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  1. Piper

    Sabine Schmidt

    That's terrible news
  2. Piper

    E39 M5 touring build

    This is great, and I feel chuffed that my old pride and joy is going to live on. I used gen. M5 parts on the car so its a great base. Nice to see the Birch Anthracite trim wasnt sold on. Keeping going buddy, this is going to be one of the best builds ever.
  3. It was left on the car when it was sold
  4. Piper

    E39 Haynes Service Manual

    Used but in one piece. No missing pages, no rips. £10 posted.
  5. Piper

    Cable Shack K Line Cable Set

    I need to log on more often. Yes it is
  6. Piper

    E39 540i Touring for sale

    Wow! Adrian sold it on! I didn't know.
  7. Piper

    BMW Car Magazine

    Yes but reading a mag on an iPad just doesn't compare. I hate it.
  8. Don't count ya chickens Steve....used car market is going to crash
  9. What's the price?
  10. Very optimistic David!
  11. Piper

    Double glazing

    5m of Butyl is only £7 in eBay. I also stuck waterproof tape along the bottom of my membrane once reinstalled. Just an extra precaution.