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  1. dubmonkey

    E60 coding, What's required

    Hi Guys I've got a CCC to CIC upgrade to carry out but currently I have an E60, a pile of stuff on the way, a laptop and a can do attitude. What else do I need to get involved?? I know I'll need an OBD cable but which one? And obviously software but again which one? I'm happy to mess about with the PC as required - just need to know what to purchase/install. Cheers Monkey
  2. dubmonkey

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fixed the rear heater vents the kids had kicked in
  3. dubmonkey

    Choosing an E60 M5

    Late to the party but I purchased an 05 E60 M5 on 80K in January. Driven daily and it's been awesome. I bought it from an indy and insisted on the crank shells being done as a precaution before I purchased it. Good thing too as when removed they look like they would have failed soon. I really wouldn't buy one without this being done. Other than that the only bill in the service history that seem out of the ordinary was for a new shark fin aerial. Let's face it, we know M ownership isn't going to be cheap we enter into these things.
  4. dubmonkey

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Good news! I found your other thread on doing that. Also found a guy on German eBay that will machine out the trim to the right shape. Although the thought of cutting the original M5 aluminium trim does make me cringe. Also can't find the right button combo for the full LCI console swap. They all seem to have DSC where I want the tyre pressure warning button
  5. dubmonkey

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Hi, slightly off topic question. Does the LCI controller with the shortcut buttons work on the OEM CCC?? Cheers Monkey
  6. dubmonkey

    540 One touch start????

    Nice one fellas, that would explain why the manual I looked at didn't have one touch then! Monkey
  7. dubmonkey

    540 One touch start????

    Hey guys My old 540 se had a one touch start feature. Is this std or was it an option?? Cheers Monkey
  8. dubmonkey

    Should I buy.... 540 content

    I'd be interested in the details of that one then! J Looks like it's gone now but was live yesterday
  9. dubmonkey

    Should I buy.... 540 content

    Thanks for the replies guys I know it's the wrong car, I still love the colour combo though so that was swaying me but looking at the market it's overpriced. I found a 535 genuine sport on an 02 with less miles, nav and a sunroof for £3800, just the wrong colour. Not pressed to get a new car though so will keep looking Cheers Monkey
  10. dubmonkey

    Should I buy.... 540 content

    Hello I went to view a 540 last night which had a few problems. It's a 97 with 144K, a manual SE with factory Mtech suspension and factory sport seats, shadow line and phone. It's had Sport bumpers fitted at some point but the front doesn't have the under trays and the back has a tow bar cut out with in fill but this car has no tow bar The list of issues would normally make me walk away but the colour combo is sooooo good and I'm not sure I'd find another. It's Fjord Grey with Saddle Tan Sport leather. Mechanical: PAS cooler by passed knock from steering on full lock - suspect broken wing liner fouling wheel dash display - common issue I know Random vacuum hose plugged with bolt! Stupid after market quad exit exhaust - too loud, couldn't live with it. Bodywork: front and back bumpers need work + paint bootlid switch doesn't work + rusty minor rust bubbling on the sills I reckon I could get it for 2800. I know i'd probably have to throw £1000 at it to get it up to scratch, is the colour combo worth that or are their loads of them out there with that leather??? Monkey
  11. dubmonkey

    540 PAS fluid cooler

    Hey fellas I went to see a 540 last night with a view to buying it but the PAS cooler had been by-passed with a short length of hose. This immeadiatly rung alarm bells of poor maintainence, if they haven't fix that what else hasn't been done or has been bodged. Is the the PAS cooler part of the main rad or is it a separate unit?? I couldn't see enough to work it out. Cheers Monkey
  12. dubmonkey

    Newbie - after a V8 E39

    Hello fellow forum users I'm new to the site and am looking to buy an E39 with a V8 lump. 540 preferably but I'll go with the right 535 Been through a few BMWs in my past... two E36 328 Sports, E36 M3evo Cab, E39 540 SE, so no stranger to the marque. Also into my Vdubs, hence the username. I have a '92 VW caddy in the garage under going full resto. Will be bugging you all in the techie sections and asking buying advise questions as well. See ya soon Monkey