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  1. interesting reading. mine being a June 13 build would potentially have the older part, and for the sake of £50 odd quid it would make sense to update. my only concern, and it may be an invalid one (and while i'm typing it i'm convincing myself it isnt an issue lol) is that my car is on 185k now and all original and working perfectly. Everything has potentially worn at the same rate and tolerances. If i suddenly introduce a new tensioner that is miles stiffer, could i be introducing new problems. Logic would dictate no but the whole chain issue is always a hot debate
  2. Changed this little cheeky bugger. Hopefully it'll stop the car thinking it's the middle of summer now. Gotta be honest,whenever I've had one fail before it's always failed to -40 or +50 but hey ho.
  3. deano16v

    SOS call system failure

    not fitted an MMI box or anything that piggy backs on the main drivers side microphone have you by any chance?
  4. all my sensors have decided to overread external temps by 20 degree for reasons i cant work out. Therefore it was 24.5 degrees at 2 o'clock this morning when I went to work. Perfect conditions for summer tyres
  5. On the Goodyear vector all season gen3 mate. Seem pretty good,I'm not sure they are as good as the Michelin cross climates though.
  6. In an ideal world mine would be too. This was the last winter on the current tyres and they all need replacing now. My summer tyres are all seasons so it's not that bad a change over really.
  7. Winters off today and summers back on. Fitted new door puddle lights too. In the week I had a SLI fitted and coded along with the stereo coding changed to reflect the additional tweeters fitted.
  8. deano16v

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    I have the opposite problem. been told by BMW and a specialist that my running temps are spot on for the car but I'm finding it increasingly hard to believe. Car warms up super quick so that's not a problem and is at operating temp in no time. The only time ive seen a consistent 88-92 degrees though is when it sits idling outside my house. on my regular 200 mile commute to the office it only drops below 100 on a long downhill stretch, usually sitting between 100 and 105. no errors stored. I have noticed recently though the fan running at full blast in a couple of second bursts when its idling after a run (and nothing to do with regens) which i understand on the petrols points to a failing waterpump, so maybe thats my issue too. Its going in somewhere different for a third opinion. car still runs spot on though, mpg is still excellent, regens every 600 miles or so etc.
  9. purchased some 550i Caliper Carriers. I need new discs and pads on the front so gonna fit the 374mm jobbies as an upgrade. ATE discs are stangely cheaper at 374 than they are at 348!!
  10. deano16v

    Weak O/S washer jet

    if its the O/S then it'll be the jet itself. that's the first jet in the line so if the two after it are fine then you can rule out the pump etc. fwiw mine is exactly the same and i need to replace. i need to but more piperwork too though as mine is pretty brittle and I know it'll break when i remove it.
  11. deano16v

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    at 600 i guess they just drop the box and do it with the engine in situ. is very cheap.
  12. deano16v

    Increased battery discharge

    nice and cheap too (relatively). some of the prices you see are outrageous lol
  13. deano16v

    Weak O/S washer jet

    headlight or windscreen?
  14. deano16v

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    for what its worth, I have been using Carly historically but as others have pointed out, it isn't cheap by the time you've purchased the adaptor and then the yearly subscription. I now use Bimmertool as it has better live data functionality (or certainly more visible at any one time). I use the Carly adapter and it works fine, no need to disconnect from my cars bluetooth or anything.
  15. deano16v

    DPF continual regen?

    just in case anyone has Carly but wants to use Bimmertool, the Carly gen2 adapter works perfectly. Much much better in fact than the Carista adapter they promote on their website as being compatible