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  1. Hello guys can someone please give me a step by step guide on how to code in my scroller to work with my newly fitted ccc unit please. Literally asking for what to click on nsc expert et I had the mask unit initially but changed it to the ccc and only thing left is to code the original scroller to work with this ccc unit please help me
  2. Ok thanks mate. I was worried because I don't currently have any sat Nav as standard so sounds like they come with the antennas fitted into the shark fin from factory
  3. Hey guys I'm attempting to swap out my idrive unit for the CCC with 8 inch screen OEM. Currently got the basic 5 inch screen with no sat Nav. Is it a straight swap? I'm worried about how the sat Nav will work and where it will get the GPS from Please advise
  4. e60london

    EuroCar Parts...Parts?

    thought so. Cheers mate
  5. e60london

    EuroCar Parts...Parts?

    Hey guys Any one recently bought ignition coils from eurocarparts? I love their prices but some of the things I buy from them dont last sometimes.
  6. e60london

    Stunnin' them

    Hey guys, I've seen some pis of u buys' rides and love the way they look sooo shined up man. I have question - whats the best product to use to get that shine. I remember washing my old polo with fairy liquid back in 02 (dont ask) but now that ive got the e60 ive got to be proper with it! Do u guys wash and wax it yourselves to get a better job or do u just go to the regular £10 in and outers? Cheers
  7. e60london

    Independent garage needed!

    Help guys! Can anyone recommend a good (trustworhty, yea i know!) garage to work on some suspension for my e60 sport in london?!?! My warranty will cover EVERYTHING even the diagnostics. They said i don't even have to do the standard pay and get reimbursed technique but they will cover EVERYTHING straight to the garage! Hand to have a courtesy car too so i can get to work! So to recap: Good independent bmw garage in london Accept warranty claims can provide a courtesy car Anyone...? Cheers
  8. e60london

    Electric folding mirrors

    Hmm, I'm sure this can be done. Something to do with the looming. Try fiddling with the idrive under vehicle settings. You could also call mstyle.co.uk too and adk them to see how its done
  9. e60london


    Wow woweee!!!!! I deffo overlooked that! Didn't know I had them but I looked under there and saw some circular collection of holes on the floor under the seat, no wonder it used top thump under my seat when I played a bassy tune. Well, that might be my next move then. Is it just a straight swap I.e take out old subs and replace with new ones. It would be nice to have 2 8inches on top of my rear subs! Does it have to be a bmw specialist that does this coz I'm thinking the seat has to come off?!? Btw, how much dad it set u back.
  10. e60london


    Got a 55 plate - no mp3s playing at the month. Although, it does play burned cds! This is a relief since my last car (punto hgt) didn't! I just got two 12inch subs put in the boot I think he just wired them off the back speakers. The amp is a cool looking chrome one but I got a feeling the bass should be much stronger! It is bassy but for two 12inches it should be booming!! Any thoughts!
  11. e60london

    painting the calipers

    Sounded like they weren't busy-told me I could come in anytime so I guess the credit crunch is affecting sales. Only issue atm is my shock absorbers at the back. My cars been squeeking when I drive since I got it. Only had it 3 1/2 weeks!!!!!!! I'm gonna try and get the garage where I bought it to fix it for free! What u guys think? (Its from big motoring world, kent)
  12. e60london

    painting the calipers

    That doesn't sound too bad slab. Buy you're mate luchn and he won't complain! I've just been quoted £90 to do all four from mstyle.co.uk. Siad thye only need the car for two hours as they use high temp paint so dries quicker. Even more tempted now! deffo next paycheck i.e end april
  13. e60london

    painting the calipers

    Cheers. Just got off the phone to C1 Automotives and they quoted me £180 inclusive of parts and labour. Quite tempted actually. I'm pants at diy and have no garage so couldnt leave the wheels off. What do you reckon? For 180, at least i add a mod to my car and know its been painted professionally. Do they give it a bit of gloss when they paint it?
  14. e60london

    painting the calipers

    Hi guys, Got a black e60 with msport alloys and desperately want the calipers painted red! Problem is, I'm not good at taking alloys of and painting so want it done professionally-dnt wanna mess up the car! Does anyone know a garage/bodyshop that can do it in london AND how much will this set me back????? It can't be that much coz all it is is taking tyre off and spraying. Pls let us know guys!
  15. e60london


    Guys, Any ideas how much it will cost to repair some shock abs at the back of my 2005 e60 sport? Its got a squeek. I'm just thinking if it can wait while i spend this mnths wages on a new sound (been quoted for an amp + sub with installation is £375 on an idrive) Any thoughts???

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