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  1. DirtyHarry88

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    Haven't been on here for a while. What miles are you on now Seesure? Regarding values, I think due to the miles most are on it only makes any sense to pay decent money for one that's had the timing chain and rod bearings done or is on miles low enough for these not to be a concern for a good while. I did all right with mine, bought for £7400 at 122k miles and sold for £6850 at ~158k miles in 2016. The private buyer who bought it from the trader I sold to got in touch through facebook at the time and ended up getting the chain, bearings etc. done at CPC. It's been SORN for over a year and he's since deleted his facebook account so I just wonder what's being done with it. Always keep half an eye out as that'd be one to jump on for £10k or under.
  2. DirtyHarry88

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    My mate at BMW warned me about e65's and that I was being an idiot. He was only half right. I don't think there was a single e65-specific thing that ever went wrong- just the disaster of an engine. If I was to do it again it'd be a straight 6 or, if you can be bothered with expenditure, you're as well going for the V12. The V8 is a halfway house that isn't worth the bother.
  3. DirtyHarry88

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    Sold to a chap on pistonheads for £2k. Now that it's gone, I can safely say to anyone, unless you're looking at an example like this that's had loads of work done AND is still dirt cheap, absolutely not worth your time with the N62 engine. Fucking nightmare. For some perspective my M5 worked out at 63p per mile in the end and that was with a load of preventative maintenance, wheel refurb, exhaust etc. This was all just necessary-
  4. DirtyHarry88

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    Must have been knocking on the £60k door!
  5. DirtyHarry88

    2003 BMW 745i £2500 ONO

    Link here- https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-745i/1316717943 142k miles MOT 19/03/2019 Extensive service history Features of note include much of what you'd expect and some more- Bi-xenon headlights, cruise control, electric heated seats, electric parking brake, sun roof, CD multichanger, phone, sat nav, powered boot opening/closing, active anti-roll bars. Serviced at the following miles with lots of paperwork to go with- 24k, 46k, 69k, 79k, 94k, 106k, 114k, 124k, 132k, 138k. Service not due again for another 15k miles, spark plugs not required for 60k miles. Recently had new rear tyres and the fronts have plenty of tread left. Any further questions feel free to ask. Test drive only with proof of fully comprehensive insurance otherwise I'm more than happy to take the car out for a thorough run with you. Sensible offers considered. Car is well known to pistonheads- https://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-carpool/bmw-745i-ph-carpool/34597 That particular owner did a lot of work to the car and kept a spreadsheet of all maintenance the car had, major suspension refresh being a highlight. I've also spent a lot fixing common issues including the notorious coolant pipe (fixed with the bimmerfix kit) and the alternator bracket seal. Fed up getting arsed around by the public withdrawing from agreed deals and the like so hopefully a fellow enthusiast might be interested. Being fussy here's a quick rundown of some niggles- there's a rattle now and again from the exhaust, likely a heatshield or similar but don't notice it from inside, couple of wheels are a bit kerbed, headlight lenses could do with a good polish, button that opens the boot is cracked and the sunroof tilt sometimes plays up not wanting to close until after a few attempts but it slides back and forward no bother. Rear brakes pads will probably be the next thing to do but the idrive is still showing 7/8k miles until they're likely to need done, depends on driving style I suppose. Can't pretend it's a perfect car but at the age, miles and price it's in good condition and a lot of car for the money. MOT advisories were an oil leak (since rectified- upper timing cover and alternator bracket seal) and rear tyres that have now also been replaced. Cheers
  6. DirtyHarry88

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    With rod bearings, chain and guides replaced along with refurbished vanos I'd tear your arm off if I was in the market.
  7. DirtyHarry88

    BMW 530i SE e39 ONLY 45K from New! Rare Example in Pristine Condition

    I know the feeling. Don't have to be in a rush to sell but once your mind is set on selling a car you don't want it hanging around. Looks a cracking buy.
  8. DirtyHarry88

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Looks outstanding with that spec. What's the engine like for oil leaks?
  9. DirtyHarry88

    N62 lower oil pan

    Mine has a hairline crack close to the sump plug hole and I sure as hell don't fancy paying over £200 for a new one from BMW. Part number will be either 11137574532 or 11137509724.
  10. DirtyHarry88

    ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    I'll get the chap who's doing the gaskets to check that before looking at the gearbox or TC then.
  11. DirtyHarry88

    ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    Back to transmission for a minute, could the guibo be anything to do with less than perfect shifts? Looking through the car's history I don't think it's ever been changed.
  12. DirtyHarry88

    ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    Maybe so but if the left hand timing cover doesn't leak for a good while then it'll be money well saved for the time being. I'd rather take the chance given what it is relative to the cost.
  13. DirtyHarry88

    ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    Sod that! Looks like an absolute pain in the arse for what it is and most DIY guides suggest the same. Garage is fine with one side only for rocker and timing covers at no additional cost. He said that cost is a worst case scenario though.
  14. DirtyHarry88

    ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    £900 is a lot for me bearing in mind the gearbox is yet to be checked. Clio has just given me a £750 bill too. How much repeat labour are you looking at to do the other side at a later date? The BMW guides I've seen don't suggest it'd be that much.
  15. DirtyHarry88

    ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    Yikes! Mine isn't near as bad as that!