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  1. platty

    E39 Saloon Towbar

    Hi there, sorry to drag up an old thread but did this item go in the end or do you still have it? Thanks, Chris
  2. platty

    Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    I’m a big fan, especially after 80k tearing the arse off my 530d. As had already been eluded to it’s all about the maintenance - as with most things in life, if you look after it then it will last much longer.
  3. platty

    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    Hi Piper, is the breaker Titanium silver? If so is the bonnet good and available? I had a quick look for a breaking thread but didn't see one. Thanks
  4. platty

    Saloon rear subframe bush tool rental

    Pleased it landed with you ok, served me well for the one time I used it! Packaged it up at work, hence the tape - unfortunately we don't do a cage for the E39!
  5. platty

    Saloon rear subframe bush tool rental

    Pleasure doing business with you Matt, it's a good bit of kit you've got
  6. platty

    Clicking sound from behind steering wheel?

    Yep, the indicator stalk had died a death. New one in from the breakers and all sorted.
  7. platty

    Febi bilstein arms without bushes

    I am in the same position re ball joints - whereabouts are you looking to get them from, out of interest? Thanks
  8. platty

    E39 Washer Jets

    Thanks for getting back to me. I've got to say that they are a bit kore expensive than I had imagined! Will see what other options I have. Cheers
  9. platty

    E39 Washer Jets

    Hello, I wonder if you could provide me with a price for a pair of washer jets (the intensive wash type) please. Reg is RA52VDR if you need it. Would delivery to IP28 be possible? Thank you, Chris
  10. platty

    Brim to brim

    I always find the trip computer to be overly optimistic - it always reads about 50mpg. In reality my average is mid/low 40s, I have squeezed 49 on a run before - 700 miles from a tank!
  11. platty

    Das end

    The first video is clinical and quite good, whereas the second video is just plain immoral.
  12. platty

    Please help cant decide

    Rondells are a good choice!
  13. platty

    530d auto - Aircon condenser removal help

    Facing this job in the next couple of weeks and wondered whether the condenser solved your issues?
  14. platty

    Vibration when braking (solved)

    Had the same thing, only just sticking although enough to kill the discs.