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  1. PHiRe

    Really cant understand this car!!!!!

    my money would be on what know-dice says fiatish battery especially if the car had been laid up for a few weeks before you bought it and then using it properly again fixed it.
  2. PHiRe

    Droppin' a E39

    is it on air bags????
  3. jeek, definatly looked like great fun was had.
  4. PHiRe

    Too low?

    that looks stunning as is but the speed bumps and pot holes round here would kill it. . . . . BTW, love your rims
  5. PHiRe

    Where your Tv licence is spent on

    could have been worse could have went to this tw*t:-
  6. PHiRe

    List your previous cars

    some cool lists there im 26 and heres my list 1991 Ford Fiesta 1.0 LX 1979 Ford Escort 1.1 L 1983 Ford Sierra 1.6 L 3 Door (Cosworth replica) 1990 Ford Sierra XR4x4 2.0 1997 Rover 420i 1996 Hyundai Lantra 1.8 1998 Seat Ibiza 1.4 1993 BMW 318iSE and now my 1997 BMW 523iSE that I love. I hated my patch of FWD sh!te after the XR4x4 but at the time i needed cheap sheds cos we had just moved in to our first house. Back to proper RWD Cars now and im staying that way!!!!
  7. PHiRe

    Just driven a metro 6R4

    The Ford RS200 killed 3 people and injured 30 after the driver tryed to avoid some one standing in the road but lossed control and rolled in to a crowd but there was also a fatal crash that killed Henri Toivonen and co driver Sergio Cresto in a Lancia Delta S4. Maca The lancia you are thinking of is it the 037 rallye ??
  8. PHiRe

    Just driven a metro 6R4

    I loved Group B, all Group B Cars were massive engineering accomplishments of their time. There is no denying it that these cars were total monsters. I would like to see a modern day version of the group, but that will never happen although im sure we have better technology and materials to make the cars a safer for the drivers.
  9. PHiRe

    Window Tinting

    If at all possible could you get a photo of that, if you see it that is. I think that would look stunning!! Cheers
  10. PHiRe

    Brake fluid symbol but no message?

    my money would be on you needing new brake pads m8, the pad wear indicators use the same light
  11. I'm the same mate! It drives me nuts!!! Totally, in my eyes most of the stuff mentioned should not need to be law it should just be common sense! In keeping you and people around you safe!
  12. PHiRe

    Good looking Carbon Fibre

    try bonwyke excellent service i got some from them in the past
  13. PHiRe

    Here we go again (says he, ducking)!

    I love the logic even if robin williams didn't write it!
  14. PHiRe

    Clever London lawyer?

    love it!!!!!
  15. PHiRe

    Number plate and front facing?

    just me stereotyping matey, No offence