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    Schwarz II E34 M5 3.6 & Carbon Black E39 M5
  1. tomson

    S38B36 camshaft timing marks?

    Thanks for that, its not easy at all is it, even my BMW workshop software is useless!
  2. Hi all, can anyone tell me where they are please, I cant for the life of me see any markings! The crank timing mark is obvious but not the cam ones. Also can anyone tell me the tightening order of the head bolts or if its the same on all BMW 6 pots in general? ie same as a M20? I cant find any tech info on the net for S38's other than tightening torque's so if anybody has a workshop manual for it or can point me in the direction of one I would be very grateful! I am happy to pay for this! Cheers
  3. tomson

    Have heard H&S exhausts lose you power....true??

    I'm assuming you mean Hayward & Scott here? I have an E30 track car I'm building that I've fitted with an E34 3.6 M5 powerplant. The motor, in its previous E30 incarnation, had a modified H&S manifold and full custon H&S exhaust system which when dyno'd was about 8bhp down. The Plenum had a small "chunk" removed due to servo clearance issue's so I put the power loss down to that not the manifold & system. In my build I have moved the servo over so I can fit an unmolested plenum and I am hoping the motor will make stock power..... The quality of the workmanship on the exhaust is second to none and IMO will not loose any power on S38 engined cars!
  4. tomson

    To all the newbies :-)

    hi all, I'm new to joining the forum but have been sniffing around in the background for a while! Anyhow, recently picked up a 1990 M5 so thought I'd join up! Cheers Tom