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  1. It all makes sense now, I'm amco minor works but my pal is a supervisor on that job for projects. Your right though, amco have some cracking boys working for them.
  2. Was you working at Maxwell park by any chance?
  3. ad1980

    Chainsaw recommendations

    Have you thought on what trousers and boots to get? I wouldn't use a chainsaw without wearing both mate, no matter what saw it is, if you get it wrong it will tear you to shreds. The chain speed on my husky is over 15m/sec when on full chat to give you an idea off how fast they spin at. Something you need to consider bud. As for saws, husky all the way
  4. ad1980

    Top Gear

    Same as that ...... same script but with a annoying ginger man presenting Wont be watching this again
  5. ad1980

    In memory of Donut

  6. ad1980

    RIP Donut

    Rip bud ..... thanks for giving us this epic forum...... thoughts go to ya family and friends
  7. ad1980

    Whisky drinkers

    Glenmorangie is a highland not a spayside ... this is my fav whiskey quinta rubin and the 25year old are epic
  8. ad1980

    Bmw only picture thread

    ^^ much awesomeness .... Really like that
  9. ad1980

    lets have a poll.... the best 5er

    E28 all the way..... in m5 guise what a machine The e39 is a proper sorted car but does not give the same feel as a e28 ... takes a real man to drive a e28 on the edge
  10. ad1980

    Bmw only picture thread

    was trying to figure out photobucket .....lol aint used it in years so just trolling through some old pics
  11. ad1980

    Bmw only picture thread

  12. ad1980

    Bmw only picture thread

    ^^ wow ...... what is that? looks stunning