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  1. Loadmaster

    Warranty Question

    No idea, would have thought not at a guess. Give you local main dealer a call.
  2. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The biblical rain of the past few days has given way to a very sunny day and 15 deg C. Took advantage of this and spent a very pleasant few hours giving the 540 a thorough wash, polish and hoovering. Simple things please simple minds...
  3. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    You were part of the BMWCC GB contingent? I had a space booked but had to pull out a week before due to a family event
  4. Loadmaster

    E39 strut braces.

    Agree with Dan's comment above, okay for a bit of "show bling" but no real practical benefit in real word driving. They can be quite expensive too, better off (in my opinion) putting that money to better use on improved braking or damping. That will be far more beneficial and noticeable.
  5. I've seen those exact words used in the (probably) same advert some time ago, elsewhere.
  6. Loadmaster

    A use for a spoiler

    Damn good idea actually!
  7. Loadmaster

    Service advice.

    That's main dealer prices for you. Andy Walker really isn't that far from you and well worth the drive out. https://walkersautotech.co.uk
  8. Loadmaster

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Got it now, yep I think that was for sale over a year ago at the time I bought my 540, along with a couple of others that still haven't sold.
  9. Loadmaster

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Oh, is this the dark coloured tourer with style 65s that's been up for sale for ever? I can't access the link as currently on a work laptop ...
  10. Loadmaster

    Service advice.

    Where in Surrey are you? Depending on which part, either of these three West Sussex BMW indies would be a good choice. I've frequented all three! BMR Performance, Turners Hill, West Sussex (just over the border near Crawley). WN Autos, Copthorne, West Sussex, again near Crawley. Walkers Autotech, again in Sussex, but west side beyond Horsham.
  11. Loadmaster

    Carbon Black

    I loved the look of my black E39, but so glad I now have a silver one (which still appears clean even when a bit grubby and dusty )
  12. Loadmaster

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Joji Nagashima is "the daddy" of the E39.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joji_Nagashima
  13. Loadmaster

    BMW E61 530D M-Sport - NEW

    Yeah, I remember the days! Welcome along...
  14. Loadmaster

    Hi all - glad to be (almost) back owning a BMW!

    540i, white bodywork sitting on black rims - what's not to like?! Nice one...
  15. Loadmaster

    E39 Cat N 'Total Loss' - Advice Needed!

    Pleased to hear that you're keeping it, no need to 'upgrade' when you have the best 5 anyway! The guys at Redhill Classics are good guys, glad they helped out. We'll have to arrange an E39 'classic meet' somewhere along the A23!
  16. Loadmaster

    1999 523i smoking

    Love it, not heard that term for some years!
  17. Loadmaster

    We buy any car price?

    I guess the WBAC reps doing the final valuations and offers do need thick skins (and body armour!) at times, they're only going by company guidelines.
  18. Loadmaster

    Missing Apple Car Play

    Welcome to the forum. Put this into the relevant tech section further down the home page. You'll get better coverage with owners of the same vehicle. Anyhow, have you queried this with the dealer?
  19. Loadmaster

    2002 BMW E39-530i SPORT LCI FACELIFT

    What does this actually do?
  20. Loadmaster

    Pixel fixin'

    Dan Yes, there is. Chap called Baris who does it at his home while you wait (or rather, while you explore the delights of Enfield). Does it in about two hours. Did my 540 last year when I drove up from Surrey. Highly recommended guy who also does all sorts of highly tech stuff with BMW and Mercedes electrical systems and infotainment. I'll dig out his company name and number for you today, but if you might get there first if you google 'Baris BMW pixels' or something like that. Update: www.carphonics.co.uk
  21. Surprised they've not gone really...
  22. Loadmaster

    Pixel fixin'

    I had mines done in my current E39 540 and previpus 523. Are you anywhere near Enfield, north London?