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  1. Thanks James - looks like a broken finger but otherwisw all present and correct. Andy - yup would be interested chap. Let me have the full pitch bud Mark - as above but not what im initially looking for and a little budget but could always be tempted i guess!? Cheers D
  2. Hi all, been a while since my last post. Just thought i'd release some of my misery with some forum therapy. Some tit in a defender travelling too quick took my 530D out on Friday morning while driving towards Penn Festival for a top weekend - not to be. Completed smaked in all the drivers side and was written off within a few hours of being towed away - grr! Insurance have made an offer so im now in shopping mode once again. After owning 2 E39s im going to look for another so i'll be doing the usual autotrader/ebay/forum/pistonheads searching. I dont want to spend any more than £3k and there seems to be a lot out there under this. We'll see eh. Cheers all!
  3. b.m.w

    Remote control door keys

    Yes you can, DIY guide here: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=315311 The other option is, currently your car is coded to cancel the alarm by remote only, you can go to any garage/ person who have the diagnostic tool/coding tool to code your car to cancel the alarm by remote and key Big thanks John!
  4. b.m.w

    Remote control door keys

    Any know if the battery can be replaced? My second key has lost its charge - which renders it useless because if you open the car with the door-lock the alarm goes off and you cant cancel it.
  5. Im near Maidenhead if anyone fancies a beer/coffee sometime
  6. b.m.w

    Hard drive capacity

    Yup - treat yourself to a new hard drive: you'll need to find out wether yours is SATA or IDE. Check out http://www.novatech.co.uk for ideas of prices and sizes. If you get stuck let me know bud.
  7. b.m.w

    Michael DS' trip south..................

    Ive added myself for this, therefore: 1. Dimsum - '97 (Build date '96) 540 saloon auto. Box oil/filter change + Software update if poss, Diff Oil and Engine oil too, Brake fluid and power steering flush. Bexleyheath/London. 3. Nazzamataz - 1999 520 e39 manual saloon - gearbox oil/diff/ engine oil/filter and fit a new oil level sensor (supplied by me) London. Around easter would be good 4.King Eric 2002 530 Auto. Everything! London and will take a day off to ensure I can make it 5.valmiki 2001 530i Auto everything too! I'm in Swansea. 6. gbshahaq - London. Complete auto box oil change pls - if before April 7. Radiant 2003 530d Auto. (Auto & Diff) Biggleswade Bedfordshire / London 8. Double-6s - gearbox oil/filter and diff oil change please. Brighton - so london for me depending on date. 9. ClemQjeronimo 10. ttrw2 - London. 2002 530d Maunal. Gearbox and diff pls 11. B.M.W 2000 530D Auto Touring - box oil/filter change
  8. So given my new purchase with 185K on my 530d auto touring i guess i should think about a change eh! What sort of price will i be looking at?
  9. Done - good luck with the analysis and let us know what conclusions you discover eh!
  10. b.m.w

    530d owners........

    Slooby that was great reading chap - although i now need to go and check all these issues Can you tell me where the bog roll breather is!? Cheers Darryl
  11. b.m.w

    My 97 540 Auto in Cosmos Black

    Cheers bud. Btw. I'll have them grills if you're gonna replace them. May be meet up some where?
  12. b.m.w

    My 97 540 Auto in Cosmos Black

    BTW: have left you positive feedback. Ill get some pix up when ive sorted some of the flat paintwork.
  13. b.m.w

    My 97 540 Auto in Cosmos Black

    Ahh - that's a mighty fine car you have their chap I have some other goodies for you bud: i have some paint for the sports bumper and some very nice German style number plates with license stickers and branded surrounds no less. Might be tricky sending the paint so let me know when youre next in the area eh! So good to see you're enjoying her - i miss her! Have replaced her with a 530D touring which is just what i need.