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  1. Hello guys Been a while I haven't updated this thread I know, just been extremely busy with work. Anyways its been almost 5 years and I haven't really done much apart from strip it back and source a few panels for it which involved buying another e12 528 and more recently another e12 m535 in henna red which has seen better days. I'm still looking for a passenger front door so if anyone has one or knows of one please do let me know. The good news is I have found a company (Bodymotorworks) who are based in Chesterfield around 60 miles from home, they have agreed to take the e12 in at end of June. If all goes to plan I will be stripping back the e12 so its just a rolling shell and trailer it down to the guys at bodymotorworks in a few weeks Maybe 2015 is the year for this beauty let wait and see
  2. Well guys its been almost 3 years since i bought the e12 and to be honest not much progress taken place due to new business venture. Anyways thanks to Neil (rh306) for updating you guys, it's his e12 I have seen that has woken me up again. Lol. Since purchasing the e12 back in 2010 I managed to buy another e12 528 which had been stood in a shed for best part of 20 years yet it was pretty solid, had some good bits too which didn't hang around too long. Also had a chap named Ulrich Thieme who Runs e12.de fly over from Germany to buy some parts of the donor car he took around 30 photos of it and then I told him about the m535 he wanted to see it right away. Lol I couldn't refuse as he had come along way, He had a big smile when I opened up the garage to reveal the m535 buried under a load of bags. . Managed to save 3 doors which are clean, scuttle panel, rear light panel, and front driver floor pan, these are all the bits that I will need for the m535, still need to find myself a bonnet, passenger wing and passenger front door I think. Haven't taken much pictures but just for you guys here it is partially stripped Since this pic was taken I stripped out the interior and rest of exterior trims, Will be taking some time out in next few months and get it ready to go into a body shop. More pics will be uploaded pretty soon. Cheers
  3. M-Sport

    E30 zone

    Agree with the above i have been a member on there a few years and its a lively place lots of help at hand yes some cars get a good slating but that happens on every forum and always with newbies it takes a little time and understanding to get used to various members and comments.
  4. will get him to try the bulb first as dont think the ballast is gona be cheap thanks
  5. hi, a freind of mine has a 2004 e60 which has zenon's factory fitted for some reason the drivers headlight is really dim would anyone know what could be the cause and what the costs would be to sort this out. thanks
  6. M-Sport

    Knock Knock

    yep you will need to get hold of a new rear diffuser bmw should do a specific one for e39's with towbars saloon and tourings are the same
  7. M-Sport

    Knock Knock

    why couldnt you come down in your cosworth thats a nice touring you you got yourself let me know how you get on with that towbar should be easy
  8. im just glad i spotted it and knocked his door if i never it would have just sat there for god knows how long i will be starting a new thread in projects section as soon as i get started on it just cant wait need to slowly start collecting bits like panels, lights, trims i think i will pop into the local dealers to see what is available for it before i start buying second hand bits.
  9. i was amazed myself how a bucket of water and a light scrub down with a spunge got rid of all that nasty mess cant wait to get started on it need to make some room in the garage first tony pm is on its way
  10. tony the arches are solid had a good poke along sills and seem solid wont know for certain until i get it on the ramp the doors and bonnet will need replacing along with the n/s wing and scuttle cant open boot to see what its like in there as key wont turn the lock the alloys are all good with brand new rubber allround even has its original m535 owners supplement im sure there will be rust lurking somewhere underneath will have to wait and see
  11. got the e12 recovered on friday i had some free time so decided to give it a quick wash and see if all the crap comes of has come out pretty good henna red is now my favourite colour it really does look cool, havent fired it up yet need to get a new battery and some fresh fuel not to worried about that at moment had a good lock around most of the panels will need replacing arches look solid only visual rust is on n/s wing and scuttle panel on drivers side need to get it on a ramp and give the underneath a good inspection the car is totally standerd even has its original cassette player seats are clean apart from light bolster wear on drivers seat. plans are strip it down get all rust issues sorted full repaint replace rusted panels replace anythng that needs to be and freshen it up new chrome trim lights rubber seals see how it goes but is gona be a long one
  12. if he had another i would have had that to tony im so glad to have found an e12 m535 ive been searching for a decent one for a while will be intouch soon guys thanks for all your input i know your eager to see some pics just give me a little time will have some up soon i cant wait my self so know how it feels
  13. the e28 i have is a proper nail its an m535 auto well rotton if bmw still do the scuttle panel i will be getting it new will also see what else is available for the e12's from the dealers need to make a list of all the spares i need
  14. over the moon mate i have a e28 sat at a mates garage and have seen on tonybmw's thread the scuttles are the same so will be getting it removed from that im in no rush so will take my time will get some pics up once i have cleaned it up a bit over the weekend hopefully will get intouch with tony and get some help along the way also need to register it on his site
  15. what can i say im the proud owner of a e12 m535 left a deposit going to collect it tomorow well chuffed the best bit is the chaps had it from new its only covered 75,000 miles its been sat for the best part of 5 years so will need some work doing need some panels and repair to scuttle has all the right bits dogleg lsd highbacks original mahles with brandnew rubber will get some pics up once cleaned anyone now of any panels or any spares for an e12 let me know would even consider buying a complete e12 cant wait to collect it collected it on friday as promised here are some pics of my e12