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  1. Johan

    Nice To Be Back In A Manual

    Nice car. Is it a 4.0 v8?
  2. Johan

    Early memory seats in a late car

    Decided I "needed" memory seats in my e34 so having a go at that at the moment. Just realized I forgot to mention the middle pin between the multimeter leads also needs a ground otherwise the motors wont run.
  3. Johan

    Lcm coding advice

    On my lcm4 I there is one pin which goes to the level sensor on autoleveling lights and the adjustmwnt wheel on the other which is the issue in the electronics. Auto cant be coded to manuel either. Ive tried. Do note there are lots of lcm4 part numbers with different electronics. So there might be the 1 module where just coding auto or manual does work.
  4. Johan

    95 530iT M60 cooling system refresh

    On mine the aux water pump blocked all the heat going to the heater core as the impeller came to pieces. It can also leak. To remove it just connect the output hose to the watervalve where its input hose is connected. Sounds strange, but if you're doing the work it will make sense as it only fits one way.
  5. Johan

    E34 1989 535i Problem

    Wiring diagram can be found here: http://wedophones.com/Manuals/BMW/1989 BMW 525i - 535i Electrical Troubleshooting Manual.pdf Here is a write up from Gale who did a e32 735 auto to manual swap. i think you might be interested in the "Electrical details" section: http://www.nmia.com/~dgnrg/page_41.htm
  6. Johan

    1987 E34 preview - CAR

    Interesting read. Thanks for that!
  7. Johan

    Disabling memory - drivers seat

    No coding is required. I found the GM is not that fussy about coding anyway. Why not just add a relay to switch the 30A connection to the seat using the switched 12v you have available.
  8. Johan

    Error Code Tacho? (E34 5 series)

    I have played around a bit with coding plugs from the blue backed cluster. When I randomly changed data in the coding plug EEPROM it would give the "CODE TACHO" error. Now how this fix this? Do you have tools to read and write the EEPROM / coding plug? The blue backed cluster can be re-coded using DIS with a made up ZCS describing the parameters of the car. This often cleared the "CODE TACHO".
  9. Johan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Worse then stock e34 halogens. And they already have a bad reputation. 120 euro but with a 100 core charge on my worn lenses. I dont think the evo xr have the lhd rhd setting. Which makes life difucult when we go the UK.
  10. Johan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Swapped out the reflector units in my facelift headlights. I got the rebuild ones from a German company https://www.reflektorklinik.de/
  11. Johan

    Hifi system professional

    just the radio loom. sorry no pictures at the moment as the e39 is still at the painters.
  12. Johan

    Wiring loom swap

    I think you're going to have to dig into this yourself. I have seen a lot of variations in the wiring of the models and over the years. I would start checking out the plug from the engine loom to the main harness (that big round one). Write the pin numbers to wire colours down of both cars and match them to the ETM. Then check function for function where they go. With petrol engine swaps one can often get away with plugging in the other engine loom. But a tds is going to have a couple of different wires like the glow bulb in the cluster (potentially a different cluster as the tds only came with a "low" cluster),...etc.
  13. Johan

    Hifi system professional

    It is a separate loom on my car it plugs into the main loom in the boot behind the sat nav unit.
  14. Johan

    Sunday night random musings 16:9 retro fit..

    You will get a black screen as the image is generated by the nav drive or tv module. Radio will also not work as its a seperate module when using the 16:9 screen.
  15. Johan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It is indeed bellow the jacking point. This one is curb side as mine is a LHD. A friend of mine is doing the work. Can't really say anything about the price as its "special plice for my fliend" Also some additional rust removal and paint work will also be carried out. But put it this way everything together would buy me another complete e39, but I like this one as its been with me for over 14 years. I'll pass the compliments on!
  16. Johan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    My turn to sort out the tin worms who took up residence in the sills:
  17. Johan

    M5 steering box swap

    I think there are a couple of plastic nuts near the top aswell. At least there was on my LHD.
  18. Johan

    Hifi system professional

    You can upgrade to it if you want to. I did it it years ago in my car which is a saloon model. What you need: * The right wiring loom from radio to amp to speakers. Or if you have satnav the radio/satnav/speaker loom. I spliced a "radio loom" into my navigation equipped car. Make sure the wires aren't cut at the door looms and are de pinned so they can go back into your car. * The wiring looms or de pinned speaker wires in the doors.Front doors have three sets of speaker wires instead of just the one. Rear door has speaker wires instead of nothing * Speakers incl enclosures and sub * DSP Amplifier (note early amps like the philips won't work with the bm54 nav radio module) * mounting stuff for the sub * Mid panel with dsp button in non sat-nav car. Altough coding might do the job. I think the circuit boards inside are all the same. It might work, but not say DSP. I think it worked without coding, but I coded it just the same. I have also done this to a mate's touring which was a breeze because he bought all the stuff ready to be assembled (perfectly de-pinned and marked) from a guy who was breaking an e39 touring from the same build year.
  19. If you current lights are good why not replace the adjusters? Or do you have the "un-openable" ones from the later build dates?
  20. Johan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    On my car the build sheet was under the passenger seat between one of the springs and foam.
  21. Johan

    Replacing fabric strip around door frame

    Was that long ago? BMW do like to update their part prices.
  22. Johan

    Bubbling around valve cover seal

    The valve actually eats into the aluminium of the housing causing it to not close flush and keeping a gap. As already said I wouldn't really worry about this. I've replaced the housing on mine a number of years ago. The issue came back a couple of years later. When I had the housing off last year I rotated the valve and its been ok upto now....then again haven't really driver the car a lot in the last year...
  23. Johan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That looks like a part list for the seats. Could be the picking list before going into the upholstery shop at the factory. Faurecia Autositze used to be a company in Bad Abbach.
  24. Johan

    Engine Replacement (M52TU)

    That sounds like fun. Put my milage into the list. Seems to be the highest for now . When I had my m54 engine out I left the gearbox and the exhaust line in the car. Enough space to pull the engine. I had the intake manifold off which made it easy to get to the transmission bolts on the back of the engine. Just make sure the torque converter stays in the tranny:
  25. Johan

    E39 mileage register

    16536 Chagac 2001 M5. 36391 bazza523 2003 520iA SE ES Touring 38000 Richardsbmw 2003 530i champagne2 2900 E39mad 2003 530i SE Individual 43058 Dragyth 1996 528i SE Automatic 43167 adamhearn 2003 525d 46122 zarnd 2002 e39 M5 47589 tobybmw535i e39 535i /R reg 49000 carnageg 2001 540i 51383 LimavadyE39 53634 rysie 525i sport 55833 SCZ4 2002 E39 540i Sport 65150 Gee_V8 2002 540iA Sport 68000 Neil A 530i Sport 70000 ( photo'd odometer ! ) oji170 540iA Individual 70250 E39mad 525d (SOLD Feb '13 with 93200 miles) 73000 mrmarc 530iA sport (Jap Import) 74000 Lui 1998 528i se sport second owner from new immaculate condition 74130 nazzamataz e39 520i SE 1999 74863 Deano16v 1997 540 Touring 6 speed 75003 Jamesno1 2002 525i 78000 Rory 2001 530d SE 79000 Big D 523i 80626 v8 boy, 1998 535i SE auto. 81375 DJM 523ise (again should be about 81600 but Speed sensor fault) 81579 Paddy O'Furniture 2003 535i Sport 81549 MattC 2000 E39 M5 82410 jacecodi 2002 530 i champagne II 84900 Shik 530i Champ 2 86292 Adam D 51 530i Sport 88245 WNeill 530i Sport 90245 lestere 530d SE 5 speed manual Touring. 90426 as355f1 525d 90900 Gav. 1997 540i 92163 Calypso-E34 95000 Karl1 2002 525i sport 95000 surveysteve 528iA Sport 95235 paperjams 95835 Savcom's 2002 530D 98312 BadDave Alpina B10 3.2 99698 Darlo 2000 530i Sport 100547 themanstan 530i 102000 Sphinx 523iA 102000 bsvensso 1997 540iA Touring 104100 Kevmo 2000 M5 105100 Harz535 530iA '02 110400 Milo 2003 525i Sport 111111 Mikey_535 1999 M5 111550 E39Man 2000 530i Sport 112000 Lloyd 523iSE step tropic 114350 Loadmaster 1999 532iSE @14/09/2016 114500 urquatro 2000 540iA Touring 117553 kinada 2000 535i Sport 118000 Tidgy 528 118400 SC7 2002 530i Sport 122000 vanhool, 528ise (new engine at 37,000) 122550 Scotty540i 1997 540i SE 123000 mjenkings 2001 525i Sport 123000 Busteredwards 523i 125000 Conan 2002 530d Sport 125000 markgixxer750 M5 127500 Robbo 528iAT 129000 Eddy Matthews 2000 520i auto Touring 131000 micheal d.s. 523i 131500 duncan-uk 530d sport touring manual 132000 AndrewMac85 1998 Alpina B10 V8 131200 TaoOrganic, 2000 530D SE AUTO 132500 peejaybmr 528 136300 BM Ian 528i Sport 136756 puggie 523i 137000 mne666: 525D 137547 puggie 523i 138002 Staddly 520i Touring 2003 138777 Dan. 523i Touring 139000 Scruffy: Slammed 523i 139202 Zap 1997 535i 141300 Blue Oval 530iA 2000 141900 IJD 540iA 1998 142000 SC7 2002 530i Sport Champagne Edition 142000 Pow 528 142000 B9 #200 1983 E28 Alpina B9 3.5 143000 mark 528 145000 AlfaJim 2001 530dA SE Touring. 145000 G-lo e39 520i 1999 145452 gbshahaq 530dA SE Saloon 2002 146000 Osi_NL 520i 147,000 Trisman 528i/532i Alpina Touring rep. (Was 120,150) 148654 Andy Ran - 2000 M5 (previous 138987) 150650 camoscato 1998 523i 150141 Piper 1999 540i Touring 151100 IINexusII 2002 530d Sport 151425 Revs Hotclutch 530i 152000 mattyv33 535i 152000 Marlow925 M5 E39 '99 154000 lee540 e39 540i 155000 Marlow925 525d Touring manual E39 '01 156000 pompeybmw 528 156890 urq/Alpina 4.6 158101 Jamworth - 2001 530i (was 148576) 160000 Justin.. 2001 530i 160000 Pritesh '99 530D 161000 Karlos28 02 539d sport one turbo change 161000 shrink 530D SE Auto ('99) 161500 RichE39 1997 528iSE (has had replacement engine) 162200 Caruso E39 540i Touring 165000 BriC 2000 535i Sport Manual 165893 Morgan528i 1999 528i SE Touring Auto (all original) 166000 rob-the-viking 528 168750 R.D.5.5 2000 540i Auto 172000 Greg 523i (engine change at 55k) 172070 BWMtastic 2000 530i SE Touring (running on LPG since 101000) <------------------ 173000 rickybotts_123 520i 175000 BriC 1999 520i 176000 Digidick 1999 528i Auto 176534 Urq/1997 540/6 Touring, the bmw demo 178000 maxtherotti 540IA 178750 IJD 1999 530d Auto Touring 180000 Zildjian 2000 M5 180000 Trisman 2000 530i Manual Sport. 180333 Matt21 2000 530iA SE LPG 182000 Machinehead '99 528i auto touring 186000 Donut 1996 540iA 185000 Mrroverrover 2003 530i Sport Champagne 2 189400 djw113uk 1997 525tds 193000 blue-alan M535i Sport 201500 dan101smith 530d Sport Touring Auto 202000 Dennis Cooper-2003 530d Touring (actually around 206000) 205000 Stevecvo 2001 525d 206564 Piper 1996 540i saloon 208,000 B9 #200 2002 E39 530i Sport Auto 213,700 Miguel Guedes 1997 E39 528i Manual Saloon, on LPG 214089 Seesure 2001 M5 214396 Sean 530i (latest figure) 2000 SE on LPG 231500 RockyBalboa-UK 2001 540i Auto Sport Saloon (original engine and gearbox plus Prins VSI LPG conversion since about 100k) 233,536 B9 #200 1985 E28 528i 240000 MP3 1998 523iSE Auto (engine/cooling system rebuild at 193k) 248250 b16jsy 1999 E39 530d Manual (Now Sold-Owned from 115,000 miles July 2007 until January 2015)-assumed original engine,turbo,clutch & box 251300 Lance1a E39 528i Man, original battery, exhaust, clutch. 260095 chris 42 528iSE Touring (all original too!!!!!) 263091 Dotcom1970 530d SE Auto 290500 DerekJr 1999 523i SE Auto 321525, mne666 (father In laws) 351000 djw113uk 525tds saloon (original engine as far as I know. Owned since 189400. About to die when MOT expires on 3rd March ) 353000 Raymond 525tds 356077 Johan 525i