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  1. KK-M5

    E39 M5 front discs

    Hi, could you give me a price for a pair of front discs for BJ11737 please? Many thanks.
  2. Hello, could you please give me a price for a radiator and a pair of rear discs (no pads needed, already got some) for BJ11737? If you could quote me separately including p&p, I'd be very grateful, as I won't be ordering both items at the same time. Many thanks
  3. KK-M5

    Parts enquiry

    Hello. I'm after 2 parts for an E39. The blanking plate (in plain black) for the front cup holders, part number 51168160136, as well as a rear door lock actuator (don't know part number for that one, sorry). Chassis number BJ11737. Could you please give me a price and details of how to order? Many thanks!
  4. KK-M5

    Heater blower issue

    Don't all E34s have that switch in between the two centre vents (just above the radio)? You can set them for cold or hot by moving that up or down (blue or red). I hope that helps.
  5. KK-M5

    e34 518i - thoughts?

    I used to trust ultimate car specs a lot, but have noticed several mistakes over time that have changed my mind... According to my '95 owner's handbook, the weight of a 518i saloon is 1360kg. It's the touring that weighs 1445kg. All in all, for its size, I believe a 518i should make for a reasonably enjoyable nimble drive. Just my humble opinion though.
  6. ^The tech-expert has spoken! Just realised that my 595's have 6mm left after 12k miles!!! For a 1.5 ton car, that really says something...
  7. Oh, and I'm pretty sure those £170 ones will be ideal for going sideways round Oulton. Forgot to say, I do get a considerable amount of tramlining with the Federals unfortunately, although I think that's mainly in the nature of the E34. Still, they were a lot cheaper than the Falkens when I got them...
  8. I remember on another thread someone saying that several people on here run the Federal SS-595. I have them too, and they are indeed very good. Bit noisy maybe, but really grippy, and seem to wear slowly. Well-priced as well, had them fitted in Macclesfield through ebay for 265 quid. And that's for 18"s... They also have rim protection, though it's not the best I've seen. And I would avoid staggered sizes, just to keep the balance the way BMW intended.
  9. KK-M5

    e34 lowering advice/options?

    Huff is talking sense here guys. Don't mean to be patronising, but I'd follow his advice if I wanted my car to handle well, rather than just look nice. Some more info on this topic here...
  10. KK-M5

    Show me your wheels!

    These seem to be quite popular, and with good reason IMHO. They're 18" M parallel (style 37), first seen on the very last E34 M5s. With your budget, I would take my time and wait for a good used genuine set to come along. Replicas are too heavy and sometimes too soft...
  11. Can't really give any advice other than a "reset" (disconnect battery for at least 30 minutes or so, once it is properly charged though) and try all over again. But I'm dying to know, is your car one of the late '94 or '95 models? These have the notorious EWS II (immobiliser), which is known to give the owners grief every now and then. I know mine is sometimes too eager to protect itself. Once or twice in a fortnight I happen to turn the key without anything happening. I then have to press the button on the fob (to disengage immobiliser) with key in position 1 a few times before it actually starts. Wonder if any other people have this, it's quite similar to your problem. It seldom happens, but it's really annoying!!! (My car has the BMW alarm, 3T or something...)
  12. KK-M5

    E34 headlights

    +1 on Philips bulbs... I had H4 X-tremes on my previous car. Pricey, but I just couldn't believe the difference!
  13. KK-M5

    Rondell 58's

    You should be fine at the back, but you would need 235/45/17 at the front. Someone else can advise on spigot rings...
  14. KK-M5

    Steering wheel adjustment?

    My memory says it's 32mm, but I stand to be corrected... She can be quite misleading at times.
  15. KK-M5

    My new E34 BMW 540i

    Will do, cheers!