any tips and suggestions are welcome.
  13. manee

    2000 523i in Orient Blue

  14. manee

    2000 523i in Orient Blue

    Don't know abt the previous owners thoughts abt interior tbh Black leather has its own place I guess as it hides all the small scuffs and other stains unlike beige. Re DSP, please take no offence but I think it was nice in its days but now it's way out of date in today's world, don't get me wrong it's still better than the standard radio player but now a days it can only be used just to keep an OEM look. Re the rust I am not aware of any visible, can't vouch for any hidden as I had the car for only 2 months and out of these two months I only used it only to bring it back home from seller, take it to MOT station and make some pictures in a retail park. Other than that it's been parked up on my drive ever since. Re your offer, I am sorry buts it's very low and at that offered price i would keep it.