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  1. There’s rust clearly visible! Mad price... even without the rust
  2. paperjams

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Fantastic, must be one of the best examples remaining now. A credit to you
  3. paperjams

    Independent Specialist for servicing in Surrey

    I have my f11 serviced there. They were very thorough and gave me some really good advice. Highly recommended
  4. paperjams

    530i Manual Clutch Swap

    I did a smf on my old e39 530i touring... I didn’t like it to be honest. There was much more engine vibrations through the car than I was expecting and i could hear gear chatter that I couldn’t hear before. In retrospect I would always go dmf
  5. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Yes orient blue. My dad had almost exactly the same car brand new back in 1998. I remember going to the dealership to spec up and then collect the car. It was from the same dealer this car is from too
  6. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Given the car a clean, also replaced some damaged trim inside the car after a trip to the scrap yard
  7. what sort of condition is the N/S headlight in? Much condensation? If okay how much posted please?
  8. paperjams

    N/s pre facelift e39 headlight

    I’m after a halogen pre facelift ns headlight with orange indicator. Mine has suffered with water ingress and all metal parts are very rusty. I’m as good a condition as poss please
  9. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Only a quick snap after a refuel on the way home, I plan to take a few more pics in the next few days... photoupload
  10. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    Thanks! Ill try again this evening. I still have the track car. Its done 10 track days now and going strong! Its currently off the road at the mo having some rust sorted.
  11. paperjams

    Bought another E39

    So I've never owned a pre facelift E39 so found a nice one on auto trader and took the plunge. Its a 523 se Manual from 1999- got a huge wad of receipts and 110000 miles. It is so lovely... a little lacking in torque compared to my 300hp F11 but lovely nonetheless. I have really missed the joys of owning an e39. I cannot figure out how to delete some of my attachments to allow me to upload a pic but as soon as I do I will post some pics. The car has leather, sunroof, cd head unit and parking sensors so pretty basic. First job is to sort the leaking sunroof and condensation in headlights. Car is going to stay standard... I even like the turbines!
  12. paperjams

    Starting problem

    I had my inlet manifold cleaned when the decoke was carried out. Once the carbon is removed it frees everything up nicely... I’m surprised it needs replacing?! My 2011 525 has done 87k miles so very similar to yours
  13. paperjams

    f25 x3 drop links

    GU16 UXY front drop links please - I don't have the chassis no to hand. 2.0d Xdrive X3 2016 Thanks
  14. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Me and a good friend got hold of one together. It was much cheaper to do it ourselves. It’s a very interesting process and we quite enjoyed doing it.
  15. paperjams

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yesterday did some suspension work and cleaned out the inlet manifold, got the walnut shell blaster out for a de-come. Car is much improved with better economy and power.