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  1. Viewing an f31 tomorrow, Any chance any members with access to carly could loan / hire me it's use tomorrow? Happy to leave deposit or even To be accompanied. Anywhere between devon/cornwall
  2. skeggy

    E39 sun shades set SOLD

    Cost over £100 new, £60 Fit into rear window, rear quarter panel and back screen. Come in carry bag. Similar to pics
  3. skeggy

    Peake code reader £45

    No longer needed as car has sold. Comes with manual and case.
  4. skeggy

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

  5. skeggy

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

  6. skeggy

    E39 M5 Prices

    Ive had mine up for sale for 4 weeks now - autotrader, pistonheads, eBay, here, Facebook groups, and not even had one person to look, just the obligatory timewasters offering 40% under advertisied price. 2001 facelift,120k full history, etc etc in lmb.
  7. skeggy

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

    Not even one genuine buyer has looked yet!
  8. skeggy

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

    Bump....price reduced AGAIN!
  9. skeggy

    Best places to sell......

    I felt it was a pretty stock example bar the exhaust and gear knob. I'll try and see if I have the origins grills and try that as surprised at how little interest I've had especially spending £100 on advertising
  10. skeggy

    Best places to sell......

    I know, Scary how time flies! Ive got pics of all of the above (about 65 in total) but was struggling to upload all of them and didn't want it to be too pic heavy. I've been sending them to people who I've show interest.
  11. Was on the motorbike tries to have a play but you weren't given it the beans! Even doubled back to catch up and have a chat but couldnt find you
  12. skeggy

    Best places to sell......

    Absolutely, I'm open minded to any suggestions And appreciate the input
  13. skeggy

    Best places to sell......

    Thanks for the input now also listed on eBay and will do car and classics over the weekend
  14. skeggy

    Best places to sell......

    After 9 years the time has come to let the old girl go! I have the car advertised on here, autotrader, gumtree and piston heads. Is there anywhere else anyone can recommend for selling m5's? I desperately trying to avoid eBay as don't want the hassle of silly offers and unrealistic px's
  15. skeggy

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

    The guy I used was a member on here called baris iirc, not sure if he's still about. Details below hth Carphonics 3 Leda Avenue Enfield EN3 5PY t: 07958 499151 or 07432 401753 email: info@carphonics.co.uk