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  1. paperjams

    F10-upgrading subwoofers

    i started out with the base system, I added tweeters in the BMW oem sails, upgraded the mids and subs with the MB quart items. Once these were all upgraded I added an slimline amp behind the dash - the difference is amazing. Don't bother upgrading the subs alone as you won't really notice a difference. The mids and subs are on the same channel anyway - if you want to make a difference with minimal outlay I would just add tweeters then add bass blockers to the mids.
  2. paperjams

    Awful car!

    I’d much rather have a focus or Mazda 3 than a new 1 series. The usp is gone with the loss of 6 cylinder and rwd.... If I absolutely had to have a new hatch back
  3. paperjams

    New Ride

    looks nice, drivers seat looks a little grubby though
  4. paperjams

    Shocking trade in value on my F11

    Very true, my plan is to run my 2011 F11 for as long as I can - I have had it nearly 4 years but I still really enjoy it. I am not quite sold on the G31 either so have a lot of thinking to do before I choose it's replacement
  5. paperjams

    Shocking trade in value on my F11

    blimey, that does seem a little low!
  6. paperjams

    New owner F11 530D msport

    im pretty sure I have seen you at Bedford at least once when I was there in my E39. F11 and clios look great.
  7. paperjams

    M54B30 engine pinking/pinging/knocking/detonating

    I had this problem with my e39 m54b30 back in 2009 when purchased and only really solved it within the last year or so. The car is now coded to run cooler as when cruising the temp is allowed to increase raising the temp in the head causing pre detonation. Now The car does not pink under load when being driving carefully or hard
  8. paperjams

    Big brave lads here...

    absolute scum
  9. paperjams

    Getting sick out of seatbelts...

    lol just the seat belt - it can all be removed
  10. paperjams

    Getting sick out of seatbelts...

    We had this issue with the car seat. I was told to put it in the dishwasher... a little odd I thought but it made it look and smell like new. Not sure if you are referring to the car or the car seat
  11. paperjams

    F11 base audio speaker upgrade

    I started with the base system in my f11. I upgraded the subs and mids to mbquart. Tweeter installed and room for a small amp behind the radio facia... sounds much much better!
  12. paperjams

    m54b30 life span

    ive had my m54 530i since 2009 and for the past 4 years its been a track car. It'd done 150000 miles now but had oil changes every 5000 miles since 2009. They like to be looked after but are pretty tough in my opinion.
  13. paperjams

    2002 E39 2L Petrol

    My parents had a 1998 520i from new and it was a 2.0 6... was completely gutless but sounded nice
  14. paperjams

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    There was no water behind my panel either but just a small amount of crud on the yellow grommet, I tackled the job as a preventative measure. My rear door membrane seal did go in recent heavy rain and absolutely soaked the rear footwell. I had exactly the same issue on my e39 about 10 years ago
  15. paperjams

    Anyone else got a 528i F11?

    Its a really cheap way of doing a track day - brands is much more technical but paddock is a 'clencher' of a corner! It's been to bedford, brands, oulton, cadwell, snetterton - i'd like to give silverstone a go but it's a bit pricey! I've been to the nurburgring 4 times now but it's a touch busy for my liking.