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  1. saphire 530d

    Nice Fix centre brake light holder Thanks Kevin at Cotswold

    Doctors Differ Patients Die !!!!
  2. The Humour is now great just like the weather My rear centre brake light holder (530d sport saloon 2002) cried enough last week . as when the check light came up I discovered the rear centre brake light holder had melted so badly that the now dead bulb was melted in situ. I rang my nearest dealer (Colm Quinn Bmw Athlone) quoting part no from side of the holder and was told the whole unit was only available at 120 euros plus vat and the holder was not available separately. Having read about this problem in the US I read that the part was available for $10 approx. I thought it best to ring Kevin at Cotswold Bmw. Kevin also found the same problem ie part not available separately. This did not stop Kevin from thinking outside the box and after looking for a few mins he spotted a rear window brake bulb holder from a 525td estate he said maybe it just might work and £5.34 later plus the carriage I'm back in action This is the part no B63.25.8.375.599 Cheers Kevin, Top man who Knows his stuff Regards Adrian, Roscommon, Southern Ireland.
  3. saphire 530d

    location of boost pressure sensor please ?

    Happy Days, my mate who is a indie took a look at my boost pressure sensor. Turns out it was not even plugged in since new turbo fitted last August. Its been sitting on the gearbox dangling and just had to be plugged in. Tears of joy I could of kissed him. New remap is sweet ! 240bhp on tap !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now next on the list is a new hedgehog and an ignition switch. You just gotta love these machines !!!!!!!!
  4. saphire 530d

    location of boost pressure sensor please ?

    Thank you, will have a look and see ! All pipes were changed last July and and turbo moves on start up I think. The search continues !
  5. Hello I've just had a remap on my 2002 530d sport. The technician said I'm running zero boost and a "boost pressure" fault is showing up on his diagnostics. I've suspected as much since I replaced turbo last summer. My question is what part is this sensor ? Ive checked previous threads and can find plenty on fuel pressure sensors but not "turbo boost pressure sensors" Also is this known as a "MAP sensor". Any indication about this part ie where it is located or a part no would be really appreciated. Cheers Adrian.
  6. saphire 530d

    AAH Remote central locking Key gives up ! few clues to prob ?

    Cheers Peter, PM sent ! My car is due an oil service and price quoted approx 200 euro so will send it in and see what they come up with, might save me in the long run at least I'll know. Wouldn't be so bad if my missus didn't loose spare key which was working fine. Will be back with diagnosis in a couple of weeks. Cheers Adrian.
  7. saphire 530d

    AAH Remote central locking Key gives up ! few clues to prob ?

    Not sure if I have Servotronic steering, however I could always ring parts man at my nearest dealer with my chassis no then maybe he would tell me ? Wow those prices look manageable ! IF one second hand was sourced from one at the above post, what is the process for coding to my car ? Could an indie manage it or is it a dealer only job, and would car run ok if my indie fitted it so then is it possible to drive it to dealer without it coded to my car for them to code same?
  8. saphire 530d

    AAH Remote central locking Key gives up ! few clues to prob ?

    Irish Republic, I do have an indie mate with diagnostics, would a code show up? Failing that I had intended on buying a new key obviously from adealer, so I could play dumb roll the dice and let them do the hard work. Any ideas on cost of " GM3" ? Cheers Rob.
  9. saphire 530d

    AAH Remote central locking Key gives up ! few clues to prob ?

    Once again thank you to one and all !
  10. saphire 530d

    AAH Remote central locking Key gives up ! few clues to prob ?

    Thank you, do you know if modules are expensive to replace ? Does GM3 refer to part no ?
  11. Last week I went out to my pride and joy to discover all doors unlocked. Immediatey suspicious I tried the key remote (the only key I have after the missus threw out my spare) and hey presto, no joy ! So after reading some posts and having tried the re programmes suggested here, I'm still operating it manually. I have noticed a few changes since I've been using the key and I was wondering do they hold the (KEY) to my problem. The interior lights no longer illuminate when I unlock the car with the key manually, The automatic door lock mechanism no longer locks all doors when I pass 10mph, The alarm is now never activated. The car is like me getting on ! 10 years this year and now reads 125k. Can anybody here tell me is it just the end of the road for this particular battery inside the key or is it something more serious, I have checked fuses but that is where my skills as a mechanic/electronic engineer stretch to. Cheers Adrian.
  12. Well we checked vnt/actuator this evening and all is ok as the arm moves fine on start up. So next stop is the adjustment on the turbo. I called the reconditioners "team turbo clonakilty in cork" and without any fuss or hassle the have agreed to take the car in any day that suits me and adjust it insitu until its right. So its off to the south coast for me next week and hopefully a good result will present me with an enjoyable 3.5hr return journey on some tight twisty roads. I will post results of trip here good or bad. Thanks for your very helpful posts last night, I may be down but I'm definately not out. Its comforting to know there are others that have gone through same anguish but have lived to tell the tale. Cheers Adrian
  13. My God, I tried reading your thread its truely amazing what you went through. I'm not very mechanically literate but my Indie who is a good friend would definately like to bend your ear for a few mins if possible. He's had the turbo out and back in twice now and although hes very easy moneywise with me I'm very conscious that he has a business to run. I'm at my wits end. I simply could not explain how to check the VNT or the vains stuck at the default setting. What I do Know is that the car has a mechanical actuator and is not on song till 3000rpm ! Thank you very much for your help