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  1. Wanted, not fussed about condition as long as it isn't cracked and works.
  2. Piper

    E39 523i SE

    They should call that website 'Car and Very Overpriced Average BMWs from the 80s and 90s'.
  3. Piper

    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    I remember when these were 6k on eBay
  4. Shame, I always fancied a N54 335i
  5. E34, E36 and E32 the last truly well built generation of BMWs? The only other model after these three with good build quality was the E38.....?
  6. Especially all those wonderful N47s...
  7. How are e90s self destructing? Rust?
  8. Piper

    172 Spider Alloy

    Sorry for the extremely late reply. Where u located?
  9. You didn't connect in the correct order?
  10. Piper

    Lack of engine power. E61 520d

    MAF sensor? I had a similar problem with my E39 2002 530d and I never got to the bottom of it.
  11. Piper

    E46 Style 163 alloys on E61

    Nice alloys. One of these generic kinds that will look good on most cars
  12. Piper

    What were all the seat options e60

    I think we need pics
  13. I want to list the parts needed to swap a genuine Sport bumper to a LCI SE: If anyone knows different, or if I've missed anything off, let me know. Obvs I haven't included bumper, fogs, grills. Arch liners: 51717033749 and 51717033750 Adaptor: 51117896611 Strip: 51118032081 Support where bumper joins to wings: 51117033705 and 51117033706 I've read brake air ducks can be re-used if turned upside down??