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  1. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    That looks great, do not put them on the car they will only get dirty. The plating looks good. They never looked like that new. They used to use cadmium plating which had a green in it. I had some items plated when it was still used and on larger items the green is more visible. I have plated items using the yellow passivate and on larger items there is a green hue in the yellow/gold. That colour seems very even and is probably more popular.
  2. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    The Deox C is a good product. I find the solution is great just mix with water and leave the part in until all rust is removed.And it does remove all the rust The gel does the same job but is harder where there are vertical surfaces where it is hard to keep the required depth of coverage. If that is all the rust you have to deal with you are doing well. With the Hydrate 80 or similar they only convert the top layer of rust. I have used it and then removed it mechanically to find the rust still there. I think doing it as you have done should last a long time.
  3. ///M5

    Cat STOLEN

    As above. In chemistry a catalyst is something that can cause or speed up a reaction, and is not consumed in the reaction. If I had only realised they were worth money years ago when I had access to cars being scrapped. It was only when I saw a documentary about the precious metals in everyday materials and the people who collect them. Phones, computers etc. They were making money from peoples waste.
  4. ///M5

    Steering boxes

    What I have noticed is that with the BMW models is that as the cars age and a new model comes out the cars decline in value and there are lots of secondhand parts for little money. Then as time goes on they get scarce and more expensive. The cost of the front struts for an abs e28 made me look at the e34 front struts and adapt a pair to go in an e28, but they are probably expensive now. If your car has a large case differential (210) then the internals of the e34 210 differential will fit so if parts are available they will probably increase in value over time as less parts are available.
  5. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    So my memory is okay. I doubted my self and had a quick look at the start of the thread and some one mentioned a black M535i and then the grey cloth made me doubt myself. It shows how memories change with time and small details are misremembered. The butcher was what I came up with, actually a fishmonger. The invoice I remember the figures I would be curious about. The interior I thought was beige but I knew it was a light colour. The name also seems familiar. It was his own company and he mentioned the cost of the car because it was an expensive car at the time. If possible you should see if he is still around. The one thing that was easy to remember was that he had great pride in his car. Glad the cloth is correct, I have made the mistake of buying parts and years later finding they are incorrect. My car is like a 5000 piece jig saw. I have the box but there are no pieces in the box and I have to find the pieces before I do anything.
  6. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    I am wrong about your car. Had a look at the pictures of the seat material on the thread. The car I am describing had beige cloth seats and was a dark grey colour so I think it is a different car that I was talking about. The picture from the initial posts looked so similar that I thought it was that car. Hope that the one I described is getting some love.
  7. ///M5

    Steering boxes

    If you look at your hose fittings to picture them side by side on the top of the box, they are quite close on the e34 box but the banjo bolts are the same size on both boxes. The layout on the e28 and e34 are very similar. I have mocked up an e34 subframe steering and suspension to an e28. I cannot remember the hoses though.
  8. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Maybe it is down to what was available at the time. Is it one short or one to many. I think the first owner of your car was the man I met. That would have been back in the 90's. My memory says that maybe he was a butcher by trade. He had the original invoice for the car which you should have, maybe around £13,000. His sale price was i think £6750. I think it was a BMW car club event. He was trying to sell the car then. At that time it was just an old BMW and there was no interest at the price he was selling it at. The car was possibly fourteen or fifteen years old. I saw it for sale for a good while afterwards with no takers at his price. I next saw it for sale at a much higher price as they were slowly getting recognised even though technically rarer than the e28 M5 that I have. (That depends on what you count total production numbers of the model designation or model variation like the e34 M5 touring) The e12 was the forgotten car for a long time. If it is as I remember the first owner was retiring, or just retired so he would be quite old now. If it is the same man and the same car I am sure he would like to know that someone like you is giving it the love it deserves.
  9. ///M5

    Steering boxes

    The hoses tend to to be shaped to fit. When I have had hoses made up I fitted them and marked the position of the hose relative to the fitting. When they are crimped the marks are lined up. You may not have that issue and the standard hose may fit.
  10. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    My understanding of the red boot was one only, on the inside right by the exhaust. When I got my car in 1990 I thought it looked odd. It was like one was replaced. It was only when I saw another car that had the same layout of only one red boot that I realised why it was that way. I wonder did the original owner of your car replace the boot on the left hand side. It certainly bothered my OCD until I understood its function. I met the owner of your car a long time ago and it would not surprise me based on how he kept the car. Here is the part number for the red boot if anyone else is interested. I bought this a long time ago. Checked online and first result shows a price of £72 If you find the bolts please post the supplier. When I rebuilt the calipers I could not find the bolts but That was pre internet.
  11. ///M5

    New bloke with E12 M535i

    Some very nice work going on there. Interesting to see the drive shafts. The originals had the red gaiter on the right hand side mounted close to the exhaust. Red for the higher temperature. That part went NLA and the newer part was a standard gaiter. I think the red is silicone composition. The end caps on driveshafts are needed for the e12 as the e28 ones do not fit. The gold plating is nice on the calipers looks nice initially but does not fair well over time but if it never sees the rain or dampness it stands a better chance. It will be interesting to see how they turn out. I bought new calipers from W&N with the gold but on the casting it is a duller colour. I did a couple myself and the colour was not great the rough casting does not help. The silver/blue passivate came out much better.
  12. ///M5

    Steering boxes

    The e34 fits but the hose connections are in a different place on the box. Both are on the top on the e34. Top and bottom on the e28.
  13. ///M5

    528i, missing, poor running, won't rev/idle

    Just to put here for you is the pump should deliver a minimum of 2.2 litres a minute at 2.5-3.5 bar pressure. I should have put it up when talking about testing the fuel flow. You should fill a 5 litre container in just over two minutes. If it can achieve that then you have no problems.
  14. ///M5

    528i, missing, poor running, won't rev/idle

    With regard to the issue. The key point you made that it has sat for 6 months. What I have found is that cars do not like to sit for long periods. Before ethanol was put into petrol I had no issues with cars being parked up. I once had an alfa that was parked in an outdoor car park for a year, with a new battery it started first time and drove out of the car park. Nowadays I find that cars that sit cause problems all the time. I have had to replace fuel pumps that have seized up on a number of my cars that have sat unused. The ethanol causes problems with absorption of water and corrosion to metal parts. It also breaks down the rubber in the hoses if they are not suitable for the ethanol. I think if the tank is not full the moisture in the air makes it worse. I am not saying it is your problem but I would take of the supply hose and run the pump by bridging the relay, deliver into a measured container to see how much fuel is supplied in 30 secs. You could also blow down the return line to check it is clear. A pressure gauge would also be a good idea if you have one.
  15. ///M5

    Elec Window Troubles..

    I always removed the complete unit to clean and re-grease the mechanism. I cannot remember removing just the motor. It is probably best to remove the complete unit from the car it is easier to work on.