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  1. sean1972e39

    Not really new but,,,i'm back

    cheers for the replies,,, as said in earlier post, hopefully late this month or early next month i should be able to get back in a fiver,
  2. sean1972e39

    Not really new but,,,i'm back

    thanks,,, what do i need to look out for on the 535d,,
  3. sean1972e39

    Not really new but,,,i'm back

    Hi everyone, i used to be on this magnificent forum a while ago but at the time had to get rid of my fiver, now with a bit better luck on my side i'm about to get back in the fold with hopefuly an E61 diesel, not sure as to which model yet,, hopefully someone on here will give me a bit of advice as to which would be the best buy and which to avoid,, and then hopefully get one by the end of the month or early October,, cheers, Sean
  4. sean1972e39

    HGV Driving, North West!

    i did my hgv about 4 years ago, what a waste of time and money, only people to offer jobs wanted me to exceed my hours and after telling them i wouldn't be prepared to risk my licsense, was told i was no good to them so off you go, drove for a total of about 6 months on the hgv, now have gone back to a van, unless i was going to be put through the test by an employer who was paying for it i would not bother, if i had my chance again i would still have £2000 in my pocket, they all say there are the jobs out there but i think that is all talk unless you have got 2 years driving experience, my brother in law had the same and he has also gone back to van,,sean
  5. sean1972e39

    We've had a new arrival!

  6. sean1972e39


    hi mate,, to search for a seller,, where the search boxes are to put the item in, to the right hand side of them it says "advanced search" click this and it will take you to another page, on the left hand side of this page there are some more menu boxes, i thnk it is the top box where it says search by, and gives you 3 options 1 of these is search by seller, if you then click it it will open up a box where you put in the seller I.D,, hope this helps,, sean
  7. sean1972e39

    Anyone else like Volvo 850 or V70 T5s / Rs

    the story goes,,, the local volvo garage had a customer order a new car and he really specced it up, ordered it for september 1st but as the time got close he had to put the date back to later in the month, not a problem the garage said, anyway the end of the month came and agian he told them he would have to put the date back, this went on for 2 months untill he finally went in and told them he could not have the car, garage said ok but because he had oredered with nso many option he would lose his deposit, which upset him a bit,, anyway a few nights later the garage has 9 cars on it's pitch hit with paintstripper the same night and stripper that was used on my car,, police linked all the cars to the same person- the disgruntled customer, but could not prove it,,
  8. sean1972e39

    Anyone else like Volvo 850 or V70 T5s / Rs

    i had a V70 R afew years ago,, saffron pearl metallic, graphite coloured wheels black leather and alcantara interior,, qicker than my impreza turbo i had later on,, reason for sale- someone decide to pour paint stripper all over it not the usual brake fluid or nitromors but some industrail strentgh stuff thay the bodyshop had to call in a chemist to analyse it before the respray,, 13 weeks and £4500 later i got it back then decided to sell just incase it happened again, chap came from fraserborough in scotland all the way to cannock in staffordshire overnight to collect it,, bought it for his 19 year old son,,, still miss the car now
  9. sean1972e39

    Lowering an e39 Sport?

    when i had my 535 se i dropped it by 45mm all round
  10. sean1972e39

    HGV Training info needed please..

    i was told exactly the same when i did my training,, not to even get out of bed for less than £350-£400 per week,, the only way i could have earned anywhere that money when i started was,, like the others say to work 60+ hours a week with nights out,, if i knew then what i know now i would have kept my money where it was,, i would not personally recomend it to anyone
  11. sean1972e39

    HGV Training info needed please..

    i put myself through my hgv aswell about 5 years ago, cost me £2500 out of my own pocket- what a waste of money,, the only people who wanted to employ someone with no experience of driving a lorry were the ones who wanted you to disregard all the rules and regulation if the road,, i,e driving/ working hours, weight limits so on and so forth,, so now i drive a van for a living about the same money as a class 2 but without so many hassle's, i start at 8.30am and if i have a late night i get home about 7.00pm- no weekends, no bank holidays, would not really want to go back on the hgv again unless i was out of work and that was all i could get,,sean
  12. sean1972e39

    where did u buy your HID kit?

    +1 for diane-shop on e-bay
  13. sean1972e39

    What kind of dog to get?

    +1 more for the staffy,, we got one last thursday, 7 week old black bitch, agree with the comment about teeth being razor sharp
  14. sean1972e39

    vauxhall combo gear linkage

    this is a common thing on the likes of the corsa, meriva and astra, the problem part is the linkage that sits on top of the gearbox, the original ones had plastic bushes on and over time they wear so that you have problems gettingthe gears, once it starts it's easier to get it changed as it only gets worse, the updated part is better quality and should cost about £150 to supply aqnd fit, it's not a hard job just awkward to get your hands in if they are bigget than a 10 year olds,,
  15. sean1972e39

    road legal ?

    i had them on mine and on the way back from a previuos meet got pulled over and was given a ticket for £60, only saving grace is that it isn't an endorsable so you do not have to declare it on your insurance come renewal time