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  1. deano16v

    N57 Swirl Flap actuator

    1255 is steep. I just had to replace mine, and whilst it wasn't cheap it came in at 900 and something fully fitted. unfortunately mine was goosed and was well past saving. can you not take the actuator off yours and get the part number that way?
  2. deano16v

    Gearbox service quote !

    Mine had its first service( that I can find in the history anyway) at 159k and is sweet as a nut. It may well have had previous services though,just not documented.
  3. deano16v

    Biying bmw f10 535d with high mileage

    1st one is a much better spec and a lot more reasonably priced. Second one might be hanging around a while at that price, even with a new gearbox and engine at 30k. i paid a lot less for a 2013 car with 167k on the clock so the newer engine engine and I drive etc and better spec. Granted the 535's are a lot rarer in coming up for sale though so holding out for one you really want might take a while.
  4. looks very similar to the one i have mate, it's been very handy. cant argue for the money
  5. deano16v

    2011 F11 side indicators not working

    might be worth popping both units out and checking that they're connected properly. if they are, check that the plugs arent corroded or anything. start with the basics i suppose and go from there
  6. deano16v

    Gearbox service quote !

    seems about right mate to be honest. the oil isn't cheap for a start
  7. deano16v

    Biying bmw f10 535d with high mileage

    i had mine done as part of some other work ( needed a new cam cover so while that was off i had it blasted). it was a few hundred quid, so not cheap, but honestly its made such a difference i think its worth every penny.
  8. deano16v

    Biying bmw f10 535d with high mileage

    I bought mine a little while ago with 167k on the clocks. i got it cheap(er) because of the mileage and have had to spend a little bit on it to get it running 100%. none of the things i've had to do are big though, just general age/mileage related. Turbos are spot on, gearbox is sweet and the chain is bang on too. It may well be at the mileage things have already been changed but there is no evidence of any of it in the service history. The one thing i have had done which made an incredible difference was have a walnut blasting service. Im still amazed at the difference it has made.
  9. deano16v

    BMW F10 F11 key fob remote battery change

    If you have comfort access you'll be going through keys a lot more often than the non comfort access cars. The CA cars keyfobs are pretty much always on and sending out a signal etc. My Merc with comfort access would go through batteries every 6 months.
  10. had a Walnut Blast on my 170k 535D!! massive difference after, would recommend. not that cheap though but worth it imo. car feels like its been remapped when it hasnt, big difference in smoothness and pick up. deffo more economical too.
  11. deano16v

    2014 530D F11 N/S side camera failure

    can you not use the old cable to pull through and route the new one?
  12. deano16v

    2014 530D F11 N/S side camera failure

    a fair point well made
  13. deano16v

    2014 530D F11 N/S side camera failure

    i cant imagine they're cheap brand new tbh. Second hand ones dont seem to be too badly priced. ive not missed not having it to be honest. I have the 360 view too and i'd miss that much more i think. yeah the loom runs from the front to rear so a bit of a pain, just labour intensive i think. its Fibre optic too so you cant just splice a repair in at the camera end. The loom itself isn't all that cheap either.
  14. deano16v

    2014 530D F11 N/S side camera failure

    i have the same failure. in my case its the plug on the back of the camera. one of the prongs on the connector has broken off and is stuck. unfortunately that means a new (or second hand replacement) camera and then a new loom. thats the bastard bit, running the new loom. not a fun job. its easy to take the camera out mate, give it a look and see. you could always take the working one out from the other side and plug it in on the NS and see if it works, then you'll know its just the camera thats faulty.
  15. deano16v

    F11 N57 Intake Manifold Cleaning

    having just had to replace the inlet manifold myself, i can confirm it is over £900 for a genuine BMW part.