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  1. paperjams

    E39 ski bag and trim

    Can do £50 posted
  2. paperjams

    E39 ski bag and trim

    Ummm yes I think I do!
  3. paperjams

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    Thanks for your advice chaps
  4. paperjams

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    Advert now on PH https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/12097919
  5. paperjams

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    new pics added - car will be going on auto trader in the next couple of days
  6. paperjams

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    The car is whisper quiet on the Goodyear’s and I did notice a difference but it had 10 year old tyres on before I changed!
  7. paperjams

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    £2250 ono a located in Sandhurst This has been a project car of mine over the past 2 years and I will miss it but I fancy a Z4M and so this has to go to make room. The car is in lovely condition and the paint is very good. It has been stored in my garage since I bought it and not driven in the rain. The carpets are like new and the wood trim is unmarked. It really benefits from a manual gearbox and is decent on fuel. It has the original purchase receipt and loads of history. Spec: Black leather with sport seats Sport steering wheel Sunroof OEM CD head unit I have upgraded the roll bars to sport ARB so a nice soft ride but without the roll Car has covered 115,000 miles with good service history, in my ownership I have replaced: 4 new Goodyear tyres Radiator waterpump Vanos seals Oil filter housing gasket Drive belt and tensioner Oil service Thrust arm busheso Rear subframe bushes Front drop links DISA refurb kit including new membrane Both headlights refurbished including new adjusters New spark plugs gearbox oil change diff oil change brake fluid New rocker gasket Air filter/fuel filter wipers Much more but I will add as I remember There is one very small bit of rust on the rear end of the drivers sill which was started by a stone chip - the jacking points are rust free. No rush to sell and test drives are welcome (with insurance proof) I will not entertain taking lots of people out in the car.
  8. paperjams

    Late BMW F10 530i / D or Audi A6?

    I have almost the same car as you buy touring and with a manual box, it has been with me for 5 and a bit years and done 100k miles so I have been looking to change but I cannot find anything that takes my fancy. I usually spend 16-20k on a car and there isn’t much with the space and pace of the mapped f11 3.0 for that kind of money
  9. paperjams

    Quote please

    I’m after a set of front discs/pads and sensors for my 525d f11. Reg no v061 gxh can you confirm the size of the discs please too thank you
  10. BMW detachable tow bar for E39 5 series. All brackets to replace the bumper impact supports and wiring, also included is lighting control module, spare wheel holder for the tow hook covers for bumper when not in use one silver (saloon) and one primed (touring). Included within the sale is a touring bumper in black which the cover bracket clips to which can be transferred on to your bumper. pics to follow £150 ono
  11. paperjams

    E39 ski bag and trim

    Removed from a 98 saloon with folding seats. It comes with the plastic surround and bag itself. In very good condition with no rips in the bag or cracks in the plastic pics to follow & happy to post £50
  12. paperjams

    1998 528i Auto breaking

    Don’t suppose the fuel door including hinge are available and not bent? If so how much would you want
  13. paperjams

    525i - performance gains

    How about changing your diff for a lower ratio, that will improve acceleration and easy/cheap to swap. I did this on my 530. It is also supercharged and has no interior
  14. I have a set of aluminium trim from my 2011 f11 I’d be interested in swapping... only issue is my car is a manual, I’m guessing yours is auto?
  15. paperjams

    Boring wander around the garages

    The early f10 was available as a 523 & 528 with the 3.0 n/a 6 cylinder (auto & manual). My in laws had one