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  1. Hogie

    Cost v Benefit

    Try contacting "the end", see his website below https://www.endtuning.com/chips/ I remember someone on here or retrorides fitting a chip to a 520I before. He thought there was a noticable difference. It wont turn it into a 525i but it lot less work and might give you that extra shove you are looking for.
  2. Hogie

    Cost v Benefit

    What about adding a chip to your 520?
  3. Hello Chaps, How have owners wired in their dashcams? I am looking for a nice clean install so no hanging wire to the cigarette lighter. Im thinking about using the power to the glovebox torch ( the torch is long dead) but what have others done? Please let me know. Thanks
  4. Hello, If anyone had one of these spare please let me know. Ideally know to be working but would accept a unit that I could get refurbished also. Thanks Richard
  5. If anyone has any knocking about let me know  Realoem Part #s and in the photo below 71601134213  71601134214  
  6. Hogie

    Spacers - 5 x 120 - 15mm

    Thanks for the above adviced, appreciated. I have bought some 12mm H&R of facebook market place now. 40 delivered which I thought was fair.
  7. Hogie

    Spacers - 5 x 120 - 15mm

    Hi, As per the title if anyone has some spacers they want to sell please drop me a PM. Ideally I'm looking for 2 x eibach or H&R spacers but let me know what you have and how much you want for them. Bonus points if they come with the extended bolts. Kind regards Hogie
  8. Hogie

    Identifying original floor mats!

    While we are on the subject of mats.....long shot I know....does anyone know if it possible to get replacement heel pads for the drivers one? Apart from that hole the mats are in very good condition. Appricate it wont say BMW West Germany.
  9. Hogie

    Identifying original floor mats!

    Hi, Original BMW ones should look like this. Rich
  10. Hogie

    E34 1991 525i non start

    My car used to do that only when hot only. Once it had cooled down it would start right up, or if I jumped it. I put it down to the starter motor sticking when hot + a weak battery. For me the cure was a new battery, it never did it again after I replaced the battery. Sound like a slightly different issue for you, I would also check the earth as the next step.
  11. Hogie

    E34 1991 525i non start

    Like this? Is it doing it when hot and will it start when you put the jumper cables on it?
  12. Hogie

    Wanted - E34 Saloon Boot Carpet

  13. Hogie

    Wanted - E34 Saloon Boot Carpet

    Per the title, wanted, for a saloon, within 15-20 mile radius of Slough so I can collect. Colour required, light grey. Let me know if you have one to sell.
  14. Hogie

    The e34 rear sill thread

    Nice read, mine was nearly exactly the same as that.....although I had to outsource the skill required to repair it.
  15. Hogie

    Headliner fabric source?

    I need to do the same as you. If you do find anywhere please let me know