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  1. paperjams

    New to Bravarian Brawn

    welcome along... any pics of the new car?
  2. I replaced my e39 530i touring (manual box) with an f11 3.0 with a manual box about 4.5 years ago. I still have 2 e39s so can easily get my fix! I never really enjoyed driving the touring e39 all that much. as a daily the f11 is a nice place to be and the 6 cylinder and manual gearbox keep me involved enough. I had it remapped too
  3. paperjams

    Saloon boot latch

    I had the same problem and repaired the wires going into the boot - about 8 broken wires in 2 places. Quite an enjoyable job to solder/heat shrink everything up and doesn’t really cost much. All fixed now
  4. paperjams

    New E39 owner

    That’s lovely, what are your plans?
  5. So after picking up my 523i in November I have had a little time to tidy it up. Car now has Anti roll bars from my 530i sport track car which has made a big difference. I have also changed - Rad, w/pump/ vanos/ rocker gasket/filter housing gasket/4 new tyres/full service/ re dyed the faded parcel shelf/ new headlights & adjusters etc etc. My aim is to get it looking as tidy as possible and just enjoy!
  6. paperjams

    Android replacement

    Ive ordered one of their units and its on its way to me... I had planned to use my phone as a hotspot, I didn't realise the unit has a sim slot. How long have you had it installed? Any issues?
  7. There’s rust clearly visible! Mad price... even without the rust
  8. paperjams

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Fantastic, must be one of the best examples remaining now. A credit to you
  9. paperjams

    Independent Specialist for servicing in Surrey

    I have my f11 serviced there. They were very thorough and gave me some really good advice. Highly recommended
  10. paperjams

    530i Manual Clutch Swap

    I did a smf on my old e39 530i touring... I didn’t like it to be honest. There was much more engine vibrations through the car than I was expecting and i could hear gear chatter that I couldn’t hear before. In retrospect I would always go dmf
  11. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Yes orient blue. My dad had almost exactly the same car brand new back in 1998. I remember going to the dealership to spec up and then collect the car. It was from the same dealer this car is from too
  12. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Given the car a clean, also replaced some damaged trim inside the car after a trip to the scrap yard
  13. what sort of condition is the N/S headlight in? Much condensation? If okay how much posted please?
  14. paperjams

    N/s pre facelift e39 headlight

    I’m after a halogen pre facelift ns headlight with orange indicator. Mine has suffered with water ingress and all metal parts are very rusty. I’m as good a condition as poss please
  15. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Only a quick snap after a refuel on the way home, I plan to take a few more pics in the next few days... photoupload