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  1. Piper

    E61 underfloor trim 7896625

    Looking for part numbers 7896625 and 7897144
  2. Edit - found out today that part 7896625 is also needed
  3. Hi This has probably been asked before but a quick search came up with nothing. Have got a bumper and diffuser, £100 from ebay. All good apart from a dent at the top of the diffuser. Good price but there is no way this could be fitted to my car, paint is terrible. So, I'm assuming im going to also need the metal crash bar. Anything else? The PDCs are a different size but i have the pre LCIs ones and the loom. Cut and splice job on the loom? Thanks in advance
  4. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

  5. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Three E34s and numerous E39s later, I have finally moved on and have got myself an E60/E61. A 2008 black on black on black 520d Touring with a few nice options, but the best one is heated Comforts with ventilation £3800. Picking up Thursday. Pics to follow! Edit - pics below and they ain't Comforts
  6. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Other parts ive bought - timing chain cover gasket, HPFP and sump gasket ^Bought the above cover and gasket from Sytner, half the price of ebay!
  7. So yesterday, while having an MOT the compressor decided his life was too much and died. So of course that left Kwik Fit with no option but to fail the car with a dangerous defect. I had to get recovered home...:/ About 15 mins ago I went to move the car and the compressor decided he'd made a mistake and wanted to work again! Anyone got a suggestion as to whats going on? Compressor itself, or relay??
  8. Piper

    E39 Touring Air Compressor Woes

    Know of a guide to replace the sensor?
  9. Piper

    E39 facelift sport front bumper- titan silver

    I have one complete but it's currently on my Touring. I'm planning to respray it Oxford Green unless someone finds one for me so I can sell mine and buy it.
  10. Piper

    E39 Touring handbrake rebuild?

    Cheers bud
  11. The Touring as failed on a weak handbrake. Not surprised it was an advisory on last two MOTs where they adjusted it as much as they can to increase the strength. So, anyone know what I need to do to sort.
  12. Piper

    E39 Touring handbrake rebuild?

    Cool thanks
  13. Long shot but has anyone got an Oxford Green Sport bumper? Willing to swap for my Titty Silver one!
  14. Piper

    E39/E38 Black Sport Contours

    Damn, missed again!
  15. Got this now on the 540i's MOT fail list: Offside Rear Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn top arm Can anyone point me in the right direction of the part I'll need?
  16. Piper

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    The lies and exaggerations printed about Brexit and Trump have really opened my eyes to the extreme political bias of the media, Inc. Facebook, Twitter, Google. Huge media corps led by globalist leftists intent on censoring conservatism.
  17. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Thanks for that. I might as well get it done. Need to find the part number. I'm going to be keeping this car for years lol
  18. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    So have bought these: There is nothing wrong with the new engine as far as I know but I'm still getting the chain done regardless. Total cost so far £1350
  19. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    It's a disaster, why the hell did I buy one. Where do you think the fillings came from? Did your chain break?
  20. My N47 hates me. Its destroyed itself. So, getting a new engine and going to get the chain replaced in the new engine before it goes back in the bay. What else is a good idea to replace whilst the bare engine is out. Gaskets, bolts?
  21. Piper

    E39 Touring Air Compressor Woes

    OK, pm me a price. Where is the level sensor BTW?
  22. Piper

    E36 328i Mtec Convertible

    She's beautiful
  23. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Right, now going for a new engine As well as the damage in the pics, a glow plug has snapped off and nearly all valves are leaking. No words apart from F**K THE N47 POS
  24. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    What mileage? I would get the chain done as a matter of course, just swallow the cost. That's what I wish I had done
  25. Piper

    E39 Touring Air Compressor Woes

    Cool, that will be my first port of call