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  1. Iain550

    540i one week in advice/help please

    500mile trip average 29.1mpg, was 29.7 on first leg of trip. Really can’t complain about that at all normal average is usually 23.5 i don’t particularly care what it gets, it seems really difficult for people to understand that, it’s a V8 it’s not built for economy, I have another car for economy Buy car, have fun, refill petrol as required (have large grin on face) it’s what a 540/545/550 is for
  2. Iain550

    540i one week in advice/help please

    Did a 500 mile round trip in mine yesterday, not had a look under bonnet see if any new oil leaks! but it’s a brilliant engine, ok mine is 4.8 and an absolute stormer but the 4.0 and 4.4 must be more than adequate, love the smooth and very eager V8, and although the gearbox is far from new it does surprise me how well it changes and does seem to choose the gear well. Love the whole E60 package
  3. Iain550

    540i one week in advice/help please

    What I was going to say if I had found my link, helped me doing mine
  4. Iain550

    540i one week in advice/help please

    Start contemplating a few oil leaks, I did the alternator bracket leak, to then have the alternator resoaked in oil from leaking rocker gasket. The rubber seals do like to start letting go on these V8, if you can do them yourself it’s going to save you a fortune in labour as the alternator bracket and rocker gaskets are both large jobs, I’d advise do front top timing case covers too, along with all cam and eccentric seals and vanos actuators, watch the vacuum pump too
  5. Iain550

    V8 exhaust

    The exhaust flap is operated by vacuum, I can’t remember if vacuum is used to hold the valve closed and reduce the noise. If it’s closed by vacuum and therefor reducing noise, just disconnect the small bore vacuum supply hose from the pump on the drivers side bank = greater volume level
  6. Iain550

    V8 exhaust

    Don’t notice any difference volume wise at all with panel filter
  7. Iain550

    V8 exhaust

    My 550 has performance panel filter and a powerflow tailbox (it’s probably at least a quarter of the size of the original twin rear silencer) its loud i was after more noise, the powerflow definitely supplies it, it’s far from subtle
  8. Haha feel this pain too
  9. Iain550

    Aircon issues

    Mounted on edge of drivers side pollen filter housing, next to the bonnet switch
  10. Iain550

    SE vs M Sport?

    Strange thing is, now the oil leaks are all fixed on my 550, I don’t seem to have the same smoke after a period of idle. I was never convinced of valve stem seals causing this blue smoke, I’ve not used car in traffic the same since fixing the last leak so still to be confirmed
  11. Iain550

    E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Attached a couple pics I took when I was doing my rocker gaskets recently 1st pic with hose circled in red is from aux pump to heater valve 2nd pic is the valve to bulkhead hose, along with the valve it’s all directly next to exhaust manifold
  12. Iain550

    E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Aux pump is just behind the nsf headlight, hose then runs to the heater valve, from there to the bulkhead. The hose between the pump and the heater valve runs along the chassis leg, secured with a cable tie, it runs very close to the engine at one point - the securing clamp for the oil cooler pipes just above the alternator Need the air cleaner box totally removed to see the area clearer
  13. Iain550

    E61 550i Exhaust smell in cabin

    Down that side of lower inner wing along the leg is the aux waterpump, heater valves and hoses towards the bulkhead, could be a leak around here spraying onto exhaust. Not much space between the hose and engine
  14. Iain550

    Price please

    Thanks, paypal sent
  15. Iain550

    550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    Had mine a short time only and had the double rear silencer replaced with a little powerflow silencer, it satisfied my ‘make it louder’ requirement from idle it means business