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  1. Internals do not need to be working although if the plastic case is in good condition then bonus points. Photo of what I need. Im really just after the battery contacts Thanks
  2. Hogie

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    These arrived....now to fix my creaking drivers door......
  3. Hello, Does anyone have one of these lying about in working condition? With a working fob or two? Kind regards, Rich
  4. Hogie

    E34 front wings

    Where are you based, I may have one.
  5. Hogie

    Top Gear

    I though this series was good, all Reid needs to do is stop repeating every sentence twice and Harris should drop the grumpy old man act and just do what he used to do in his YouTube vids, drive the nuts off the car..... Le Blanc.....he's a pro
  6. Hogie

    Is this worth it?

    It a 17-18 year old BMW diesel with 200k thats rusty, parts are expensive, odds are its gonna need something or more than one thing...... Unless you know the history/owner of this car for say the last 10 years 500 is enough because old BMWs are a gamble ..... at the price point you are talking only Japanesse as far as I'm concerned, unless she wants a hobby
  7. Hogie

    Is this worth it?

    Sounds like a 500 quid car to me.
  8. Hogie

    Correct tyre size

    I have that same setup, 19", 8.5 and 9.5J , sitting in my parents garage. I had them on my car about 3 years ago. I can't remember the tyre size off the top of my head but they never rubbed. Ill check the offset and tyre size on Friday and reply back, see below what 19s look like on an e34 FYI.
  9. Hogie

    Michelin Primacy HP ZP tyres

    You would expect a bit better though from what's considered by many to be the best brand of tyre. I'm not using the car at all at the moment but the cracks are so bad I'll be putting new tyres on straight away once I do press it back into action
  10. Hogie

    Michelin Primacy HP ZP tyres

    I have HP Primacy on my toyota for 4 year, 4-5 mm left as I don't do much mileage and every side wall has major cracks .
  11. Hogie

    E34 535i auto shift cable

    Haha, I'm expecting a few more horses at the wheels after Iv fitted it.......:-)
  12. Hogie

    E34 535i auto shift cable

    Just checked, same part number for LHD & RHD. 25161218349 for anyone searching this later. If your lever had gone a bit limp this is probably why......
  13. Hogie

    E34 535i auto shift cable

    Hello all, Hope someone can advise on this. Is there any difference between the gear lever shift cable fitted the LHD and RHD models? See below what I am thinking of buying. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/201045508911 Cheers, Richard
  14. Hogie

    Removing the steering box

    Before I tighted it I had my wife rock the steering wheel while I had my hand on the UJ under the bonnet. Now I thought all of the movement was being transmitted from the steering wheel when she was doing this. It was only later when I looked under the dash that I clearly saw when the steering wheel was rocked the majority of the play was where the 32mm nut is.
  15. Hogie

    Removing the steering box

    Guys, the biggest difference I made to the steering on mine was by tightening the 32mm nut on the steering column. This took nearly all the play out of the steering and my box has 194K on it.