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  1. liddo

    Weird Blower Motor Noise

    Deffo a dash out job, but you can try taking the vent ducts from inside the engine bay of, getting some silicone spray, and squirting in down onto the fans either side. May work, but i doubt it. Im afraid BM charge from between 2 and 5hrs for the labour, and a new motor is about £200. Ive got a 2nd hand motor for your car in the garage that i didnt use, PM me if you want it
  2. liddo

    Phew stinky!

    Mine looked ok, that's cos the diesel that seeped out was burnt off on the hot engine. I'd check those nuts on the pipes for tightness
  3. liddo

    I've been having ideas again...............

    Buy my E46 318i, leave it standard and stick the V8 in My cars perfect for a conversion as its solid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vA2FFrMImY
  4. liddo

    Phew stinky!

    Yes, sort of, it's was like a hot, raw diesel smell and it stank when I parked up too!!! I had to loosen the inlet manifold and lift it up a little to get to the nuts of the pipes, but it did the trick Also, if it's a fumey smell, check the connections on the exhaust below your seat. My flexi joints had split, causing fumes to enter the car. Different smell, but still toxic Good luck with the fix
  5. liddo

    Oulton Park - BMW trackday - Feb 22nd

    Would love a go of this, but my lowly 318i would probably give up the ghost after about 5 laps of thrashing!
  6. liddo

    Heater blower

    Do a google search, i dont think its hard. There maybe even a video on You Tube somewhere
  7. liddo

    Replacing the under floor diesel fuel pump

    It wont syphon out, thats why the pump is there, to drag the fuel from the tank. I did mine this summer, and the hardest bit was taking the floor covers down. The pump swap is easy, although i did get a few gob fulls of diesel. Just make sure you've got rags everywhere to mop up some spillage
  8. liddo

    Phew stinky!

    I had to tighten the feed pipes to the injectors. 3 where ever so slighty loose, but the pressure makes them weep! The smell was quite toxic and i had to keep the aircon on re-circ to stop the smell coming in
  9. liddo

    E39 Manual Gearchange

    Look under Engine and Transmission, the section 11 http://www.bmwtips.com/tipsntricks/
  10. liddo

    E39 Manual Gearchange

    My old 525d had a sloppy shift and a sticky 5th, so i changed the gearstick to a shorter Z4 version, replaced the plastics washers, and changed the oil to Royal Purple. It felt much better after doing this Think the shifter and washers and the cup that it sits in cost me £50 delivered, and the oil (2xlitre) was about £40 delivered. Did it all myself
  11. liddo

    525d - starting issue

    Nice one Alison, im glad it wasnt anything major!!! Many more miles to go now then. Wish i still had the old girl, this 318 is soooooooooooo boring
  12. liddo

    Should i lower the 540?

    Another vote for "Keep it as it is" and spend the money on something else
  13. liddo

    525d - starting issue

    Just needs a little TLC, don't we all Oh, I forgot it needs track rod ends too, but I've bought them and can do them, can't do the rest Everything is fixable
  14. liddo

    525d - starting issue

    Ok I suppose, but I've got an oil leak, a clunk when engaging gear and changing (doughnut) and the airbag light still wont go out! Oh, it I'm averaging a massive 30mpg!!!! Shudda got a 330i Oh well, ya live n learn I think it'll be an easy fix for you, maybe look for a BM specialist??? Even someone on here may give you a hand
  15. liddo

    525d - starting issue

    Alison, sorry to hear your still having issues with my old girl Have you checked for fuel starvation??? Ya know, switch on the ignition so you can hear the pumps, then check the clear hose out of the fuel filter into the inlet??? If its frothy, there's a fueling issue Im not that up on injectors, but even slightly leaky ones wouldnt give a "no starting" issue would they??? Maybe someone can answer that How low is the fuel??? Does it become an issue if you have a 1/4 of a tank say??? She's got a 6 month old Piersburg underneath the passenger seat, im sure that should be ok (but ya never know)