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  1. Piper

    BMW Car Magazine

    Yes but reading a mag on an iPad just doesn't compare. I hate it.
  2. Don't count ya chickens Steve....used car market is going to crash
  3. What's the price?
  4. Very optimistic David!
  5. Piper

    Double glazing

    5m of Butyl is only £7 in eBay. I also stuck waterproof tape along the bottom of my membrane once reinstalled. Just an extra precaution.
  6. £10k for a 180k, low spec M5? Surely this figure is gonna fall. I just can't see how, post pandemic, the price can be justified anymore...along with 5k E34s, 6k E38s, 10k E32s etc etc
  7. Fully working K Line Set. No longer needed £18 posted https://www.cable-shack.co.uk/
  8. Piper

    M47 vs N47

    If you buy an N47 make sure the chain has been done or budget an extra £800 to get it done.
  9. Piper

    M47 vs N47

    N47 is a good engine...with a new chain and corresponding gaskets, bolts etc and a new/refurbished HPFP. I've had all of that done and it's running very well, had a remap since and it drives great
  10. Piper

    Breaking: 1990 520i manual, very early M50

    I'd love a good one, unfortunately sellers seem to think they are worth £5k.
  11. Am desperate! Anyone? Jet black or Sapphire Black
  12. Piper

    Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Update: Had an oil leak and a need for more power...so.... Oil injector seals replaced Rocker cover gaskets replaced A 240bhp remap with DPF and ERG delete... Makes a massive difference!
  13. Have seen prices range from a fair £7500 to a ludicrous £65k. What is a decent one worth, particularly a 3.8?
  14. Piper

    Carl - do you still have my baby?

    Bloody hell! I had no idea! I am literally gobsmacked. Kudos to you Sir. What's the story, where's the engine from? When its time to sell you know where I am!