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  1. Hogie

    Scorpion Alarm, e32/e34, Circa 1990

    If it's working I'd prob take it. The unit I have works ....but intermittently. The led on both fobs lights up but only 1 arms and disarms the alarm, and then only every 10th press ....I'm not prepared to temp fate. So it could be the unit or could be the fob. Could you send me a pic of the internals of the fob you have?
  2. Hi, Has anyone got a working one of these lying about? If yes let met me know what you would like for it.
  3. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    The best part of a year ago I bought these while in the states. http://www.bmw-stuff.com/proddetail.asp?prod=drpe32 Where the check strap attaches to the door was damaged, seams to be an e34 issues. I tried to fit them before but I could not budge one of the fitting screw. When the car was with Chris and the doors were off I found out why, cross threaded. Anyhow I fitted the drivers one today between the showers. I need to order the correct screws but for sure this was an easy fix
  4. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Hes from up north, Yorkshire I think. He's a nice guy. I'll PM you his details.
  5. Hogie

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Looking forward to seeing the work on this one
  6. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Yeah it was more work than I anticipated when I gave it to him..... Really happy with the outcome. If you dont need the car as your daily it would be worth giving him a shout and leaving it with him, he's not far from Newbury. He is one guy though and busy.....
  7. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Chris is a good lad alright, pure luck that I put a post up and he had a gap in the diary. He saved my car for sure. He loves his cars too, happy to chat away. I dont know what happened to Paul. Last time I spoke to him he was on a about supercharging that M5 of his, dont know if he did it in the end. Did you sell your one?
  8. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    It's not mine, belongs to the chap that did the sills on the car . He told me but Iv just plain forgotten now. Ideal bit of kit for a garage with a low ceiling and where space is tight, as you see in this one.
  9. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    So the car passed it MOT Friday, no advisories. The guy MOTing it offered to buy it, not sure how serious he was. I now have a solid e34 therefore I am more inclined to start sorting out some of the other things I'm not happy with, mostly small jobs compared to the welding work.....headlining sagging, old wiring to remove, getting the A/C working again, the wheels need a refurb too but first priority will be a big service. For good order sake if you are looking to have some bodywork done on you cars I'd have no hesitation recommending Chris, a great guy all round, Im over the moon with the end result
  10. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Collected the car today and checked your question. The lift is a Carter 2800, nice piece of kit, ideal for a small space. It actually sits on wheels so you can move / turn the car while it's in the air, like a dolly.
  11. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    I cant post that, the wife might read this one day! Joking aside, I dont have the final figure yet, a rough figure was talked about at the the start but based on the amount of extra work involved with the floor pan I'm sure that doesnt apply any more. Do you need the same treatment on yours?
  12. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Yeah this is Paul's old car. I bought it off him in 2011.
  13. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Yeah it was quite a lot worse than I was expecting, but with a job like that it should be a solid car for years to come. I'm not sure about the brand of lift, I will check with Chris when the job is complete.
  14. Hogie

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Well it been a long time since I updated this thread. The above mentioned fuel pipe was replaced and not a lot else happened with the car, I drove it occassionally, MOT'd it on time, serviced it but I knew it wasn't going to go through another MOT without a proper repair to that drivers sill. If you like lots of picture of welding, click below & scroll down the page, its had some serious surgery this time http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/202512/workshop-distractions-thread-added-distraction?page=17
  15. Internals do not need to be working although if the plastic case is in good condition then bonus points. Photo of what I need. Im really just after the battery contacts Thanks