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  1. TomGC

    The e34 rear sill thread

    Great to catch up with this car again, I have enjoyed reading your progress and look forward to seeing it finished. It looks like a very nice job indeed. All the best, Tom
  2. Colour not important Tim. Just has to be pre-facelift, straight and not rusty.
  3. Just my luck! Got any better ones?
  4. Morning Tim, can I lay claim to the front passenger door if the shell doesn't go whole please? Cheers Tom
  5. TomGC

    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Top work! Don't tempt me to follow the same path!
  6. TomGC

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    I always feel a bit medieval when cutting / burning things out, and the possibility of it going wrong is a bit too high for my liking... I'll admit to nicking machined suspension components with the grinder in a previous life! Cut a bush off the front of the E36 a while ago, total pain, never again! The older I get, the more I find myself saying 'come on now, just do it properly.'
  7. TomGC

    E34 520i Touring Daily Project

    Smashing, looking forward to seeing this '30! Nothing quite like a pile of new bits... Did you ever get the rear subframe bushes out? I happened on this yesterday, whilst scaring myself silly with pictures of rotten sills.
  8. TomGC

    Battery Life?

    Stick a trickle charger on it - at anything less than a full charge the electrodes corrode, reducing the effective capacity of the battery. One which is kept fully charged will last quite some time; conversely any persistent drain or continual low voltage will see it off pretty quickly.
  9. I like the sound of this, especially the 'special' trailing arms you mention. I wasn't aware of those, similar to the sphericals used on the E31 front arms i suppose? Did you get any further with it?
  10. TomGC

    Brands hatch yesterday in the 530

    Great fun, always wanted to drive Brands.
  11. TomGC

    Tom's Garage (E34 535i Sport Restoration)

    So, no more will the camera (or old foureyes) be struggling for light in here... Really sick of working in spaces with sub-par lighting. Dodging shadows, wondering where that screw you dropped went, questioning the quality of paintwork, questioning your own sanity, finding things on shelves, finding things in boxes, standing in your own light, glare, dicking about with hand-held lamps, seeing under things. No. No more. Definitely didn't over-compensate in my frustration either. More gratuitous shots of Porsche. Yes.
  12. TomGC

    Tom's Garage (E34 535i Sport Restoration)

    One pile of electricity (disappointingly small for what it cost): Stick to ceiling: Mm, compound bends... Stick to walls: Repeat...
  13. I suppose because everything else in the VAG / air cooled scene has been done. Plus no one will miss either. For full scene points transplant a turbo diesel?
  14. I kind of like it. Two turds make a gem?