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    Intravee set up

    Looking to re-install intravee in the E39, plus interested in any AI-NET add ons you might have, Hopefully the kit will be much cheaper now than it was 8 years ago, the last time I had it
  2. Piper

    Intravee set up

    What price you thinking mate?
  3. Piper

    Rear Doorcards with cutouts for blinds

    Nothing on ebay.de?
  4. Piper

    740i - Seems a lot of car for the money.

    Haven't been on in a while, last thing I read about your e65 was that it was running sweetly...what happened
  5. Piper

    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    Today its had: New handbrake shoes, (nice tight handbrake now) Oil and filter change SLS sensor replaced, (should fix the problem of the car sitting on its arse!)  MOT on the 7th July Bumper being resprayed in July. 
  6. Piper

    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    Off to London to pick up a new car. A 1999 540i Touring. This is a massive gamble but at £1100 it's worth a punt.
  7. Piper

    Piper's E39 540i.

    Welcome to my own little part of the forum. God knows why I never have had a project thread, but as I'm in the middle of fitting a new interior I thought 'why not?' Let me introduce you to my car, a Aspen Silver E39 540i. She was first registered on 3/10/1996 and was owned by an MD of Halliwell Jones, a north west BMW dealer. For a few months she carried the plate 1HJ, (which is now carried by a 2011 7 Series). She came with a decent spec: Heated grey leather Sport seats Fully loaded MID with DSP (don't see this very often) Telephone 17" Style 42's (even though the original spec sheet states they were 16". Must be a typo ) Luckily, she was in caring hands for a large part of her early years as she carried an extended BMW warranty and FBMWSH up to October 2003. From initially being 1HJ she had a further four owners and during this time was registered as P827PDM and A1CJH. She came into the ownership of a guy from Stoke who bought the car from his Dad (A1CJH) during the last few months of 2005. He put the plate A4DJH on the car and carried out a few mods. It was around this time that the service history log was lost (why do people do this!) and any proof of work carried out at indys vanished, (she came with no invoices for previous work). The good mods were - 18" M Para reps. I liked these as they actually were exactly the same as genuine. They had the small holes in between the bolt holes. Some MP reps don't have these. Also he put on a stainless steel cat back exhaust, some xenon AE's and a K&N filter with a genuine Racing Dynamics CAI kit. Here are some pics he took. It looks nice in the pics I must say. The guy was a regular member on Bimmerforums in 2006 & 2007 and with a bit of detective work I managed to track down his posts. It seems he spent quite a bit on maintenance, replacing a few suspension parts. It also transpired that during this time some electronics in the engine bay caught fire whilst the car was at a stealers! The car was sold to a guy in Cannock in 2008 and was now registered as P903BFO. He kept it for a handful of months, put 12 months MOT on it but then decided to sell - (fuel costs!) and then I spotted it on PH in March 2009 and decided to buy it. It cost me my 1997 325TDS Touring plus �500. I still can't decide to this day whether that was a good price or not. Anyway the E39 bug took me, ate me up and spat me out. Here it is when I first bought it One of the first things I did was take my teenage son for test drive. Why? Who TF knows. I regret this day because he kerbed two of the MP's, and I mean 'really kerbed'. This moment set me on an alloy wheel addiction I haven't been able to shake off. I sent them off for a refurb at Rimstock in West Bromwich. I wanted a silver finish on the spokes and a diamond cut dish. The guy phoned me up a week later and said that they had ballsed up when painting the rims! �Did I want them redone� he asked. �Of course!� I replied. He then came up with an idea to get the centres dark grey and keep the diamond lip, which I agreed to . Little did I realise at the time that this was a easy way of covering up their shoddy initial paintwork. Grrrrr. When I finally went to pick up the allys I could see runs under the dark grey paint and even worse I could see very small lines around the edge of the dark centres � obviously they had masking taped up the dishes when respraying but this had left marks where the masking tape had not been positioned perfectly. But from afar they did look ok: Plus I had these on whilst the refurb was being done! Like many on here I toyed with buying sports bumpers for ages. Ended up owing two fronts and one rear that I never got around to fitting. One front I bought from Jeek but it arrived damaged because of the rough handling courier. The ends of these things are so fragile and the curved shape is prone to cracking if the bumper is stood on it's end. You have been warned! I eventually sold it to someone on the forum � Hadleigh 007. The second bump was one of the reps from Ebay, bought and sold without even taking it out of the box to Willie Neill. Genuine rear bumper came and the bloody thing had two past repairs, but it was decent overall cond. Never got round to fitting so I put it in Parts and Breakers but I just couldn�t sell it. It finally went for �130. �95 less than I paid for it....grrrr! Decided I didn�t want the MP�s anymore. Sold em for �350 and bought myself a set of Softlines without tyres from a guy in Southampton for �400. Decent deal I thought. Well they were until I bought some brand new budget tyres for �275. Why? F knows. I usually buy Michelin / Pirelli / Continental part worns for around �25-�50 each (18�). So I suddenly pushed the overall price up to �675. I then struggled to sell them because of the budget nature of the tyres. Managed to get �625 in the end. �50 loss. Cock. Here they are half way through the swap: Here they are on and looking good: As you can see the car had some fake Celis on that the previous owner had bought to replace the all clear rears. I like genuine lights so I bought some pre facelift M5 rears. Not as classy as Celis but I like that fact that they are pre facelift on a pre facelift car. Something else you might notice is the chrome overkill. Horrible. "Time it went" I thought so a complete Shadowline swap went on. Body mouldings were a piece of piss but the window ones? OMG! Nightmare. I bent two lower window strips in the process and had to obtain replacements. Here is a tip � always lift these from the middle! For some reason my car had some weird sealant behind the chromeline trim so I spent ages scraping it away, and it took me ages to get them to fit properly. All worth it in the end though. A great mod. Still haven't done the strip on the inside tho, (on top of the doorcard). I bought some all black plastic grilles from Taiwan! An eBay special. Thing is they are shit. They don't sit flush to the bonnet. If you are thinking of doing this then just paint / wrap your old ones. Cheaper and will sit properly. Some Style 66�s came and went to Phil at PPPaints along with 3 spare 17� tyres I had...again for �100 less than I paid. GRRR! I then decided to buy an Aspen Silver 523i with the intention of nicking some nicer panels. It turned out to be a slightly different shade and then the pins in the plugs that sit in the B pillar were totally different (why BMW why) hence I couldn�t and didn�t swap the doors over. Nice car tho, came with a load of paperwork. Swapped a few bulbs and switches with mine then sold it to Hardy at a loss of �225. Alpinaman decided to sell his 19� Spiders which I snapped up. I couldn�t resist as they are my fave BMW wheel of all time. In the meantime I bought a rear manual blind and black nappa gearknob from BMW. Gave the interior a lift and both easy to fit. Bought some �Technical Graphite� / �Cubic� trim from Dennis. It was such a relief to get rid of that horrible wood! Just does not go with grey leather. Thing is I�m missing the cruise button piece, I bought it with the intention of buying the cruise button piece as I assumed it would be a fairly common item. Wrong! Still haven�t found one for sale months later and the Stealer couldn�t find a match either. Bought and sold two BMW minidisc players with the intention of fitting. Turns out that due to the car having a Professional cassette with additional radio amp in the C pillar it posed a few problems and I couldn�t get it to work. Good detective work from Rob TV suggested installing a facelift amp as it provides a 'one size fits all lead' rather than the two that the cassette requires. This would solve the problem, but I CBA to be honest and I still couldn�t hear the music on the minidiscs. Could of been a faulty lead, I sold the first MD sold as seen � but it worked in someone else�s car. Bought another one, still didn�t work. Out of pocket �80 from the cable adaptor and 2nd player. GRRRRRRRRRR! Still fancy giving an early �96 Professional CD unit a whirl though to see if it works. Fitted fire extinguisher, nice easy little mod: Fitted new key rubbers. Here is a tip � don�t do it! They will never sit right as you practically have to destroy the old key housing to get the worn rubbers out: Have done a few other jobs that you probably don't want to read about as they are well documented by other members - changing the hedgehog (twice!), replacing the worn radio button, replacing the rear cupholders with a cubby and sourcing a new private reg. Found a complete Alpina bumper on Ebay from a Polish breaker called Marobmwspares. He�s just down the road from me, and is a nice guy. Got the bumper prep�d and resprayed at a local paint shop for a rip off �180. Thought it was a good deal at the time until you guys informed me otherwise! Nice finish tho: Sold the Spiders to E39Dave just because I fancied a change. He gave me �300 cash plus his x5 Style 49�s with tyres. Not a bad deal IMO but we had some fun swapping them over at a service station on the M1! The Style 49�s are interesting because they only seem to have been fitted as part of the SE �Sport Pack�. Not sure when the Sport Pack was started / finished or if it was an option on the V8s. Interested to know more if you have any info. Well that more or less brings me up to date. I have spent �1658.69 on this car not including any maintenance, servicing, insurance or MOTs. Not sure if it looks like I have spent that much but I still love it and apart from a brief hard-on for a Volvo 850 R I haven�t really wanted anything else. In terms of maintenance and servicing, that stands at �1475! My opinion of my �425 Inspection 2 in 2009 at NCB is well documented and I still stand by what I said. My local backstreet mechanic did a better job a year later, (they actually did what I asked them to do). Just because someone is a �specialist� doesn�t mean that the work they do will be any better than any experienced mechanic. Anyway am currently fitting some leccy heated Comfort seats I bought from Jeek I have hit a brick wall with the electrics. With Raymond�s help tho I am working out a solution. Future plans / wants are: (will update this list as bits are obtained): -Get memory function of Comfort seats working -Fit a black headliner and associated black trim -Sort out the ABS problem - either wiring / sensor or module. -Fit black dash - preferably a nice ultra rare leather one... -Fit OEM DSP compatible nav -Fit two trim pieces that fit under the headlights as mine are looking worn. -A huge valet, not short of a detail. No point in a detail tho as my paint is a bit poor in places. -Get a gearbox oil and filter change done -This year car is having an Insp 1 and a coolant change -New OEM shocks, springs, bushes, discs and pads for each corner -Bin the grilles and fit some modded OEM ones. -Full respray, yes sir. I must be mad! Thanks for reading and good day to you.
  8. Piper

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 04/06/19

    Kudos to one of the top ten E39s in the UK
  9. Piper

    E39 seat yellow plug help

    Check out my 540 project thread, it's in there, also Ray's memory seat thread I think
  10. Piper

    Lower Dash Removal

    Leave it to the master
  11. Piper

    Style 49's on SE

    My fave 17" wheel. And along with the Style 66s the only wheel that fits over M5 discs.
  12. Piper

    This has got to stop!

    Hate the 'M Grille'
  13. Piper

    SuperDave RIP

    RIP Dave, you clearly loved cars and were a fair person.
  14. True, especially the LCI, although I still feel the e39 is better quality inside.
  15. I think they're great, but they ain't no 3 Series. Two months ago I bought a R75 CDTi as a runaround whilst my 520d was having its heart transplant. It was the first non BMW I had owned since 2005. Came with some nice kit and looked the part on 17" Serpent alloys. The interior had not worn well, - rips in the seats, seat backs loose, door pull surrounds falling off, roof light fittings falling off because the clips had broke, a tweeter had failed, mirror switch pack had failed although it was an easy fix..and it was a one owner car. Reminded me that the BMW build quality we all admire is actually a thing, it's true. I've also got an older e36 316i and the interior has no issues.
  16. Retrofitted Logic 7 tweeters and woofers without the amp and the sound was definitely better but they are not very well made, the front woofers couldn't cope with high bass and the lower paper filter came away from its base and makes a horrid crackling sound. Dunno if it's because they are designed to be used with amp only, but have swapped them out for blue stickered BMW Business woofers which have been fine.
  17. Piper

    E36 silver Wing - wntd

    Mines got a dent or two!
  18. Love you mate, great memories of the forum from when I joined in 2009 to when I stopped having spare time to mess with BMWs circa 2017, keep in touch on FB!
  19. Piper

    E61 underfloor trim 7896625

    Looking for part numbers 7896625 and 7897144
  20. Edit - found out today that part 7896625 is also needed
  21. Hi This has probably been asked before but a quick search came up with nothing. Have got a bumper and diffuser, £100 from ebay. All good apart from a dent at the top of the diffuser. Good price but there is no way this could be fitted to my car, paint is terrible. So, I'm assuming im going to also need the metal crash bar. Anything else? The PDCs are a different size but i have the pre LCIs ones and the loom. Cut and splice job on the loom? Thanks in advance
  22. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

  23. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Three E34s and numerous E39s later, I have finally moved on and have got myself an E60/E61. A 2008 black on black on black 520d Touring with a few nice options, but the best one is heated Comforts with ventilation £3800. Picking up Thursday. Pics to follow! Edit - pics below and they ain't Comforts
  24. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Other parts ive bought - timing chain cover gasket, HPFP and sump gasket ^Bought the above cover and gasket from Sytner, half the price of ebay!