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  1. paperjams

    Xtrons units

    It works well if you can configure CarPlay or the android equivalent.
  2. paperjams

    The E39 range is 25 years old.

    Having owned 4 e39s an e61 and now my f11 for 6 years I find that the f11 has been the most trouble free and the car I have kept the longest, possibly due to the current used car prices. The e39 is much more interesting and enjoyable to drive but the f11 is now 11 years old and still drives like new (just had a new set of koni special active dampers) i did not enjoy the e61 at all (530d) and sold within 6 months
  3. paperjams

    New owner, not new to forum!

    £1350?!! That’s a bargain!!
  4. paperjams

    E38 728i Concourse Project

    Stunning, I bet that’s glorious in the flesh
  5. paperjams

    Android head unit

    I bought the android unit for my f11 about 18 months ago now and it’s been faultless in that time. I mainly use it for wireless apple CarPlay.
  6. paperjams

    523i indicators

    Glad to hear it, I do miss it! Keep me updated with any changes you make along the way
  7. paperjams

    523i indicators

    Strange fault, my 530i did it once a few years back so I got a replacement lcm but it never did it again. How are you finding the 523?!
  8. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yep, im in exactly the same situation. I did try and lease a 330e touring a few months back but the cost kept increasing and there is no stock around... gave in! I didn't replace the springs as the fronts looked like new and the car has had recent airbags on the rear. I was recommended the Koni special active by a friend who runs balance motorsport - if you don't have active dampers its the next best thing
  9. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yeah its a big help - I can't take credit as its my good friends' workshop. He works on high end cars but doesn't mind a tired 5 series every now and again
  10. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I would have replaced my F11 by now usually after nearly 6 years of ownership but the cost of a replacement is just silly. I decided therefore to fit a set of Koni special active dampers. The original sport suspension was crashy and felt tired. The new dampers are a big step up and give a very smooth ride over bad roads whilst keeping a sporty edge when wanting to push on... very happy
  11. paperjams

    Hello from Tyne & Wear

    It’s strange, my z4m is cheaper to insure than my old mini, 523 e39 and my f11
  12. paperjams

    Screen in F10?

    I’ve been using a uk version from droid uk in my f11 for over a year now, I got it with the wireless CarPlay adaptor and it’s great. It really modernised the car from my 2011 small screen sat nav
  13. paperjams

    E39 ski bag and trim

    Can do £50 posted
  14. paperjams

    E39 ski bag and trim

    Ummm yes I think I do!
  15. paperjams

    *DEPOSIT TAKEN* E39 523i SE Manual 1999

    Thanks for your advice chaps