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  1. Hi all As some of you may know I enjoy cycling and take part in various rides during the year, in the main these are around 50miles. In July this year I’m taking part in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100. The ride starts in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, then follows a 100-mile route on closed roads through the capital and into Surrey’s stunning countryside. With leg-testing climbs and a route made famous by the world’s best cyclists at the London 2012 Olympics I’ll be riding on behalf of the charity Bloodwise. https://bloodwise.org.uk/ Bloodwise is a UK based charity dedicated to funding research into all blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, as well as offering information and support to blood cancer patients. Bloodwise's vision is to beat blood cancer and been working to beat it since 1960. My target is to raise £400 in sponsorship by the ride on 30th July. It would be fantastic if you could spare a few pound towards this fantastic charity. My just giving page link is below. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/paul-macdonald Thanks in advance. Paul
  2. Maca

    Air con compressor

    I think they were all the same (but I could be wrong) the only difference I recall is whether its a Factory fit or Dealer fit system. If its factory fit its easy to get bits if its dealer fit then its a ball ache.
  3. Maca

    RIP Donut

    Only just heard about this via FB, such sad news. RIP Darren Maca
  4. Maca

    My audio build thread

    @Barney If you mean you are going to be running the same set up as me then it will all depend what you are running on the other side of the BOB. The BM54 connects to the LC2i via the front speaker wires. The LC2i connects to the BOB via 1 x short RCA lead Intravee to BOB 1 x Ai Net cable BOB to PXA H100 1 x Ai Net cable PXA H100 to Amps 3 x RCA Leads PXA H100 to Intravee Switch 1 x Ai Net cable The switch will allow to run up to 3 Ai Net connect items so it depends what you are looking to run from there as to how many more leads you will need. I have a CD Player, DVD Player and iPod so I use 2 x Ai Net cables (the one for the ipod goes via the KCA 420 which then you plug the ipod into) and 1 x Ai Net to RCA converter cable (for the DVD).
  5. Speakers hitting is a massive prob on these cars, to make sure this didn't happen I trimmed and sanded parts of the door card away, nothing I have taken off effects the door card at all. And as you can see I have enough flat space for a 6.5" I also cut away the vapour barrier from behind the baffle, dyno-matted the hell out of the inside of the door, front of vapour barrier and then sealed the front of the baffle to the barrier with more dyno-mat. I also made a foam ring covered in dyno-mat to deal the gap between the door card and speaker. Idea being that it uses the door as a box and that the sound goes no where apart from out via the grill in the door. It ended up being a horse shoe shape with the bottom cut out as a full circle wouldn't fit when trying to put the door card back on. I am using the Hybrid audio with the inverted suspension rings but we did the same trimming to my mates car and his JL Audio 6'5s don't hit either.
  6. Maca

    My audio build thread

    Keeping the oem head unit will always be a compromise, but I did exactly the same as did a friend. I'm running the same processor, convertor, Intravee and bob as you are doing along with Hybrid Audio speakers F & R, 2 x 12" W6 subs and DLS amps. It sounds great and most people that have heard it think the same, with the time correction and cross over that the processor offers you can get some really good staging and bring the sub / subs right forward with the setting up. Yes with an aftermarket head unit you could get better but like you I wanted the oem look and didn't want to lose all my functions or re-set. I used 6.5" in the front door, the Hybrid Clarus do have a trick inverted suspension ring which allowed more room, What I did was to kind box the mdf baffle into the vapour barrier, cut the barrier away from behind the baffle and then dyno-mat the hell out of the in side of the door, front of the barrier covering the baffle. I also made two sealing rings that go between the door card and baffle so that the sound can only come threw the speaker grills. I also used a sander to make sure there was a nice fat area on the inside of the door card for the speaker so that it wouldn't touch anything when used in anger. Works really well. I used 5.25's in the rear, just put them in the standard boxes, I have them turned right down but its a big car and I like a little rear fill, and its good if you have rear passengers. Oh and tweeters are best behind the mirrors not in the doors.
  7. Maca

    E39 BBK fitted finally!

    Its a good set up, I had them before the Stop Techs, if you do fit the rears you will need a 5mm spacer for the rear wheels to clear the face of the calliper.
  8. Maca

    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    ours are here now to
  9. Maca

    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    Not got mine yet and postman has been today. Also if any one can't make it I have a late comer who would like to get on the stand with his M5
  10. Maca

    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    Just made Payment for me, Dan, Pete and Tango. Phill Can't make it 1. mikem - E39 M5 - PAID 2. Jam172- PAID 3 Jut535 - PAID 4 Splondike - PAID 5. Joss- PAID 6. Simonc- E60 M5 - PAID 7. Duffy 8. Shaun. 9. M3530dsport – E39 M5 10. Shaz – E60 PAID 11. Andy530dE60 – E60 12. Metscarson – E60 M5 13. Ifti007 – E60 14. Baus – E60 15. Horsey – E60 16. Maca - E39 M5 - PAID 17. Dan - E39 M5 -PAID 18. Pete - E39 M5 - PAID 19. Tango - E39 540 - PAID 20. Oxo - e39 -PAID 21. Kadir – E60 - PAID 22. Bumbaclart 23. Jay_W – E39 24. Initial M – E60 25. ROB163 – E60 26. Henry - E39 - PAID 27. Lukesullivandavi - PAID 28.Copey- 2014
  11. Maca

    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    I'll be making payment for Me, Dan, Pete, Tango and Phil next week
  12. Maca

    Bmw Santa Pod 27th September

    If we have a forum stand then count us in 1. mikem 2. Jam172 3 Jut535 4 Splondike 5. Joss 6. Simonc 7. Duffy 8. Shaun. 9. M3530dsport 10. Shaz – E60 11. Andy530dE60 – E60 12. Metscarson – E60 M5 13. Ifti007 – E60 14. Baus – E60 15. Horsey – E60 16. Maca - E39 M5 17. Dan - E39 M5 18. Phil - E39 M5 19. Pete - E39 M5 20. Tango - E39 540
  13. Well done on a great stand and turn out Geoff. Must admit thou it was nice just turning up and parking for a change :) Echo above was nice to hook up with every one again and meet some new faces.
  14. Been busy, but my tickets arrived thanks so that's: Maca, Dan, Steve, Phil and Tango all set.
  15. All paid and 1 person added. 1. Mr Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 M Sport (PAID) (PAYPAL) 2. RumRunner E34 525iSE as long as it is ready by then (PAID) (PAYPAL) 3. 711JRP (Pete) E39 m5 (PAYPAL) 4. Simonc E60 M5 (PAID) (PAYPAL) 5. Jut 535i e28 m535i (PAID) (PAYPAL) 6. Maca E39 M5 (Paid) 7. Steve T E39 M5 (Paid send to maca) 8. Dan E39 M5 (Paid send to maca) 9. Phil E39 M5 (Paid send to maca) 10. Stuclark E39 530i M Sport (PAID) (PAYPAL) 11. Mikem. E39 M5 113 (PAID) (PAYPAL) 12. Pritesh E39 530d (PAID) (PAYPAL) 13. onks e39 m5 ((PAID) (PAYPAL) 14. Micky dmw e39 540 - send to onks (PAID) (PAYPAL) 15. Bungles e28 m535i No.1 (PAYPAL) 16. BRussell87 E39 530i + wife and daughter (PAID) (PAYPAL) 17. Jam172 E28 528i (PAID) (PAYPAL) 18. Jamworth E39 530i Sport (PAID) (PAYPAL) 19. M3 Matt - e39 525se (PM sent for money) 20. Rado16v e34 535i sport (PAYPAL) 21. Splondike - E28 M535i (PAID) (PAYPAL) 22. jholzherr - e39 m5 (james) 23. Dongiov - E34 24. Rays535i E60 545i (PAID) (PAYPAL) 25. amand - E39 540i (PAID) (PAYPAL) 26. oxo - E39 528i 27. Kadirllb - E60 530d M Sport 28. Denniscooper - E39 530d Touring 29. ZM2389 - E39 M5 (possibly another car) 30. Has - E39 M5 (PAID) (PAYPAL) 31. Arfan - E34 tourer 32. Andy530dE60 - E60 33. Beemarman - F10 M5 (PAID) (PAYPAL) 34. Fullhouse - F11 35. Bungles e28 m535i No.2 (PAYPAL) 36. Tango E39 540i Sport (Paid send to maca)