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  1. paperjams

    E39 528i SE touring

    that's very nice indeed
  2. paperjams

    Buying advice for F11

    I really like it - I really wanted a petrol 6 pot with a manual in an F11 but gave up looking. The n57 with a manual box is quite a nice combo
  3. paperjams

    Buying advice for F11

    I have a mapped 3.0d f11 with a manual box and its decent when up and running but 1st gear is quite short. I am sure the auto is better in every respect but I just prefer manuals. I quite easily average 40-45mpg with lots of short journeys. I got the car with 40k miles and its now knocking on 100k. I recommend oil changes every 8-10k and I will be getting the chains checked when it hits 100k miles.
  4. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    I noticed the rear footwell was soaking wet, resealed the door membrane as the other side did the same thing about a year ago... it was completely loose. I also did an interim oil change (try to do this every 8k miles). Thought I may as well do the gearbox oil too while I was at it, nice and smooth now
  5. paperjams

    Fresh meat

    nice touring, I had one exactly the same a few years ago
  6. paperjams

    Most reliable luxury car, F10

    Great cars, I’ve had my 525d (3.0) for getting on for 5 years and nearly done 100k. It’s had glow plugs, clutch and flywheel, air bags on the rear suspension and egr. I don’t think that’s too bad. I have absolutely no plans to change it
  7. Do you have the drivers kick panel trim still? Also a drivers door seal in good condition?
  8. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    Heres the 530 at brands last month with a good friends evo and a shot of the red touring interior
  9. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    I have my F11 so I'm still in the club! I had a 530 manual sport tourer a few years ago but just couldn't gel with it - it never really felt quite right. I still have my old 530i (purchased back in 2009) and it is hopefully going to be supercharged very soon. It has done about 15 track days now and such a great car.
  10. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    I like how the SE wheel makes it feel like a classic BMW to drive but I like the sport wheel with the manual gearbox in the 523. Im giving the touring to a friend to replace his Volvo, I don't have space to keep it sadly (I do have 2 E39's already)
  11. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    Just standard SE with leather, intensive screen wash, auto wipers... it did have a sport wheel but I robbed it for my 523 https://i.postimg.cc/KjXjfGdw/IMG-7868.jpg
  12. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    There’s a little bit of lacquer peel on 2 panels and a little bubbling on the arches but nothing around the jacking points. It was a very cheap car that needs a little tidying up so I’m not too fussed. I just can’t stand these cars being scrapped!
  13. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    its done several trips now - its got a wheel speed sensor fault and cam sensor too. No overheating or running issues. The rocker gasket is pissing out oil but that's a nice easy fix. One saved from the scrap yard I think
  14. paperjams

    Bought another e39- again

    So I had the opportunity to buy a 528 touring with over heating issues very cheap... turns out, the car got hot and was shut down - it then wouldn't restart with suspected low compression. I got the car trailered to my house and started work. It turns out there was no fuel at all. I popped a new radiator and water pump in to see If it was worth saving and it is as sweet as anything, really smooth and powerful. Anyway...
  15. paperjams

    New to Bravarian Brawn

    welcome along... any pics of the new car?